Glance screen flipping upside down for users, here's why

Ever since Microsoft released their Remote Desktop Preview app, a few users have been experiencing an odd problem for which they may not know the cause: their Glance screen on their Lumia flips upside down. The problem is about a week old, and it has been discussed a few times in our forums, but many of you are still confounded.

In short, there’s a conflict when using Glance and Remote Desktop, specifically when RDP is “is connected and in landscape mode where the bottom of the screen is on the left side of your phone”. There’s even one person reporting the same problem with Microsoft’s new Movie Moments app, though we have not yet verified  or replicated that connection. [Update: The Verge's Tom Warren has informed us he too had the problem with Movie Moments]

How to fix upside down Glance screen

  • If you rotate Remote Desktop to be landscaped/flipped to the right side, your Glance screen will go back to normal without the need for a soft reset.

Of course, you could also soft-reset, although that seems like overkill and unnecessary. Needless to say, you have Windows Phone 8.1 Preview, Remote Desktop Preview or Movie Moments installed, you have a few incomplete apps colliding. There’s no word if Nokia will fix Glance or if this is in Microsoft’s court, but if you experience such behavior, you now know why!

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Glance screen flipping upside down for users, here's why


Yep, no more Nokia as a separate entity supporting or making phones, its all MS. Time to see some of that close collaboration in action!

They may even continue to work separately as they have been. Integration may happen eventually but will take time.

My glance screen went crazy after using movie moments but didn't flip upside down, it was just this weird barely illuminated screen and no time or any notifications on the screen...

Can confirm on the Nokia Lumia 1020 with preview of remote desktop app installed. a little strange but nothing a reboot did not fix

And with Movie Moments, not only have I seen it flip it upside but I've seen it break Glance in other ways too; both causing the screen to only be partially rendered as well as completely making it not work at all.

In both cases using the Remote Desktop trick relieved it temporarily, but at some point I had to soft reset as well to fully return functionality.

Galnce screen being partially rendered is not related to these apps because I have that problem with my 925 before I installed these apps. It happens about every couple of days.

Installed Movie Moments this evening. Next thing i know is my glace screen is upside down. Was fine even when i had Remote Desktop app installed when it was published just to try it out. Movie moments is a thing i blame now. Uninstalled and rebooted. Now its fine, atleast for now.

My glance don't flip upside down, but I don't get the info about new mail, SMS etc, anybody else seeing this?? And how to fix it? I have tried a soft reset, but did not help.

Uninstall glance? Is that even possible? I had the same problem with my notifications not showing on glance. I went into glance settings and was immediately prompted to restart my phone to use the latest update to glance. Which I did of course and now my notifications are back.

You can do so using a trick! Go to Settings, Time and Date, Set it manualy to 2115 (a 100 years from now), go back to settings and click that glance setting, it will give you an error and an option to remove. Do so. Then go back to Time and Date and get everything back to normal as you cannot do anything if the year remains 2115. Now go to the store link of the glance app and re-install it. You're welcome!

Yep, I had something similiar happen. Try going into Remote Desktop and flipping it the correct way. That with a combination of soft reset was the only way I got Glance to return fully.

I had that problem.. I soft reseted it yesterday and its working now, I had other issue, my right headphone wasn't working, my headphone is working on other phone, but right side wasn't working on my Lumia 920, then I soft reset and its working fine now

Funny.. Sadly, I'd rather have glance and give up remote desktop preview (or rather, use it correctly) instead of not having it in the first place. I like the concept behind it, and yet, the new flagship phone would be missing it.. (i know the reason, read the article about it)

I've experienced it once about a week ago but I did not have the Remote Desktop app installed at that time... Only WP8.1 DP.

oh my...  
It's official, I think I've seen too much porno over one person's lifetime.

I have had the issue and had reported it when RD came out. Also shared a video of it happening back then in some comments. Anyway, good to know that there is a way to fix it without a restart.

I don't have RDP, but I started observing this issue today. I do have Movie Moments installed. L920.

I have been unable to reproduce the issue on my 1520 with either the RDP app or the Movie Moments app. One thing to note is I have a glance background. Maybe having an image on the glance screen keeps it from going crazy?

Same here, I thought it was an issue with 'glance', but maybe it's just the charging that does it. Unfortunate for those of us that use the alarm function and leave the phone to charge overnight..

Since Remote Desktop only works with "Pro" or "Ultimate" Windows versions, it's useless for me.

Deleted and case solved.

because it has the same display as the 320 and 521, its cheap and incapable of running in low power mode, which is what glance requires

in reality, glance is only really good on phones with an OLED screen like the 925

It depends on what you mean by "really good", because I certainly like it on my non-OLED 920....

Though they require more battery, they should at least make it available for us to decide. We should be the ones to decide whether we should put it on.

' Of course, you could also soft-reset, although that seems like overkill and unnecessary. ' <-- What's that suppose to mean? I've done numerous hard resets.

Who ever accidently switched on narrator in ease of access the phone is doomed to hell ;)

yes, some of the ease of access settings dropped me into a hellish situation.  Somehow I clambered out.

Now if we can figure out why my phone mysteriously switches off and needs a soft reboot that would be nice.

Happened to me ysterday for the first time, but I don't have remote desktop installed.

I did a soft reset and it went back to normal.

I've gotten black glance screens as well as ones that looked garbled. Restarting took care of the problem. No big problem, and par for the course for a preview as far as I'm concerned.

Movie Moments is the culprit of glance screen flipping on my phone (920). Launching the app alone is enough the recreate the issue and a simple restart can fix it - no soft reset is needed.

I thought it was a weird thing when I first read about it in the forums. I laughed it off as an oddity with that one phone. Last night it happened to me, after installing the new movie app from Microsoft.

I don't use, nor do I have the remote desktop app installed, so I can squarely blame it on the movie app for me. I always go landscape with the buttons to the right, probably more out of habit of turning my Epic 4g and Arrive that direction to use the slideout keyboard.

I haven't experienced this, but can I ask whether those who have experienced it have had rotation lock on?

Happened to me today. I went to Settings > Glance and it prompted me to restart due to an update. Did so and the problem was fixed :D

Mine didn't flip, it just shut off completely. This happened after trying out the Remote Desktop app. A soft reset did the trick. I haven't installed the Movie Moments app yet.

If someone could tell me why the image (camera view-landscape mode on Nokia 920) is upside down during Skype calls then I'd be all set.

Don't they test these bloody apps before the put them in the store? Beta or no beta, bugs as big as this should have been caught beforehand.

Speaking of the store: there are quite a few questionable app there. Microsoft really needs to keep a closer eye on things.

Or you could use TeamViewer.  I've not had a single problem with that app conflicting with anything on my Lumia 1020 or my 920.

Even I face the same problem after I downloaded movie moments. After I start the app the glance screen gets inverted and I have to restart my phone to solve the problem.

Not to hijack the thread, but I've had static/snow take over my 822 screen on three occasions and force me to power/volume down a reboot. This happens will using IE. Also, I've had some sites attempt to force a file download, which turns out to either be a file WP can't play, or is an image that is a link to a facebook video that wont play. Very odd stuff going on, the firmware updates can't come soon enough, people, and this is the last time I use the Developer Upgrade.

This just happened to me on a Lumia 920. Although I have both the Remote Desktop Preview and Movie Moments applications, I've never opened them. Weird. It's not really a major issue and I suspect a fix will be released sooner than later.

Wow, it happened to me today and I was like this must be some glich in Glance and its pretty cool. So Movie Moment is a main culprit huh?

Don't have a problem with glance, but, since upgrading my 920 to 8.1, the auto rotation has been playing up, so apps (eg. IE, photos, WPC) not rotating to landscape if I turn phone.
I can fix temporarily by soft resetting phone, but it stops working again after a while, which implies it's not a hardware issue.
Anyone else experiencing this issue and know a fix, or should I send it back to Nokia/MS for repair?

my glance screen flips or just disappears after watching video podcasts from the MS podcast app.

just noticed it on my phone.. I have had the RDP app since release and have not had this issue, but after I installed and played with movie moments this started to happen...

No, I did not put the two together, lol.  And may not have either... But I return to my desk irked about it and bam, you all have an article up!  WPC always on top of things :)

I doubt this issue was caused by the Remote Desktop app. I think the issue can be triggered by any app that rotates the display. I often experience the issue whenever I watch video podcasts.

More specifically, I think the issue can be triggered by any app that shows video and rotates the display.

Movie moments is another of those apps that don't shut down and keep running when you close them (same as facebook and calendar).
To fix this, Just open MMoments, flip the screen and close, open app manager and close MMoments... Then glance background flips back to normal.

I experienced this today for the first time. Only thing I did is run MovieJax (not Movie Moments, not RDP). So appears this happens as a result of this app as well.

I had been using the iPodcast app until today when I decided to test the native Podcasts app on WP 8.1 on my Lumia 928.

Turns out my Glance screen flipped upside down if I was viewing my podcast video with the phone tilted to the LEFT. I flipped the podcast video to the RIGHT, then hit the power button and the Glance screen corrected itself.

Went back to my iPodcast app and tried it both ways - neither affected the Glance screen. So it must be the video engine used by Podcast/RDP/Movie Moments that affects Glance.