Roger's Lumia 710 officially being powered by Windows Phone Tango. Sign of impending update?

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It would appear as though Lumia 710's at Nokia Canada HQ are powered by Windows Phone Tango - 8773 in this case. Reader Julio sent a Lumia 710 back to Nokia for repairs and found that they actually sent a replacement device, but it's running the latest versioin of the Windows Phone OS. Perahaps a sign of an impending update?

We previously looked at Tango on the Lumia 710 with our own Daniel taking the loaded ROM for a spin. We stated that Nokia is busy at getting Lumia Windows Phones updated with the Tango upgrade, and this is further proof that such efforts are taking place. We're still looking at an imminent release for Tango, so stay tuned for more information as it surfaces.

Thanks, Julio, for sending in the photo!


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Roger's Lumia 710 officially being powered by Windows Phone Tango. Sign of impending update?


Actually, if you remember, the Arrive was the first WP to get mango via the carrier. So just maybe...

I agree Aries. I am also with sprint and am not holding my breath. But when contacting Microsoft they are the ones who never pushed out the update for the arrive not sprint so maybe we will get lucky

On Rogers myself. They seem to roll out updates fast. Got Mango at beginning of rollout. Here's hoping my Lumia gets it soon :)

Hopefully Rogers update the Samsung Focus to Tango. No chance in hell of AT&T doing it (good job I reflashed my AT&T Focus with Rogers firmware). 

God damn it T-Mobile get a grip, how long do I have to wait for the WiFi Hotspot on my 710?! Even my old HD2 running WinMo could that! So annoying.

Just heard a T-mobile radio ad here in San Diego that said you could get 710s for free with mail in rebate. Up to five if I heard correctly.

So June is early 2012 for Nokia it seems... But back on topic: I'd like to remind everyone here that these ROMs have been floating around in NaviFirm for quite some time. Some users on some smartphone boards had Tango on their Lumias for weeks. This update will be delivered when MS decides to. Some Tango FWs appeard in early April but disappered again. But Im fairly certain that we'll see an update in the coming days. Also, some references to Internet Sharing can be found in revised Lumia 710 and 800 manuals online on the Nokia Servers.

Tango is for every phone, just mandatory on low-RAM devices as of now. It has improvements that all users will benefit from.

Tango is indeed for low end phones. The update that brings the MMS (and other improvements) to "normal" WP is called Mango Refresh. However most people dont distingish between these two versions of the OS.

I'm from Mexico, and Yesterday a friend of mine just bought a 710 and it has already Tango installed, i dont know why i can have the update, we are in the same carrier, but dont have the update yet...