GroupMe version 4.3 submitted, introduces badge counts and notifications

GroupMe is a popular service from Microsoft, enabling consumers to connect with others using groups (hence the name). It's an app that allows the transfer of photos, while making use of both push and SMS for messages. GroupMe was previously bumped to version 4.2, which is now being replaced by 4.3. The latest release has been submitted for publication.

The question is: what's new in v4.3? Well, you'll be pleased (as a GroupMe user) that the team has followed what feedback was provided and we're now looking at an update that includes a number of new features. 

Oh, I say! Hello there, counters!

Here's what's new for Windows Phone 8 owners only:

  • Custom tile sizes and badge counts
  • Lock screen notifications

New features and improvements for all users:

  • Load earlier messages in any group
  • Mark all unread now works correctly
  • Non-standard characters in a name are now supported

That's right, folks. Custom tile sizes and badge counters will be implemented in the next release. It's good to see some features and fixes being added for those on legacy hardware too. The team behind GroupMe isn't stopping here though. Talks on future development is already underway and they're eagerly looking at what can be added next.

We are told that consumers can expect to see the update go live within the next 24 hours. You can download GroupMe from the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

GroupMe version 4.3 submitted, introduces badge counts and notifications


Fucking awesome. In our current version they had code there for lock screen notifications (check right now) business. Obviously couldn't get it working right. Glad they followed through

Is that actually an issue for you personally? Or are you just trying to voice concern over a privacy issue? (not bring a dick.. Just curious)

It genuinely is an issue as customer privacy used to be a thing. Even though I have nothing to hide, Im sure others I talk to via that app wouldn't think the same way. Its harder to move people away from whatsapp to this knowing your text is stored bare plain text and is monitored at tandem.
Another bug: can we actually invite non-US friends without having to fiddle the format in which numbers are stored?

An email correspondence with support staff on the same email address makes me think that all these chats are not encrypted and also monitored. I was told - we don't have people reading your chats all the time but we can see it.

It uses SMS? How does that work with overseas contacts??? Hopefully as this integrates with Skype, it will use data instead. Speaking of Skype...