Indigo personal assistant service headed to Windows Phone


Artificial Solutions has announced Indigo, a cloud based, cross platform personal assistant app, for Android and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Indigo specializes in voice commands, much like iOS's Siri, to help you with day to day issues such as finding out what the weather is, finding addresses, check email and appointments, update Facebook and send Tweets.

What's interesting about Indigo is it works across multiple platforms and devices. As we understand it, your Indigo profile is cloud based to allow it to follow you from device to device and platform to platform. Indigo's persistence capabilities enable a user to continue a conversation as they switch devices.

Indigo is due in the Windows Phone Store in a few weeks as a free app for our Windows Phone 8 devices. Artificial Solutions is in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2013 and our agents on the ground will try to get some hands on time with Indigo.

Source: Engadget; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Indigo personal assistant service headed to Windows Phone


I would like an app that would allow me to make a calendar appoint using voice on my Nokia 920. I have tried other voice assistants and they have not worked as advertised.

You could try Voice Agenda, which supports creating new appointments and getting your schedule. Plus it has a nice live tile and lock screen integration. Search for it in the store.

This looks really interesting, especially combined with the extensible voice command support in Windows Phone.

For Windows Phone 8? But why did they use a 1st gen. Lumia smartphone featuring Indigo.? How I wish Windows Phone 7.xx will also be supported.

Without the ability to hook into the Voice control API on WP 7.8, the app wouldn't be any better than Ask Ziggy. It works really well, but doesn't feel integrated. Hopefully, on WP8, we will be able to use it just by holding the windows key and saying "Indigo, What is the weather?"

The APIs at the client level probably aren't there for full functionality.  The cloud component is just the language and search algorithms if I'm not mistaken.

This sounds extremely useful and I'm excited for it! No more crazy expensive and semi-working voice commend apps

That marketing guy showing off this app in the Engadget video is seriously retarded...why doesn't he use the voice recognition instead of typing questions?...idiot.

Might want to get your head out of your ass before you start calling people retarded. The guy doing the demo states that due to all the background noise, he will type the questions.