HTC One (M8) for Windows wins Silver Medal in benchmarks, becomes world's fastest Windows Phone

The HTC One (M8) for Windows is now available for those in the US on Verizon Wireless. In the coming months, other carriers, including AT&T, are set to launch the same flagship Windows Phone. The release of the HTC One (M8) for Windows is good news because with the cancellation of 'McLaren,' there are no flagship Lumias on the immediate horizon.

When it comes to hardware, the HTC One (M8) for Windows features some innovative specs, including a newer Snapdragon 801 chipset clocked at 2.3 GHz along with the Adreno 330 GPU. The Lumia 1520 packs a still noteworthy – but older – Snapdragon 800 with a 2.2 GHz clock speed and Adreno 330 GPU.

Does it make it a difference? Indeed it does. The HTC One (M8) has become the second fastest smartphone in the world, and the fastest Windows Phone to date.


The Lumia 1520 was chosen as the competitor as it, and its sister device the Lumia 930/Icon, are considered to be the biggest Windows Phone competitors to the HTC One (M8) for Windows.

For testing purposes, we used the popular Basemark OS II, a freeware application that is also cross-platform for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. On both phones, the app was installed to main memory and not the micro SD card to ensure maximum performance. Multiple tests were run with the highest of three tests used for the final analysis.

The Lumia 1520 is running Windows Phone 8.1 Update build 14157 with the Lumia Cyan firmware. The HTC One (M8) for Windows is running Windows Phone 8.1 Update build 14141 with optimized firmware for that build.


The HTC One (M8) for Windows is the clear winner. Not only did it handily beat the Lumia 1520, it technically displaced the second fastest phone across platforms, the Asus PadFone Infinity 2. Here are their respective Basemark OS II scores

  • HTC One (M8) for Windows – 1109
  • Asus PadFone Infinity 2 – 1077
  • Lumia 1520 – 1015

As a result, the HTC One (M8) for Windows is awarded Basemark's Silver Medal for its score. The current champ for gold is the Sony Xperia Z2 with a 1226 Basemark score.

We also ran the 'extra' test, which measured the speed of the rear camera for both phones. The Lumia 1520 and HTC One (M8) for Windows were both focused on the same object, next to each other to ensure similar performance. Conditions were 'bright light' for one set and 'low light' for another (inside a well-lit room).

  • HTC One (M8) for Windows – 370-425
  • Lumia 1520 – 385-386

This test measures the speed of focusing and capturing, not quality of the resulting images. Regarding camera performance, the focus of this analysis, the HTC One (M8) for Windows can outperform the Lumia 1520 in well-lit conditions, whereas in poor or medium-lit environments it is more evenhanded.


Putting aside numbers and measured tests, from personal experience the HTC One (M8) for Windows does have better OS performance in terms of speed, app launching and general responsiveness. This perception is likely attributed to the slightly faster and newer Snapdragon 801 chipset. Still, some performance differences could be credited to two other variables:

  • The Lumia 1520 is running a newer version of the OS due to the Preview for Developers program
  • The Lumia 1520's firmware is optimized for Windows Phone 8.1, but not for Windows Phone 8.1 Update, whereas the HTC One (M8) for Windows's firmware is optimized for the new Update

Forthcoming firmware for the Lumia 1520 for Windows Phone 8.1 Update, codenamed 'Debian Red', may improve its score. Likewise, the newer OS version may negatively affect performance. Although more tests may change the differences between the two phones, it is unlikely that the Lumia 1520 could outperform the HTC One (M8) for Windows as the latter chipset is clocked slightly higher than the other one.

In conclusion, the HTC One (M8) for Windows not only brings HTC's flagship form factor to Windows Phone users, but it is also now the fastest Windows Phones around.

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HTC One (M8) for Windows wins Silver Medal in benchmarks, becomes world's fastest Windows Phone



Not sure how the ICON was a meh upgrade, it has everything you asked for in your list of features, including 2gb ram...

Besides the MicroSD and QI charging, the ICON is just as good, CPU differences in the real world are minor and the GPU is the same on the HTC and the ICON/930...

On the other hand, the Camera on the ICON blows away the M8...

I wonder why an android phone is the fastest phone. Maybe during the test it is the fastest, but in daily drive it is not.

I think he means benchmark performance vs real use performance. And that android is more or less guaranteed to produce a stutter or two, even tho the benchmark performance is through the roof ;)

The 1520 and Icon have both been 1 and 2 for Basemark X. They beat Android phones with newer silicone. They keep swapping out 1st place depending upon the average results submitted. They haven't updated the Rightware Basemark II results in MONTHS. I've submitted results over 1100 on several occasions but I don't think the average has been updated for eons of time on Rightware. It's really freaking annoying.

It does on windows phone with android your statement is correct. Most people don't know but the iPhone takes a screenshot whenever you leave an app and upon restart the app "seems" like it is open and ready but it is actually a picture while the app loads to the previous state. Android doesn't have a buffer and WP uses transitions to achieve that "speed" look. In raw numbers though WP always seems to win.


Because its not on ATT, its on a carrier that overcharges, doesn't have talk and data unless the phone specifically supports it. Its Meh because it required too many sacrifices to get it. Not because of specs.

I acknowledged that already. But in terms of the sacrifice of camera(which I don't care about) and Qi versus Verizon's higher pricing and lack of talk and data without a phone with enough antennas to support it, doesn't make it appealing enough to switch. It was a blunder to make it a Verizon exclusive and severely degraded the appeal of the phone to me.

It's a timed exclusive and should expire after a few months. Verizon is the nations largerst carrier and I don't see how getting them to start carrying WP devices is a mistake. Verizon didn't support WP at all in the past except for a couple mediocre and aging phones. Now the have 2 flagships. If the price of that is short term exclusivity, I don't see it as a bad thing. Personally, I don't intend to switch to Verizon and am waiting for new flagship AT&T phones.

I think the exclusivity was the mistake, not the placement. I think exclusivity is always a mistake actually. It's only good for companies, not consumers.

Wireless charging is nothing more than a gimmick at this point. Until the more powerful resonance chargers are released then wireless charging isn't saying my decision

Once you go Qi there's no going back, I absolutely love it!! I can't imagine ever having a phone I have to plug in.

It would be an easy choice for the AT&T customers.  You don't have to worry about ICON or L930.  If you don't like L1520, then HTC One is the only coming choice.  Even you do have L930 on AT&T, you won't get Qi anyway.  Looking at the results of HTC and L930 photos, they are actually comparable.  It is certainly good enough for common day tasks.  From HTC, you get better processor, microSD, 5MP front camera, Boom Sound, better battery and Dot View Case.  I'm just glad that we have more decent choices now and the WP finally breaks out the Nokia Only world.

How is it crap? Yes, the M8 has a slightly higher capacity battery, but the difference isn't that big

I can, I never said anything to the contrary. I just don't think that makes other great phones crap. Besides, I still consider it to be a relatively small difference.

Compare L930 endurance on GsmArena, then take the HTC One M8 endurance and add another 10%.

You'll get a massive difference.

Imagine that is right lol I'm mot wasting money on a hand me down that MIGHT get supported what a adequate but average camera. You guys beta test for me and let me know how it is. I will stick with the proven support of Lumia.

That said hopefully this will bring new people into windows phone even if I don't particularly care for the device or the hype surrounding it.

Lol the same rhetoric BS from you. Or did you forget that HTC is doing exactly what MS wanted Oem to do and build cross platforms for same devices? What a joke.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Cause he's the bitter in my days sounding old man. Still wanting to hold on and not accept the MS structure is taking a change.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I am aware the "Structure" is changing. I said while this phone is a lesser device imo, I am happy if it gets more people on WP overall and away from android and IOS. WIth that said, I do not want this device to be our "Signature" choice only for high end devices because there are quite a few minuses the device is currently missing for me and I don't want this to be the ONLY choice.

The phone is great but let's not pretend that this phone is the Lumia Killer. Lets not forget the htc one is the best Android phone imo and still can't beat Samsung.....

What's wrong with this device?
Why can't it be our current signature device?
HTC track record on support hasn't been the best when it comes to windows phone but this phone is something else. This phone can make windows phone a game changer

I am all for the platform growing but not at the expense of us users who have supported it and Lumia having to be sidelined so MS can accommodate a bunch of OEMS who have done very ltitle for the OS.

i want an actual compelling device......I love my 1520 but i've had it nearly a year and I want a compelling and premium phone to get.

Verizon and HTC staging an unveiling event doesn't mean that Microsoft has pushed Lumia to the sidelines. Come on. Nokia alone isn't going to get us past 2.5% of the smartphone market.

The 1520 is still the best device out there man, so why are you in such a hurry to change? it literally has no drawbacks (the size is not a drawback but a huge plus for me) with the huge battery, wireless charging, micro sd and the great camera, It is still the king. The HTC is great for anyone that does not care for photography, but for anyone who does, either the 1520 or the icon are the best options.

That being said I would not mind a 1520 with the newer chipset and a 41 mp camera :)

Maybe, but I think hardcore "nokia" fans are still clamoring for Symbian. I am glad to see HTC putting their efforts into WP.

I'm more interested in having MS bring serious competition to the arena rather than worrying about which WP is the best. If this puts us at the 10% by January I'd be happy regardless.

I can't live without my Nokia apps, Glance screen, and better camera. I asked Nokia to include Glance on all Lumias, but they just said "Noted. Have a great day!" I appreciate them replying, but it sounds more like "yeah whatever." Oh well, at least it was worth a try.

Same. Just because they made a new phone doesn't mean they are caring about the platform the same Nokia did. Nokia actually tried to improve the platform. They made apps, they fixed the firmware to make it better. HTC q never done that. Making a phone and supporting a platform are two totally different things. I will never go back to HTC (I had the 8x and gave it up as soon as the Icon came out) until they can prove they care about Windows phone. Right now, I just see them capitalizing on a popular model to make money, not to help improve the ecosystem. Besides, I want my Qi charger.

Will check in after I've had few days with it. Only check against it so far is the screen isn't as vibrant as my Icon.

Yes, I normally a red hued background on my Icon, it jumps out. But looks washed out on the One. Reds are the only color I've seen that look like this. My ATIV SE screen looked the same as the One, washed out reds.

It's simply LCD being LCD. They will always have more natural-like but less saturated colours and greyer blacks compared to AMOLED, no matter how much the manufacturer try to boost the saturation or reduce the gamma.

I believe FM Radio is an app now on Windows Phone 8.1 so it should have it. I'm looking forward to going to Verizon to check it out.


The FM app doesn't show if your phone doesn't have the FM radio. Lumia 928, for example, will never see that app show up.

If i do go anywhere it would be android i really hate ios. And i looove wp. The only thing thats starting to get to me is not having all the appa my friends have. Dont get me wrong i been here since the hd7 and wp has improved greatly and i am sure i will be back but it would sorta be a break and explore new territory.

I've always wondered about the noted apparent lack of apps.  Could you list these apps you can't live without?  I'm being serious.  Thanks!

Well alot of my friends are playing racing rivals. I asked them when is the windows phone version coming and they gave me a generic. Response. Also i have like local companies that are to small to make wp apps like 6abc news. It all adds up. I like the direction ms is going it is awesome and when i do upgrade i will keep my 1020 so wp will have a part of my heart lol i wont be gone forever. But i just want to have the experience of having all the apps that i can possibly have and see what the buzz is about android. Then ill come back when they have a better selection of phones.. Cause just having the m8 for windows isnt enough choice.. And im not going down to a midrange phone. It would be awesome if samsung lg and the one all came out with wp variants. I think i want the g3 if i where to switch.

Nothing wrong with that, and I wouldn't blame you. The progress is extremely slow and if this platform doesn't have what you want then why stay? If it eventually gets to that point that you want to come back, pretty sure they'll take your money with open arms. I'm with Sprint and it looks like there will be no future WP in the near horizon so I may have switch here soon as well.

Little, not as in the size of the SoCs but little as in very little improvement in the SD801 over the SD800 in 12 months.

Well you still have the 805 and 810 chips coming in devices sometime next year, they probably put their resources in getting those out the door to the OEMs / ODM.

Everytime I see the surface 3 commercial, I'm like who in their right mind wants photoshop on a tiny ass 12" screen? I run it on a 1440p 27" screen. It kicks ass.

I would have never considered Asus to be fastest. What interesting to note is that this shows how better utilized WP is over its Android variant running the exact same hardware. And the Android version what I thought was extremely fast. *no flaming needed*

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Not necessarily true if the Z2 is fastest and not even running 4.4.4 Android is based on optimization from the OEM.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

The Z2 is a different phone with different hardware.  The HTC One M8 for Android and the HTC One M8 for Windows are both identical.  Both with the exact same hardware.  Yet it runs faster with the latest version of Windows Phone OS than it does with the latest version of Android OS.  I'm quite sure that if the Z2 would run Windows Phone OS it too would beat the Z2 running Android OS.

The Z2 has 3 gb of ram and might have some other differences. I believe it has the same cpu and gpu. The question is where is the HTC one M8 running android on that chart. Obviously, it didn't beat the Asus phone to get 2nd place. The difference in performance is probably due to HTC running a skinned version of android while on WP the HTC addons are just apps that only run when the user wants to see them.

This is why I want to see a WP version of the g3, without lg's crappy skin, I feel like phone would be a beast running wp!

Good news!! Some competition for Lumias now they have to give a better phone thn 930/1520 very soon! May be 1530??

Oh must have overread that. Guess I win since that's what I'm rocking now. Z2 is incredible.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I did read the whole article and Daniel said he just ADDED that part.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Not even close. Apple iPhone 5s has a lower "talk time" expectancy that either the Lumia Icon or the HTC One M8 for Windows.  If you don't believe me, go check out the Verizon web site and view the "SPECS" on all three.  Hence the "wall-hugger" commercial Samsung put out in competition with Apple iPhone.

Yeah I wouldn't know I never owned iPhone so that's why I was making assumption based on how fast people claimed it to be.

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So you ass holes fuck off. Sorry Daniel just tired of ass holes always making assumption people don't read the article. Knew I wasn't tripping.

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My Lumia Icon also has a Silver Medal. It scored as high as 1120 with 8.1. I have earned a silver metal numerous times for the same benchmark.

It actually should be slightly cheaper. MS isn't charging licensing fees for WP anymore but it is charging licensing fee for android phones. I'm guessing this is why the OEM are jumping back to WP. They can make a bigger profit margin on WP. They should at least push it for a bit of time to see if they can make it take off.

It would be game changing to add a proper Galaxy WP and the G3 with WP to the lineup to go with the One for Windows.

Well, 2.2 vs 2.3 GHz, I'm not sure how much difference people were expecting. Having said that, I do notice it being faster, so it is not trivial.

The majority of chages from 800 to 801 were efficiency optimizations, 801 handsets have pretty amazing battery life

If the 1525 doesn't come out. Then i definitely wont mind this phone.

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Hardcore windows phone fans aren't giving this phone the appreciation it deserves. My only hope is that maybe it will bring iOS and android folk over to us. Or some first time smartphone buyers. Transparent live tiles and folders will indeed look great on this phone.

Well I've been in this game since the Samsung Focus days. I kinda consider myself hard-core owning Lumia 800, 900, 920 & now a 1020.
I'm definitely taking the HTC One out for at least a 12 month spin (once it hits at&t). Hopefully then Microsoft will have something worth getting.

I think hardcore fans fo appreciate it. Aside from the Nokia fanboys who live in the comments, I think everyone is excited to have a phone in the line-up that will appeal to android users in terms of style.

Yup. I'm a harcore Nokia fan but I do appreciate a new phone from HTC. As long as it draws in more people to WP then I'm all for it. Let's hope it's cheaper than it's android counterpart to give people that incentive to pick this one.

As for me I wouldn't touch it simply because A) I'm a Nokia fan and B) the lackluster support which HTC (or Microsoft) have shown for 8X and 8S.

The design is refreshing but I still iike the green Lumia 930 :)

Welcome back HTC!

Well, 1530 will be a sick beast with QHD display; 4 GB RAM (even if it doesnt need it), Sanpdragon 810, 64 GB internal storage, 4000 mAh battery (this is a real big deal for me) and so... source ? I CAN SEE THE FUTURE (at least i wish)

What? It should be better! What about a 256GB SD slot? (if that type of SD Card even exists, yet). Corning Gorilla 4? 30MP rear and 8MP front? Awww...

I have tried that site before and sucks. I know HTC is a bit faster that all other WP. I was just curious on the specs lol.

Now that we don't need to rely on nokia exclusive apps or OS updates it will be harder to consider only Nokia in the long run. I hope Samsung show us some WP love as well.  

Is it THAT much faster than a ICON/930/1520 ? Come on, will apps that take 3 seconds to load on a ICON take a 1/2 a second on the HTC ? Or is it minor in the real world ?

From someone who watches PC specs on differences in CPUs (gaming reasons), I could not see a HUGE differences between CPUs as performance goes, sure a little but, nothing major...

Still cant get over a High end WP device with no physical buttons or camera button....

Compare Nokia Camera and HTC camera...
You'll see the difference in app launching,photo taking (even it's 4MP, it's still waaaay faster than taking 5MP on Nokia devices ) and more too...!

Actually I want to see a Smoked by Windows Phone episode where they put the HTC One up against itself...  Android vs Windows Phone on the same hardware.  That might be the best and most telling episode ever!   Microsoft (or WPCentral) should make this happen!

Unfortunately, due to the removal on integrated social networks and neutering the Me tile, "Smoked by Windows Phone" doesn't really apply anymore.

Lol screw Lumia. Nokia has always been known to make dumb phones and probably is not as good with smart phones.

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You know....Nokia has made flip phones for years. So people there aren't that creative and make "basic" smart phones. Lumia 521. Luma 635. What else...

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