Microsoft Account goes minimalist in latest redesign for consumers

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As a reminder, Microsoft in its continued quest to find the perfect name is rebranding its Live services this year. Yes, Live ID is going to Microsoft Account and that's after it had already used previous titles like Microsoft Wallet, Microsoft Passport, .NET Passport and Microsoft Passport Network. Phew.

When Live ID finally goes away and Hotmail, etc. get the re-launch is anyone's guess as well as what email address Microsoft will be offering. But for now, you can navigate to https://commerce.microsoft.com and take a gander.

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The new Microsoft Account management screen is clean and simple

Logging in brings you to an all new account overview page where you can manage your services, payment options, subscriptions and view your transactions. Our verdict? It's nice. Simple, to the point and easy to make sense out of so kudos to Microsoft for the stripped down look.

Is this game changing? No...definitely not. But it's kind of interesting to see where Microsoft is going with this services revamp. Thanks, Joshua, for the tip


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Microsoft Account goes minimalist in latest redesign for consumers


Agree. Changes without notifying at least the current users. MS feels like a hole mess right now it better be all put together & ready to go by the official launch of windows 8 & Apollo.

MS should of created the BOX ecosystem... should of bought dropbox for the cloud. Xbox for gaming. InBOX, PostBOX, or MailBOX for email. BoomBox, Jukebox or The Box (does anyone remember the music channel, the box? lol) for music and BOXer for the phone, hehe.
Maybe they'll go with a SKY ecosystem... skyphone?

oh i remember the box, mtv and bet had nothing on the box.......well actually at least bet and mtv come in clear

Ya, this is pretty good idea except skyphone rhymes too much with iPhone. In any case, "Microsoft account" sounds way too corporate to me for managing my personal life accounts. They should avoid "Microsoft" and "Windows" in their naming.

Feels a bit wierd saying Microsoft Account, there is no rythm to it as the short Live ID. As a MSFT fan it feels great to say the new name, for the common people im not that sure + will the name Microsoft do well for the service? I guess if it succeed it will be good for the company. But if not....

Be nice if they find something, and then actually promote it. As part of the Windows 8 upgrade, I am going for a sharper end product than this one image.

"Is this game changing? No...definitely not."
Well, actually in one point it may be: You can now change your country. At least when I looked I had the option to do so. I don't know if it's just the change you can make as in Hotmail options or if it actually changes your Marketplace location as if coming from a Zune Account.
If this feature now actually changes your Zune/Live/Xbox location it is a huge deal for some users.

They have to merge everything together. Right now if you type skydrive.com, live.com, account.microsoft.com all lead to diferent pages.
I'm really hoping that by the end of the year they will have one simplified solution to its products and services.