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Lumia Cyan update now live for AT&T Lumia 1020 and 1520 Preview users

Lumia Cyan is rolling out to those on AT&T with the Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers. Previously users would need to roll back to a retail version of Windows Phone in order to receive the Lumia Cyan update. That's no longer the case.

Reports are flying in that those on AT&T with a Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 are receiving updates for Lumia Cyan. Those users are currently running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers. Those with the Lumia 920 on T-Mobile Germany also running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers should be able to grab Lumia Cyan without downgrading.

Microsoft's Greg Sullivan ( @gregwardo) took to Twitter to confirm the reports:

"Cyan update rolling to #WindowsPhone developer preview Lumia 1020 and 1520 on ATT, T-Mo Germany Lumia 920. More soon..."

Let us know if you see an update! We'll keep you posted as to when other devices are able to upgrade directly without rolling back.

Source: @gregwardo

Thanks for the tips everyone!


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Lumia Cyan update now live for AT&T Lumia 1020 and 1520 Preview users



I'm on Telstra in Aus and don't have cyan update? Running a Lumia 920 on 8.1 developers preview cant update to gdr1 get the error that Microsoft are working on fixing

I'm on Amaysim (piggybacks on Optus) in Aus and I also don't have Cyan on my Lumia 920 with 8.1 Dev Preview. How'd you get it, asphaltpotato? Who's your provider?

After the update when I ask Cortana, "What is my name?". She says, "You are backslash username backslash". But when I go into settings, it would write and say the name correctly.

Update: I turned Cortana off and am now deleting all Cortana local and cloud data.

Update 2: Even after resetting Cortana, still says the same thing. Nothing I can fix.

I fixed Cortana by going to Bing and making sure I was signed in and all settings were ok. Do that on your PC and Cortana will begin working corectly again.

Can't wait for it to roll out for the Rogers 920. Well, I unlocked my phone but I guess I am still bound by their update schedule.

Not sure about that...  I updated my Rogers 920 on DP 8.1 to Cyan yesterday with the Nokia restore desktop app. It appears to be working without issue.

Basically what that does is roll back your OS to WP8 then gives you Cyan and then puts you back into Preview to get 8.1 update 1. 


I don't want to lose certain apps that arent available anymore nor do i want to lose data that i cannot back up so I'll wait til they fix the update error and allow for cyan on preview devices

Getting sick of carriers having to get a say. They take for ever to approve this stuff.
I'm pretty sure my wife still doesn't even have 8.1. That's ridiculously pitiful.

My wife has an unlocked Samsung Ativ S and it's still stuck in 8.0 GDR2 (and the 8.1 DP is reported to have serious problems in this phone)... I'm seriously considering buying her a Nokia, which is what I should have done from the beginning.

Agreed. But at least Nokias remain quite stable after installing developer previews (that's at least my experience). And with Ativ there's not just the problem of the stupid carriers, the phone maker itself seems to be stupid as well.

I have an Ativ S and installed Developer preview on my daughters phone...she hasn't complained yet, but we'll see:)  what are the complaints or issues that others have seen with the Ativ S on DP?

Nah, I have Wi-Fi, but I also need to text people. I'm downloading it now (might as well save home bandwidth), but I won't install until I get home. Need my device functional, man.

Should be worth the wait though. I've waited a few weeks or so, a few hours is nothing.

It's not running the AT&T specific ROM, so it doesn't count in this update. But I'm sure it'll be made available soon.

Mid-Range phone?? how so when it was released as the FLAG SHIP DEVICE when it was announced for SALE!!!! Which OEM has EVER sold a mid-ranged phone as a flag ship device??????????????????

Oh come off your high horse. It was the flagship WP device, but hardware wise it was a midrange device (though with a nice camera and wireless charging) upon release, and moving forward almost 2 years does not work in the favor of the 920.
I love my 920, but it is hardly the newest device, nor a best seller, and a ton of 920 users are coming up on the end of their contracts in the next quarter or so. ATT has a lot of interest in getting people on to new devices with new contracts (or their silly new contract-less contracts) rather than supporting a 20 month old product. I am sure the update will come, but consider this a message from your carrier that they want you to upgrade soon.

While we certainly can't say the 920 is "Flagship" anymore the fact that it came out 20 months agos isn't too relavant, either. I'm pretty sure AT&T was still selling new 920s on contract earlier this year (but I could be wrong, but I think it's been over the summer that I've finally seen them disappear from their website store). There could be an argument for a carrier not caring so much about supporting devices that way past their prime and past the normal contract cycles, but we haven't reached that with the 920 or some of the contracts on it. Some people are not even a year into a two year contract on a new (non-refurb) phone that is still a very capable smartphone (with better specs than some new phones; there's no way I'd switch from my 920 to a 630/635 just because it is brand new). Those people can't upgrade soon because of AT&T's own contract. I am not saying AT&T has a responsibility to update, but it also doesn't make sense for them to not support new contracts on brand new phones that they just recently sold.


If the 920 had barely been able to run WP8 when it was released I would totally agree there's no sense bumping it to 8.1, but that just isn't the case. Now, I will agree that the fact that a phone was a flagship at one time has no weight now.

I agree that it is a dated phone, but I refuse to be bullied into upgrading my phone, especially when the options are limited and we haven't hit the holiday season when, hopefully, we will see announcements of more Windows phones. Additionally, I'm not in love with any of the current devices (maybe when the HTC M8 hits AT&T). I would like something like the 1520 (especially the MicroSD slot), but I just can't get over the size -- it's just too big. I would go for the Icon (930) but oh, wait, that's a Verizon exclusive and doesn't have the WP 8.1 update yet either. 

The fact that the 920 Cyan update has already been rolled out to Canada, India and the UK indicates it is compatible and should work just fine. What in the world could they be testing that hasn't already been tested? I would be satisified if there was some word about WHEN they plan on rolling it out, but this vacuum of information around the update for the L920 is simply horrible. 

It's been coming soon for a LONG time... guess my definition of soon and AT&T's definition need a little work to match.

That's not nececerily true. It could be a separate update that has the same end result that Verizon has to approve for another 10 years as well.

Very odd. My UK-CV 1520 already has the cyan update - now on Developer Preview Update 1. However, currently downloading the update just notified...

Yep, same happened to me. Might just be an auto flag to download to any DP device, even if already on Cyan due to older version?

It's easy to rule out the first two as there are options out there that have both better pricing and better coverage. That just leaves the unknown.

I don't completely agree on your first point, there are places where T-Mobile has great service while others do not (T-Mobile MVNOs might have a lower plan price in that area)

I think the number of places where T-Mobile has better service than ATT or Verizon is less than the total unicorn population of North America.

There are those that believe that, and there are those that know better. But if you truly believe in unicorns I doubt anyone will be able to convince you they don't exist

I really hope this wasn't holding up AT&T from pushing 8.1/Cyan to the 920... If so, push now that these are out of the way!

Nothing in UK. Is this a cyan firmware update only or are MS pushing a fix as well for Bitlocker. As I'm already on .200 os version.

Not available yet for my unlocked 1520 (Mobile Operator : 000-HK)

But it's a very good new! A sign a life from Microsoft!

Well if you're on Lumia Black + 8.0 GDR3 then you'll get Cyan + 8.1 (regular 8.1, not the one with start screen folders).
Firmware is always bundled with OS update.

If you're on developer preview then it's just firmware obviously.

Rolling back on WP isn't that difficult. At most an hour or so including automatic app downloads and the like. Sure, some application settings not cloud stored are lost, but ... why put yourself through the agony of waiting for an update. :D  Glad you people are getting it now.

I already downgraded last week. But now I must admit I'm wary about going the DP road again. I'll probably cave in in a couple of weeks.

Do they not see or not care about 920 owners seeing others getting version 2 of an update we still haven't seen?

Already frustrated with app quality and selection for WP. This just another reason to walk at 2 years.

Must be frustrating for you since the 920 update has been available already in practically the whole of Asia, Europ, Africa, and in several countries in the Middle East and Latin America.

Get after the carriers, they're the ones that haven't placed any priority on getting the update out to all phones in a timely manner. In my opinion, it should have been released within a couple of weeks after RTM to all devices on all carriers in all countries. This is what makes Windows Phone look bad -- it's a great OS (far better than the Droids and iPhone) and has incredible promise with the 8.1 update. 

I rolled back my 1520 last week and it is completely unusable now. Screen flickers and apps open up on their own. Screen locks constantly. And Cortana kept opening on her own so much, and freezing, that I had to turn Cortana off completely. I've heven reset to factory settings and it continues.

In a nutshell my 1520 is now a brick so I'm keeping my 1020 on Preview for Developers for awhile to see what bugs pop up.

You'll have to wait for the international version release. Last time it took about 10 days longer before the official WP8.1 update was available for the 1520.3 compared to the AT&T branded one.

Tell me you actually work at AT&T because this statement would make people actually destroy their L920s. That makes as much sense as making a house out of icecream to live in. Why give an OS upgrade to a device right before the time to upgrade hardware knowing that it will be traded in for a newer one, there will be no time to actually experience what the new OS has to offer on the old device compared to moving to a new device. What does make sense is to offer the upgrade now so atht people can see what MS is doing for WP and that sticking with WP is a very viable option going forward.

Not here in Honduras... but I expected that. My carrier is Tigo, I don't think they are related to any of the aforementioned carriers.

I am happy to know the Cyan is finally being released for users with DP8.1, with the current situation of my phone (unstable USB connection) I can't do the rollback. My phone disconnects "because reasons".

good news at least, hoping my stubborn waiting for uk cv 920 on DP wp8.1 gdr1 will pay off soon to go legit with cyan

Just updated 1020 and got the "welcome to cyan" message. Ironically, just got a notification while typing this that "an update is ready to install". Here goes nothing (again)

And all along I thought my 1520 had Cyan, I can't tell too much of a difference, except the small arrows on the Wi-Fi a and cellular icons.

Come on debian red my 930 has not had an update since dp update 1. Need something to whinge about... Oh yeah where's my bloody glance screen...

Downloading on my 920 from Deutsche Telekom!

I knew I would do better to wait. It would have been a nightmare to lose everything on my 920.


Now to nag Belfiore so they release Cyan for my Deutsche Telekom 1020...=P

I wish everyone with a 920 would voice their discontent with AT&T. Maybe then we would actually get treated like users with newer devices. Its obvious that because the 920 is about two years old and people whom bought it new are due for an upgrade AT&T will delay as long as they can.

Sorry for the question but what's the name of this yellow case? I've also 1520-yellow and searching the name and from where to request :) Please help me to find this case name :)

Question if I update my phone do all my apps stay at the current level? I have disregarded updating despicable me because I didn't want to lose my bapples!

Normally no. Updates don't mess with the app data. Now, if you reset your phone, then you will lose the app data unless the game has cloud saving or been updated to allow the phone to back up its data along with the rest of the stuff the phone backs up.


But just updating apps shouldn't change anything ;)

Hello Folks,

As part of our effort to resolve the issue with updating to Cyan while on the Preview for Developer program, we have rolled out the Cyan update to three specific device types this afternoon.

Customers on the following devices and participating in the Preview for Developer program can now take the Cyan update:
•Nokia Lumia 1020 - Branded on AT&T
•Nokia Lumia 1520 - Branded on AT&T
•Nokia Lumia 920 - Branded T-Mobile Germany

We continue to work on releasing the other devices to receive Cyan as part of the Preview for Developer program and hope to have more information in the future.

I am hoping that the 920 on Tmobile Germany is a test to see how it works for the people here in the States.  I actually have the 920 unlocked and I am using it on Tmob USA.

Hi Mide64,

When will Cyan be available for the Australian country variant?

Software: Windows Phone 8.1 Update

I'm using a 1520.1 variant:

OS Version:


Please have some good news, soon....

Running now...and...I have...CYAN!  1020 have been alerted to a second update being ready...and it is installing now...  


The second one rreports itself as being a reinstall of Dev Prev.  


So, they wrote a routine that uninstalled it, then re-installed it via a second update.


How practical!          CT, USA