Leaked Nokia ProCam screenshots reveal a dial like user interface

Nokia ProCam

We are just a few hours away from Nokia's Zoom Re-Invented event where all that is the Nokia Lumia 1020 is expected to be revealed. A few hours is plenty of time for a few leaked images to pop up and this time around it's the ProCam camera app in the spotlight courtesy of @Vizileaks.

The ProCam app will be the driving force behind the Lumia 1020's 41MP EOS camera and if these images hold true, the user interface will incorporate a dial system to fine tune the camera's settings.  The interface looks nice and will put a lot of camera control at your finger tips without the need to bounce back and forth between the viewfinder and settings screens.  

Speaking of which, an additional image was provided by Vizileaks showing the camera's settings menu where you will have various viewfinder overlay options as well as the Dual Capture option.

We'll be in New York for the big event (11am EST) and you can catch our live blog here with all the details on the new Lumia 1020. You can bookmark our live blog with this link.

Source: @Vizileaks


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Leaked Nokia ProCam screenshots reveal a dial like user interface


I'm starting to hate all the leaks that come up regarding this awesome piece of hardware. It just totally ruins te surprise factor during the reveal. One or two pics with some details is all you need to get spiked up about this phone. All the info that's out there now is just too much. Justsaying. 

I am not talking about just myself... (And read the headline of the article...you don't have to read the entire article to know what is in there). And again, it's just my opinion......

I'm the only one who misses the nokia "more than your eyes can see" music in the background? the music they used in this videos is kinda crap
#edit: didn't make myself clear, i know it isn't nokia's video, What I was saying is that's the reason it's crap, they should've let nokia do the video...

I love that music also but this is an at&t commercial, not an official nokia one with the 'more than your eyes can see' music

I'm guessing this is because it's an AT&T ad, maybe Nokia will still use that music in the event (or maybe even a newer music)

Nokia smart cam and Nokia Pro Cam. I'm liking these lens and i cannot wait to see more in depth about this app.

Wow, guess no point in tuning in later for the event, only thing we don't know is the price and release date, and i can just read about that later at my leisure.