HTC releases YouTube app for Windows Phone 7, supports HQ playback

Leave it up to good old HTC to release the first full YouTube client for Windows Phone 7. Too bad it's only for HTC phones, but you knew that would be the case, right?

The app is surprisingly not yet listed in the HTC App Hub, but you can find it under Apps --> Music & Video --> New for now. Overall, the design of the program is very similar to the old Windows Mobile version but with the panoramic styling of Metro. More importantly, when over WiFi the program supports full HD (aka HQ) playback, as can be seen above. The program is fast, zippy and even search is pretty solid (though make sure you choose your region and extend the range). Other features include Most Viewed, Most Discussed, Top rated, Categories and History along with thumbnails for each.

Not bad HTC, not bad at all. Combined with their Weather hub update, things are looking better for their app selection.

Update: For those having trouble, try this link for the Zune Marketplace.

Thanks, Charlie S., for the tip!


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HTC releases YouTube app for Windows Phone 7, supports HQ playback


Nice to see HTC making an effort to standout from the other manufacturers, along with their update to the sense hub.

HTC has some pretty good apps for their phones. I've got all but one installed. I hope they keep cranking them out.

One of the reasons why I returned my Focus for a Surround. HTC has some great apps. I love the Attentative Phone app.

Looks cool, but needs some work. There's no Bieber block, and it can't find some of my favorite vids. Maybe it can only find HD vids?

To be fair, neither Microsoft's YouTube app nor the YouTube site on my workstation browser have Bieber block.

Thanks HTC for this great app! Looks very nice and it really makes me love my surround that much more! Especially given that this is a "multimedia" phone, the lack of good Youtube access sucked.

This app is fantastic! This is the way a WP7 application should feel. Great quality video and the UI is silky smooth. Why can't all the developers make apps that are like this?

i'm lovin' it so far. The Youtube app plays HQ only if the original vid was shot in HQ. It also plays HQ without being on wifi

Does it let you log into your YT account to views subscriptions, faves and playlists? If not, that provides some consolation for me as a Focus owner, since a YT without those features is severely hobbled IME. If so, my jealousy has increased ten-fold. Please tell me the answer is "no".