HERE Papyrus takes mapping to a whole new, paper, level

HERE Papyrus

Should you be unhappy with the current implementation of HERE Maps on your Windows Phone, Windows or even other platforms, Nokia may have a new option for you – HERE Papyrus. Gone are the days of looking for alternatives for the traditional paper map.

"But despite HERE’s offline mapping capability, reliance on electronic devices as a sole means for navigation may leave travellers stranded in the event of a device failure (how many times have you found yourself without battery?), not to mention the question of safety in certain places when travelling with a flashy mobile device."

HERE Papyrus Design Lead, Pauline Ungelernte notes that the team have focused significant attention on the tactile user experience of HERE Papyrus by providing tangible maps that provide a reliable back-up option. What’s more is they've even nailed the familiar augmented reality experience.

HERE Papyrus

The new product will be printed on quality, tear-proof polymer paper and is available in 97 countries worldwide. So, who’s ready to upgrade? Note: this could well be a joke.

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HERE Papyrus takes mapping to a whole new, paper, level


The REAL April Fools is thinking people could actually read a map that doesn't tell the user where to go, when to turn, etc.

Still do not understand how it will actually work, is this solar based or battery bast or just a plain paper...

It's simple, how do trains get power? They are mobile and always on electricity. In the same way, on road-sides and on trains, there will be wireless electricity transmitters (WET). Like cellphone networks (honeybee), there will be power network (snakechain), where WET will be chained together. As soon as a device goes out of one WET area, it (in this case transparent paper) will automatically get connected to next WET. The processing pieces of this transparent and light device will be made of Draphine (an improved version of graphine - bing graphine). The whole transparent sheet will be made of Draphine and have processing power of a super computer but still a human eye will not be able to see any parts. Only Bats can see (feel) the circuitery in the device, thanks to their ability to see in dark. Hope this helps! (Courtsey - Sceince Magazine) 

I remember that movie "Red Planet" that had an augmented reality map on a flexible transparent screen. At present the technology (flexible full color OLEDs and e-ink displays) is now available or in development. Who knows, one day this might no longer be just another April fools prank. I hope I'm still alive when that time comes.

I think the real April fools joke was mobilenations telling us they were looking to get more serious with the 'news' ;)

/hides from all the diehard fans who can't take a little cheek

WPC authors must be happy. They can spam us with fake news and it will look as actual work.. Kidding, these are always funny though I got excited cause I thought this was an actual app. Meh.

Upgrade from HERE Maps to Unheard story of Tear-Proof Polymer Paper? Happy April Fool Rich!
PS: I was kinda carried away and believed it when I just read the title LOL!

Oh how I love April 1st..........I've also heard a rumour that Google are abandoning online maps and will instead be referring to a 1954 World Atlas Sergey Brin found in his shed while doing some tomato potting over the weekend..... ;)

I thought its just a paper map that will be distributed around places.

And the concept of paper and augmented reality is not really far, check out suzukis augmented reality app, (which includes a printed paper).


So yeah, got tottaly fooled by this one.

If 'update available' pops up on WPs (with DevPrev) today, I'm damn sure people will have a tough time while they download the said 'update'. xD

WP do have very good traction for sales in Indonesia. WP is now 50% of all smartphones, that Nokia Indonesia is planning to launch a Nokia Phone codename Monas. It will be topped with gold, just like Monas in Jakarta.

Now that's what I call joking.

But I hope that article about WP sales in europe is not an April fool, and on contrary, I do hope that news about sales in Asia is a real joke.

In a way I suspect it is a joke, but I kinda wish it wasn't... Decent paper maps are very difficult to come by nowadays :(

Nokia really, really needs to work on ALL of their mapping. Old satellite imagery is the least of their problems. When you lock into a map, the labels and other typed information is SO small!! Fixit NOKIA!

If everyone could just play along with these kind of news on a 1st of April ... That'd be great!


The world's Troll-Day number 1.

WPCentral, the point of an April Fool's joke is not telling it is an April Fool's joke in the first place. Strike two.