Is it fair to consider the size of the Lumia 1520 as a con?

Nokia Lumia 1520

There is very little debate on the Nokia Lumia 1520 being a large Windows Phone. Its 6 inch screen is massive compared to other Windows Phones. But is it fair to consider the largeness of the Lumia 1520 a "con" (as in pros and cons)?

WPCentral Forums member Rawliglat x poses the question in a recent forums discussion taking the position that the Lumia 1520 is simply designed for consumers looking for a bigger screen. The larger size of the 1520 should not be considered a con any more than the smaller size of other Windows Phone should be considered a con.

We do note in our review of the Lumia 1520 that the Windows Phone may not be for everyone due to its large size, recognizing that size is more of a personal preference than necessarily a "con". Personally, while an attractive Windows Phone I found the Lumia 1520 too large for my taste but not a "con" in the sense that the size takes away from the phone.

But what do you say? Should the 6 inch screen of the Lumia 1520 be considered a con or is the size simply a characteristic of the Windows Phone that may not appeal to everyone?

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Is it fair to consider the size of the Lumia 1520 as a con?



And yet there's no small WP with flagship specs (4.3"). Not everyone likes big phones, they need to cover the other side of the spectrum, too.

Completely agree. I think 4.3" is the perfect size for a smartphone. HD resolution on a 4.3" screen results in about 350 DPI which is also great and anything more would be overkill and useless.

I've handled Lumia 920 and 925 and I found them a tad too big. That's why I opted for Lumia 820 (on the way, hasn't arrived yet) but I wish it had an HD screen.

I have the 1520, and to be honest I can't see myself every going back down to a smaller device. if they never make another 6 inch device, it would hurt me terribly....

+1520 could never go back to a phone like my old 1020. That phone isn't small but now it feels like a toy in comparison. I hope they keep bringing out new phones in XL format so it starts becoming the norm. It's obvious that Nokia has the right idea with the 1520, because now even Apple is bringing their hardware up to match.

I agree, I have a 920, 1020 and 1520 on my current plan and I can't hardly use the 920 or 1020 after I purchased the 1520. Honestly they feel like the phone from zoolander if you've ever seen that movie. 1520 for me all the way, perfect size.

Agreed with all 1520 users... I was quite concerned at first with the size of the device, not fitting in my trouser pockets etc... But I ama converted users for the past 6 months... I move from a 800 to 1520... A total shock bit an excellent one... Large HD screen is great for web surfing, HD movies, games...etc... I even use,it to remote desktop my PC... Anything else is now too small... I can not go back to any smaller and i quickly overcome the physical size... of course excellent screen, great performances and fabulous camera... A great high end device...
For me, at first, the size was a Con and quickly became a massive PRO.

They are just following the sales. Sales of smaller phones have been plummetting. you might consider it the right size, but the majority of the people buying phones don't. The only exception is the iphone, but people buy it because it is Apple not because of the size. Once the larger iphone becomes available, you will see the majority of Apple users jump ship to the larger size. On Android, 5" seems to be the accepted standard. The smaller sizes will be a niche market. If Microsoft can make money in that niche market, they should definitely cover it. If not, they should abandone it.

I wonder one of the reasons why small flagship Android phones, such as the HTC One, have failed is not due to the fact it competes directly with the iPhone. Personally, I would love to have more high end options in a smaller size factor. As much as I like the 1520 specs, I find it's size to be too big to the point it is a drawback to me.

While there is a trend towards larger phones, I still don't see many Notes or Megas out in the wild. There is a cutoff or sweet spot after which the trend falls off sharply.

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Exactly; it's not a con like a slow processor is a con, but it's a con because it's not an option. If there were small and big options, then it would be a preference. Since you're stuck with a last gen phone or a giant phone, it's not a preference. If the next flagship came out in yellow only, you can be sure every review would complain about it. Some people like yellow phones, but if it's not a choice and many don't like it then it's a con.

No it's not a con... It can't be! It has everything most people want in a smartphone, in a 6" form factor... It's all pluses! It is a con (against other devices) that the 930/Icon, or the 1020, or any device for that matter... That they don't have everything that most people want in a smartphone... It's a con for those devices that have features missing, not a con for the 1520... The 1520 has everything plus a 6" screen as well... Why would you place the blame on the 1520, because your 930/Icon doesn't have an SD card? Or the 1520, because your 1020 doesn't have the same processor? That it's those respective devices cons, not the 1520! The fact that these devices missed the mark on what people want it's a con for Nokia... But the 1520... is a plus for Nokia! Yeah, John is an asshole because his Mercedes ML550 has everything that I want in an SUV, but my ML320 does not... So F@$& him! See how ridiculous that is!

Using your analogy, a 6" phone is analagous to a Corvette Z06 convertable. It is an awesome car to be sure, but it has a limted market compared to a Chevy Cruze. Offer a 6" & 5". Simple.

Yup. A phone's size, no matter how big or small, is a feature. Unless it is an iPhone. You don't like the size, buy a different model.

That would be a valid point if there was a comparable model in another size. Until the 930 comes out everywhere, the 1520 is the only current gen device available for those who might consider it.

I don't understand the question of this article. Of course it's a con if you don't want a phone that large. And it's a plus if you do. It all depends on who you ask and what they want. Such a bizarre question.

He's asking if YOU think its a negative trait of the phone.  Not if it's size COULD be a negative.   Kind of a survey of the readers.   It's not bizarre, but its not a very interesting question to me.  Slow news day I guess :)

The difference is that I think cons (and pros) should be objective. Slow performance is a con. Poor display is as well. On the other hand, you don't ding a MacBook because it can't make phone calls.

It's a perfectly valid personal reason not to buy it, but not one you should cite as if it's objective fact. It's not silly to try a large phone and find it larger than you want. It is silly to buy a large phone expecting it to be small. There's a subtle difference imo.

Wrong. When people make lists of pros and cons on whether they personally want a phone, it's always subjective. Size is a feature. Features can be subjectively negative.

It really is very dumb... It's only the fact that we have a lot of uninsightful WP fans that it's even a question... Closed minded WP fans are really no different than iDroid clones..

I think "con" is the wrong word to have been used. The original poster in the forum wrote if the size is a con or is it stupid. Nothing like two negatives to choose from.

Hehe. I'm 170 cm tall and 9.5 hand size, 1520 perfectly fits. And age accommodation degrading causes me to hold phone far from face, so 1520 is perfect in size for ME. But it doesn't mean it will be perfect for everyone.

Right. It's like asking if size 12 shoes are a con. They are only  if you don't wear size 12.

this was even asked in the forums,its annoying when people can praise the poorly made and expensive galaxy phones but call the 1520 "limited" and too big even when its actually more comfortable in hand than the galaxy series phones and is evidently better than touchwiz

i personally dont own a 1520 but have used one and i own a 820,720 and note 2 as well as numerous other phones and prefer my 720 but the 1520 is surely my next buy if im ready for a phablet,never again a samsung

It was the main reason I didn't buy it. Although I really wanted it, and it felt OK in the hand, it seemed that in many situations it would just be too big. I went with an Icon instead and feel now like it's a great size for portability... but it sure would be nice with a 6" screen. :)

So I would say it's not a pro OR a con generally, it's just something you have to decide if it's important or not.

Pointing out whether it's a con for a definite group of people is irrelevant... Your point is more on topic of whether more prefer the 1520's size or not... This has nothing to do with whether the 1520 has an apparent flaw, or not...
We need to look at the question as if WPC was asking if the 1520 is flawed... Which it's not......
Just as a Mini Cooper isn't flawed, or a Escalade XL isn't flawed, rather different.... The majority of people wouldn't be comfortable driving a first generation Viper everyday to work, but that car isn't flawed, rather purpose built... The 1520 should be considered the same...

I agree with rodneyej here, the 1520 is not flawed on the behalf of it being a 6 inch phablet but I guess I here come into disagreement with him in that I think the 1520 is flawed due its size. That's becouse I think it's bezel to tho thick, Nokia should done the bezel slimer, preferable half of its size it has. They could have added an half of an millimeter to the thickness and keeped the 6 inches of screen estate and got an over all better phablet. In my opinion. Nover blame a phablet for being a phablet but for being oversized due other factors.

Understood, but I really don't think the bezel's are too big, have a problem with them, or even care... Lets be realistic people..

As someone who uses a 1520 everyday, I have to say if the bezel were to be any smaller it would be annoying. Would make it very difficult at times to hold it without inadvertently hitting things on the screen.

I have a 1520 and I agree - I wouldn't want the bezel to be smaller.  And I definitely think the 1520s size is just fine.  I wouldn't consider it a con.  I have other phones as well and I keep going back to the 1520 as my daily driver.  Great phone.

It's ABSOLUTELY fair. Consumers that want to mix power with expansion quality pretty much have no choice other than this big-ass behemoth of a phone. Lumia Icon is a top performer, but to call it a flagship is a joke since it can't even take advantage of Storage Sense, meaning it can't even showcase the best of WP8.1 properly. It seems every potential "definitive" Windows Phone screws up something integral. Lumia 1020 teases us with top-of-the-line smartphone camera performance, then ruins it with the lacking of an SD card, and all the WPhones that do have expansion (sans the 1520) are cheapos. Lumia 1520's downfall is the fact that it's just too damn big.

...with that said, I will be a (hopefully happy) owner of the Lumia 1520 tomorrow. Would've picked it over the Icon to begin with if it weren't a 6-inch juggernaut.

I have Storage sense, and all other features that WP8/8.1 has to offer.. The Lumia 1520 is, by fact, the most feature rich WP device to ever exist on the market period!!
Where are you getting that the 1520 doesn't have storage sense?.. Do you mean data sense?... Well, it has that too.. It has everything except Sensor core, and the new Dolby sound processing, which it will be getting... That will further solidify the 1520 as the most powerful WP device to date... The only device we have any indication of being better might be Goldfinger.. But, until it arrives the 1520 is top dog... Size is subjective.

Oh, sorry... I see your point.. Sorry..
Yeah, I do agree that the device that is fairly what the majority of people will want should showcase every single WP feature possible...

The screen is absolutely amazing!!! If you haven't used on then I wouldn't assume it's not.. Have you?

Ehhh. I'd actually rather have LCD. Much more accurate colors. OLED's one thing I'll definitely be happy to ditch after using the icon and 1020.

AMOLED ruined the 1020. RGB stripe >>> PenTile and no amount of vivid colors can compensate for that. Also, 1080p AMOLED can't do glance apparently.

What? L1520 dont have Dolby? Wait! Im talking here Dolby Headphone equalizer which I have in my L920. Do you mean the same or something else? 

Funny thing is I've never viewed the 1520 as "too damn big".  I moved from a 920 and it "felt" lighter because of it's thinness.  That said, it is not a "one hander", but that doesn't really seem to be very limiting.  I love using it for navigation in the car (due to the larger screen) and it's so much easier to read my email!  For me it's been an excellent daily driver and solid phone.

IMO, it is only a con if it were designed for a specific purpose and it failed to deliver. For example, if one of its stated purposes was to take awesome pics but the pics were of poor quality. If the power button was so recessed that you needed to a insert a pin to turn it off - con. If it ran extremely hot after a few minutes of use - con. So no the size is not a con, it was intentionally designed for folks seeking a large screen like myself. There are 11" laptops and 19" laptops, neither are cons. We just buy what suits our fancy. I just hope that MSFT continues to build 6" smartphones because I love this device and do not want to have to adjust to a small screen device. Had Nokia been able to launch a 5" and 6" at the same time, 1520 and 1520L, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

I actually hope the next 1520 will have an even larger screen.. 6.5" screen maybe... I really enjoying the 1520, and its size.. No problem holding it, fitting it in my pocket, or using it at all.. Anyone who says its to big most likely hasn't spent time using it, and is just ASSUMING that it is too big for them.... For those people they are seriously missing out.

Agreed rodneyej! I thought it was too big on the display table when I first saw it but after a week of actual use,the size is in no way a con and frankly, the sleekness and depth has made it more pocket friendly than my 1020 was! Best phone I've owned yet!

It's thinner than my 920, and maybe just a few grams more.. In a way it feels better in my pocket than the 920..

I agree.  After using the Lumia 1520 for two weeks, I can say, without reservation, that this is the best phone I have ever used.  My 920 and 925 seem so small now.  Lest anyone think I have only been a Windows phone user, I have used several Blackberries, Androids, and the iPhone 4s.  So, I have had many phones with which to compare the 1520, the latest being the hTC One M8.  It was a nice phone, but the 1520, from my experience, is better.  Looking forward the the 8.1 update.

The only pocket I have that it doesn't fit into very well is a dress shirt pocket (it's too tall). It fits into pants pockets just fine (unless your pants are really tight in which case no phone is giong to fit well).  I agree - the people who are the most vocal against it seem to be those who've spent the least time with it.  5 minutes in the store really doesn't do it justice.

Bear in mind that I sometimes find the HTC Titan too big, and could only just manage with the HTC One, I think 6" would be too big. I imagine 5" is probably my limit. But they should definitely release more big screen phones. Choice is good for the consumer.

Right...I think if I were reviewing it, I would only make it a con for not having a lot of one-handed functionality. I don't think its a negative against WP, because the Galaxy Mega got alot of negative looks because of its size as well. Besides functionality and performance, everything else is an opinion...i wouldn't take it personal.

I agree sort of. That's like me buying a suv yet it is too big for me. Generally speaking, I don't need an SUV but it is not a con just something I don't need.

It lacks SD card slot and glance. As much as people complain that those are not a problem, I and many others would beg to differ.

SD card should be a must, but not really glance. Glance you can live without, but eventually you'll need that extra space.

That's your opinion - I'd much rather have glance than an SD card slot. I don't want all of my music/videos on slower storage - and saying you'll "eventually" need more space is just a blind assumption.

With no SD. No Glance and a hybrid metal and polymer body I would not call the 930 a scaled down 1520... If it was I would have bought it though..

Problem is (and I don't know why) that they can't or won't to make high spec device with size under 4.5". So, we (people with smaller hands) will never be able to enjoy in some high spec devices...

I have tiny hands and the 1520 has never been awkward to use! It can be a stretch to reach the back button in portrait mode, but why restrain the huge display to one narrow orientation? I use most apps in landscape and the back button sits in easy reach for me. It was no change, as I did that with my iphone too however with a broken home button the assistive touch dot was often hard to reach one-handed in landscape :)

Two years ago the iPeople said that 3.5 inches is the perfect size.... No need to go bigger. Now there are rumours of a 5.7 inch iPhone 6... Size doesn't matter.

Agree. I've recently bought the 1520, simply because it's the only high end Lumia with a micro SD slot. I was hoping for a 1020 successor with more memory, but couldn't hold out any longer. The size makes it unwieldy-ish, but you get used to it, just like we've all gotten used to 5", 4,5", 4" and even 3,5" phones the last 10 years. Yes, it doesn't fit as snugly in your jeans pocket as the 620, but on the other hand, nothing beats it for sheer viewing pleasure! It's size makes it a dream for media consumption of any kind! The size itself has pros and cons; how you weigh them up against each other depends on your personal needs and preferences.

I agree...I had a Lumia 920 and was very happy with it until a friend got a 1320. It looked huge but it wasn't heavy at all. I took the plunge and ordered a 1520 and I haven't regretted it for a second. Yeah, it's big, but FIFA 2014 and HALO are suddenly incredibly playable (if you're into that sort of thing) and the extra tiles and screen space mean more of what I want immediately visible.

It does fit in my pocket, in most instances and it's not going to be for everyone, but when you use it for a little while it makes perfect sense so the size is not a con, but as many have said it's all about personal preference and I like that fact that unlike the iPhones, you have a choice of small and large, cheap and cheerful or pricey but punchy. Definitely the best gadget I have ever owned.

This... And I'll go even further, what about a 17-15" arm tablet? Just like the original galaxy note I would love to see bigger devices coming

For you the 1520 is too big that's one of its cons, for me the icon or 930 same thing its biggest con is that it looks like a Samsung galaxy s2 or an iPhone

This... I have a 1320... And I love it... But some situation its very difficult to handle it with 1 hand... 5.3-5.5 is perfect... Its big enough for a flagship phone and compact enough for one hand use... If they would make 3 models like... Samsung mega... Huge 5.8 and 6.2 then Note 5.5 then galaxy 5.3... Then its called diversity... Just launching 6 inch phones (when icon and 930were not announced) was a big let down. I would swap my 1320 with a similar speced 5.5 inch phone in a blink... I am planning to buy the micromax 121 as its 5 inch 1 gb and dual sim... Features wise Micromax hit the spot perfectly... Even though I am sceptical about its build quality...

If you're deciding on a device to purchase, I can see how it can be a con or something that's taken into account when buying the phone. Just like the OS, camera, screen quality, and build quality can be pros and cons. 

For reviewers however, it should be placed up against other 'phablets' and reviewed accordingly. Every time I see a pro reviewer put up an article about the Note 3, 1520, and the like, and they complain about the size, I want to smack them. It can't be a con in that case if it was intentional.

Yes, for particular situations.  For smaller handed people, for fitting in some pockets, mostly just makes objects bigger when it should offer split-screen functionality. But I am having trouble finding too many faults in a screen this size. 

After switching to a 1520, it feels right. The size is great for most things and fits in my pocket just fine. But then again I'm quite tall and beefy.

It's all about preference. I'm proud owner of the 1520, and I purchased one based off of me wanting a larger screen. Pro indeed!

Too me pros and cons should be fact that effect everyone, anything that can be considered a personal opinion isn't a factual pro or con when it comes to buying the device.

Can't fit in mine either, but then, the same jeans had trouble fitting an iphone. Girl jeans just have crappy pockets, it's a fact. (I assume you wear girl jeans, because my boyfriend fits the contents of my bag in his pockets with room to spare)

Exactly this... If they had a smaller phone then its about preference... The point that they don't have a smaller phone with similar specs forces it on the buyer... The con is not the screen size....con is not having an option... I have 1320 and even tho I enjoy 6 inch screen but handling is a con...

Definitely a con. But it's a phablet and those are by definition a niche. So, for the general public, it's a con. Only for the few in that niche that like dinner-trays as phones, is it a pro.

Then that would make it a preference, not a con. Having a phone that you can actually read web pages would be the pro part.

As I wrote, for the general public it's a con. The normal consumer doesn't want a dinner-tray on their pocket nor phones that they can't manage with one hand.

Actually the inability of managing the phone with one hand is a con no matter what. They are, after all, PHONES. Something people also tend to forget =P


(Also...I can read webpages fine on the 4.5" of the Nokia L920 and 1020.)

Come to Asia and see for yourself. All these petit girls with their small hands are flashing the phablets. While in here people prefer smaller size. I find it funny that the preference for the screen size is the opposite to the people physical size.

Exactly... Despite the smaller hands of Asians, we really have no issues with the size... So, I really don't understand the complaint of people with larger hands... For the "issue" with pockets, just avoid wearing skinny jeans and you'll have no problems...

I use my 1520 with one hand quite often, at least half the time anyway. I guess its really only a problem for the little fellas out there, perhaps.

Yes it's a con. Otherwise the 930 wouldn't need to exist. The 1520 is a 930 with glance, and the con is the size. The phone is ridiculously big. It's not a con for everyone, but it sure is for a lot of people.

To be precise, it's not a con like the 930's inability to handle glance or the 1020's ugly PenTile pixel matrix, which are negatives to those who notice or at best negligible to those who don't care. No one actually prefers a fuzzy screen or the fact that it would be impossible for them to activate glance. On the other hand, the size of the 1520 can be a plus for those who prefer that size of phone. So it's not a con exactly in the normal sense.

However, it's not a preference either, like phone color, because there's no choice. It can't be a preference if you're forced to have it. It would be like if the rumored McLaren were to come out in only yellow. People who like that color would be fine, but everyone else would be put off and the color yellow would be a con of the device for them. Every review of it would complain that they were stuck with yellow. The size of the 1520 is the same thing. The large size would count as a preference if there were smaller versions available, but since everyone is forced to get a giant 1520 or no current gen Windows Phone at all (outside of Verizon, until the 930 comes out), then it's a con.

This is a more reasonable take. For individuals, "pro" and "con" are subjective of course, and anything goes. But for the tech pres and objective discussion in general, it's not really a "con" because it's not a missing or poorly-implemented feature, or something that is just always less desirable than its alternative, it's just a characteristic instead.

Bollocks that's the phone I use and it kicks arse great battery power fits in my pocket easy to use iv no problems cons my foot

It's all good honestly until you have to go back to using a smaller device. My 1020 felt like i was using an iPhone when I switched to it for a weekend of picture taking. After a week you adjust to the size of the 1520. I love that the Text and images are large. The resolution is perfect on it. I thought I would want a 2K resolution on a device this size but I've come to discover I was wrong. 1080P is the sweet spot.

The size at first is a bit overwhelming, but after a day or two you begin to smile because your eyes don't strain. you can use it as a mini tablet and load real web pages. Everything is big and bold. You can squeeze a ton of live tiles on your start screen. Honestly, if the 1520 had that 41MP camera on the back, it really would be the ultimate device. That's the only area it's lacking in. And that's not to say that the 20 MP camera isn't awesome, but the 1020 is just a beast.

Don't worry about the size, you'll come to appreciate it. Microsoft should add a front facing 5MP OIS camera with a flash, the 41MP camera to the back and call it a day. That's the ultimate Windows Phone device.

I actually prefer having the faster shot-to-shot time on the 1520 to having more resolution and framing options on the 1020. The only thing I still wish it could do is capture pics while shooting video like some Android sets do. That is a sweet feature I want on my handset too.

I am a "big guy" too but I bought the 1520 initially for the specs and DESPITE the size. That quickly changed though, and now other phones feel like little kids toys now, ha ha.

I use a 6" phone every day. I couldn't imagine going back to a smaller phone. Games and movies look incredible on it, and it fits in my pocket with no problem.

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For some yes, for others no

For me its a con, it's too big. I like 4.8" to 5.5" (that's what she said)

For others it's a pro, just depends on the view of the user

Pro, con, who cares, buy the phone you like and be happy with it. The screen issue where it interprets drags as taps is more of a con than the size. I love the 1520 and will be sad if they don't keep a large 6" phone in the line up for me in the future when I want a new one. Not for everyone but for me its the only way to go.

I own a 1520 and carry with me all the time. I also own a 710,810,520 and 630. Prefer the 1520. So no it is no a con. I also have a two piece case on it.

It could've been a con if they convinced ms to add an oversized resolution above 1080 below 1440 it would mean they'd have to resize apps to fit that resolution.
Anyone remember the dell streak? Now there's a phone way ahead of its time not to mention dell not really working to add apps or something unique other then the screen size to sell it & lack of interest in selling it thru 1st party service provider stores made for more problems

Definitely not a con. For me its a huge pro. If you really (for some reason) live typing one handed and have small hands you wont like it or if you have very small pockets, otherwise you will be fine. Best phone ever as far as I am concerned and I would never trade it for an icon.

The big size, however, doesn't have added advantages in terms of functionality. I like how Samsung implement their Note, with specific features to take advantage of the big size

It's a subjective question, so there isn't any correct answer. Pro for some, con for others.

For me, it is a BIG pro. I couldn't imagine going back to a smaller phone now. Everytime I pick up my wife's 920 it feels so tiny. The 920 used to be the biggest smartphone I had ever had.

Just a suggestion George, perhaps you can switch the word "con" with "drawback".


It's a good word and isn't as confusing lol

I have very tiny hands and no way would I call the size of this phone a con, I switched to a 1020 because of the size and would have gone larger if at the time it was available - I have a vision issue and one of the best things going for the Windows phones for me is the large screen. I don't need to get out my 2520 just to read my email it is easy to read on the 1020. Waiting to see what comes next aka McLaren because at this time the only other phone that could get me to pick it up would be the new Note 4 and that again is due to size of the screen. If Apple had not taken so damn long with the larger screen I just might have stuck around but I love my live tiles and that is what catches everyones attention

I have vision issues too and this is why I use a Note 3 and a 12 inch tablet. If it had the apps I need I'd be using the 1520 in a heartbeat.

The size of the 1520 is not inherently a con and screen size is a matter of preference. Millions of people love iPhone but to me it is too small. The only reason I never bought an iPhone, the ONLY reason, is the screen is too small. I am sure for some people the 1520 is too large but I love it and will probably not consider a smaller phone in the future.

Whether or not it is a con is extremely subjective as it will vary from user to user. But, I believe that if it can be shown that its size makes performing certain core tasks clumsy or unwieldy for the majority (note, I'm using the word MAJORITY here) of people then a perfectly legitimate argument could be made for considering it a "con".

Then small sizes can be a con as well. Watch me try to type on my wife's 4S for your example of core tasks performed in a "clunky" or "unwieldy" way. I guess it's an achievement that I can type at ALL on that tiny little thing with my big sausage fingers but I sure wouldn't want to have to do that every day; I'd go nuts.

Yes, it is fair.  A friend of mine--whom I introduced to Windows Phone--recently replaced his broken 920 with the 1520.  He loves it.  But when I played with it I found it to be just too big and uncomfortable.  I have the 1020 and I absolutely feel in control of it.  But not true with the 1520.  So, yup, the ridiculous size is fair game for critique.

Size was main factor when I bought it. And after WP8.1 update this thing is just everything I want it to be. I successfuly forgot about my tablet.

Yes, I would consider the Lumia 1520 an ESCAPED CONVICT which needs to be captured by me and be forced to show Netflix and Youtube videos on its big beautiful screen!

My 1520 does exactly what I need it to do. Plus I love the fact that it's on a larger screen. Pictures, videos and movies are great to look at on this phone.

I think its a pro. I love the 6" screen. In fact, I think the that the 1020 and 930 having smaller screens is a con. I prefer a larger screen.

Had a 920. It was super. After that i got 1520. It is divine for me. ( the larger screen and the bigger battery). I am big, 2 meters, i need a big phone :)).

I decided against the 1520 because of its size but I wouldn't call it a con. The fact that there were no similarly spec'd phones is a con for Nokia/MS.

This is such a dumb topic of discussion. Who cares...pro or con? It's the best phone for those who want a big screen. And, not so great for those who want standard size or smaller. Simple as that. All the Lumia flagship phones are great.

Its the first windows phone I've had and it beat my xperia Z easily for looks and usability and of course camera

U know if its gonna suit u before u buy it so why have a moan . If u like it buy it if not don't.
Sure its big but for me the pros outweigh the cons . The only con i can think of is one handed typing isn't really viable but nit a deal breaker for me. It fits in pockets fine also. If u are in the skinny jeans brigade u will probably want an iphone anyway

Should not be considered as a pro or con since we have different Lumia's and WPs to choose from. If there was no variety of choices available then pro or con regarding screen size should enter into the equation.

The weight of it is the con. The Lumia 920 already weighs me down. When I have basketball shorts on it literally pulls down my shorts.

Will it be a con was the first thought that crossed my mind when I decided to buy the 1520. But now that I have gotten used to it, my old 920 looks like a toy. I love the 1520 and everything about it. :P

Great for watching videos and reading articles; not ideal for typing on in my opinion. Doable, but weird in portrait, and too big for landscape.

I switched from a 1020 to a 1520, because the 1520 is a boss. My wife uses the 1020 now and everytime I pick it up it feels like I'm holding an iPhone or one of my daughters toy phones. You definitely get use to the size, and it's nice.

It's a con on at least att, since we don't have any other choice from this generation. If people have 930 available on their keyword, then it's nice choice to have.

I recently purchased the 1520 and it's great. The size isn't really an issue at all, it's a personal preference. I'm glad I made the purchase.

Size is relative. iPhones are fairly small and dainty, and aren't very good for those with giant thumbs. For a guy like me with meat hooks for hands, I can type almost quickly on my 1520 as I can with a regular computer keyboard.

I wasn't planning on buying it purely because of the screen size. Circumstances (broken phone) led me to purchase one just so I could have a working phone. It honestly doesn't even feel big to me any more. I love this phone, and every negative thing I said about the screen size was wrong. Then again, I have rather large hands, large enough to use it one handed if I absolutely have to. So maybe I'm just uniquely suited to the use of this device.

It's definitely hard to go back to a smaller phone after using the 1520.

However in a sense...its very awkward in the pocket and sitting down.

Soon 5" phones will look too small and hey this is my next phone, it's a pro ...i have seen many ladies with L1320 around which is wider than L1520, so why not me with L1520

Absolutely size should not be a con, that's one of the more subjective aspects of a phone outside of OS