Microsoft to launch new Nokia 130 feature phone, may be last of its kind

nokia 130

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a new feature phone, the Nokia 130, later this quarter, but the phone could the the last such device the company releases as it moves forward with the roadmap previously planned by the Device and Services division that Microsoft acquired from Nokia in April.

The Nokia 130 does not have Internet access at all but it can be used as a video and MP3 player, and it also has an FM radio inside. It has a 1 .8 inch color display and comes in red, black and white colors. Buyers will be able to purchase either a single or dual SIM model, and an microSD card of up to 32GB can be put inside it.

However, don't expect Microsoft to continue to launch any more new feature phones like the Nokia 130. As the company's hardware chief Stephen Elop explained in July as part of the company's layoff plans. Microsoft plans to concentrate their efforts on new Windows Phone devices and will even move the designs of their recent Android-based Nokia X smartphones to their Windows Phone Lumia lines.

What do you think about Microsoft launching what may be the last of the feature phones with the Nokia branding?

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Microsoft to launch new Nokia 130 feature phone, may be last of its kind



This actually makes more sense than announcing the 530 when the 630 already fills the hole for a dirt cheap colorful phone.
... this actually could have some appeal with the granny and grandpa crowd that feel threatened by smartphones. Or even the teen that needs to have communication, but has parents too responsible to spoil them with a smartphone.

...price it at $19.99 and it'll have some appeal.

I'm an irresponsible parent. I bought a 635 for my 6 going on 7 daughter because I can pin contacts on the start screen. Once a high-end Lumia comes to AT&T I'll give her my L1020.

Why are you even allowed to have children when you let them grow up in such a way??????

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Well here's a tip to make his joke/sarcasm funnier (because it wasn't)
1. Don't pick a phone that already has a successor (930). It kinda shows that you don't pay attention.
Good try though (sarcasm). :-o
(and the crowd cheers).

Hehe, very funny. Lumia 930 may be it's successor but do you really take it so. It doesn't have expandable storage and still uses snapdragon 800 chipset. That's why I used a sarcasm.

Yeah!! John forgot to mention that it has a hexa-core processor clocked at 3 GHz.. 128GB internal Storage.. 3 GB of RAM.. And a 41 Megapixel Shooter..

I would love that for my next phone lol! Seriously though...I can't go for any phone that doesn't have an equal or better camera than my 1020.

It actually does. I thought it would have really ugly keys and a grey-coloured body, but this is not bad at all.

If this feature phone could come with a speech to text feature, I'd ditch my smartphone as a primary device to avoid the $300/year charge by AT&T for the priviledge of connecting a smartphone on their network. Data prices are going nowhere but up..

+720 but I'm using Nokia 2300 as my second phone... For almost 9 years man... I'm going to get it and give some rest to 2300

Dear God, I just can not understand why so many are jonesing for a blinking LED notification. I've used it. The set up is interminable to customize between all the color coding for each notification type. And then when the blink goes off you sit there for the longest time wondering; "Was that green or lime?" and end up opening the phone anyway because you really can't gauge the importance of the notification...

Glance / Always On / Show Lock Screen Notifications FTW. So much more useful.

Of course a feature phone gets a blinking light. A smart phone deserves Glance.

I agree insofar as I'm ambivalent about a blinking LED making its way into a mid- or high-level WP, but I had one on my old BlackBerry Pearl and I remember it being quite useful for a couple of things. First, it could tell you whether or not your phone was done charging. Without an LED, you have to interact with your phone to check the charging status (even on my wireless charging plates, which have never indicated that a charge is complete). Second, it could tell you whether or not there was a notification of some kind. Depending on the situation you may not be able to or may not think to check your notifications; a blinking LED can serve as a reminder.

As I said, I don't care if any phone I ever get has one, but there are some benefits that may be attractive to some people. It's certainly more attractive to me than Glance (although my disdain for Glance may be due to the fact that my phone wasn't designed for it (I have a L920)).

Fully Charged battery won't show on Lock Screen or Glance, but all other percentages will.

Plug in phone, watch percentage rise on Glance, when battery icon w/ % disappears, charge is done.

Actually, if you have the Nokia charging plate the LED on the plate goes out when the phone is fully charged.

Or anyone leading a simple life. There still are people out there more in touch with the real world than the virtual one.

I like the red one. Too bad they are stopping production. I read that only about 55% of all cell phones in the U.S. are smartphones. That leaves a lot of new upgraders out there, however, there are still many who just want a phone. We all know somebody like that. These are the best looking dumbphones I have seen in ages, only to be cancelled. Bad move considering the success of the 52x models and low end phones cause people are pppooooorrrrrr.

Wow. I thought it was higher than 55%. I see a feature phone about once every few months in my area of the US.

Probably because their owners use them only when actively communicating and not just generally wasting time like we smartphone users.

Yeah, I was surprised, actually, I added a few because it has been two months since I read the article, so I tried to hill I'll compensate. At the time it wad about a 50% market penetration of smartphones. You have to think, whom is it have feature phones? Mostly, people who don't go out much ( that means you won't see them in the wild too often, and when the owners are, the owners won't be on them like we are). I was researching for PhD comps and my mind wandered to a tech site, since I was already primed for statistics, I went looking and found the article.

I just double checked, it had risen from 50% to 55% as I hhas wrote for growth. Also, they said after a product reaches 50% market penetration, it is very hard to get the other 50%. So, kill off feature phones and the consumers hand is forced.

I'm in sales and see alot of people daily. Its all iPhones, galaxies, etc. Even when I'm out and about on personal time. Even the grandparents are using Android and iPhones in my area. I see more Windows Phones (520, 928, 925) in the wild than feature phones. I live in Chester County, PA. That might have something to do with it. Anyway, shocked at those numbers.

I am from Goa-India and I just bought a red coloured Nokia 130 today. It really looks nice in flesh and the black keys stand out from the flourescent red body. For a dual SIM phone priced at Rs 1750, it is a perfect secondary/backup phone. And with a great battery life and standby times, the Nokia 130 is almost expected to be that S.O.S phone when the battery of your android/windows/iphone/blabkberry gives up.

Since it does NOT have internet, camera and photo gallery, many may consider the Nokia 130 to be a mega failure. But, it does have the basic facilities. Ten of them to be precise:

1. Calls
2. Text messages
3. Radio
4. MP3 player
5. USB Drive
6. Alarm clock
7. Calculator
8. Calendar
9. Reminder
10. Flashlight

What I llike about the Nokia 130 is that it has bluetooth and charges from a normal micro usb charger, as opposed to the old thin Nokia pin charger. My primary phone is the Nokia 1320, but I am extremely pleased to have a simple, basic, effective and useful secondary phone for any or all of the 10 abovementioned requirements.


Nice replacement phone. I suppose the 130 will pack all of Microsoft's services so that users of this device will be more likely to switch to Windows Phone if they decide to get a smartphone.

Depends the source of the mp3, say Zune, then yes. I know MS cancelled Zune, just an example folks, calm down.

Good phone, in India, we use to buy such Nokia devices before smart generation started embracing. However, there are few category people who can afford phone at lease, this phone is for them... Seriously a good gem. This phones will never die, no matter how many times you break, fall or torn apart. They are solid piece! Cause its Nokia in the name we trust!

But now thos phone has to get marketed like 3310 nokia to be a success for the ppl who need phones. This phone can be a hit in indian villages.

Well said! Even if students who's parents wont allow them to buy a smart phone. Samsung and every other has stopped manufacturing such phones. But, seriously, will be hit across India!

I know lots of people who prefer standard phones to smartphones; with such a dwindling selection, I wonder what they'll have to settle for in the not too distant future...

He didn't say anything about price. They don't want smartphones at all. They just want regular phones. No matter how cheap a smartphone can get, it still wouldn't be a dumbphone, which is what they prefer.

The money for carriers is in data, not talk. So get rid of feature phones, force smartphones on customers, say they"must" have data plan (lie, my 1520 doesn't, I pay as you go, no data plan, and had AT&T turn off data so no accidental charges), now carriers make money, see?

Does not explain the demise of dumb phones in many parts of the world, where carriers do not influence which phone you purchase at all. Here, you buy the phone from the OEM retailer and insert the SIM you get from the carrier. That's it. Unlocked phones.
I think the reason is because the OEMs can't make much profit from dumb phones compared to smartphones.

Import duty etc it will be priced around ₹20000 which os worth the price as a mid range phone. But when its getting announced?? Lumia 730

I feel that, by ditching the feature phone business, msft are making a BIG mistake. These phones were a hit in many countries and they are going to lose some money and loyalty.

They're not ditching basic phones (like this one) because they can't make Lumias phones cheap enough. John didn't read the interview where Jo Harlow said that they're keeping basic phones like this, so that's why he's acting like they're killing them off.

No , a recent leak said its named "train" , the McLaren is high end , Tesla would be a big screened phone , I hope they both be announced in early of Sep.

Yea i shouldn't have to open and close my music player several times and it still doesn't act right, no album, usually the wrong album, random skipping and shuffling, no quick option to download without going into a hundred menus, why can i have a download option like add to..
If its in streaming collection and nowplayijg u can just tell it download

Oh dear XBM gets it in neck again! When will 'The XBM Team' get it fixed? Maybe I can strap this Dumb Phone to my Lumia just for the music player?

And accept nokia under Microsoft. Brother its just your state of mind. Thank that google didn't bought it otherwise nokia would have been fucked.

Who said....Google will ruin Nokia..With Nokia ....The Brand Name....And we Indians might Ditch Lumias if they Join....Coz First world only cares Specs...Third word believe in names only

What services this doesn't have internet access everything Microsoft offers needs internet and I'm pretty sure office wont run on 1.8in screen

*sigh* John.... Here we are again with you not researching. I'm not sure where the sensational headline "may be the last one" came from (unless you didn't do research), but Jo Harlow specifically said to recode "Microsoft doesn’t have any other project that can reach these consumers," then goes on to explain "these consumers will create a Microsoft account and become part of the Microsoft ecosystem."

So no, Microsoft is going to continue to make these basic phones until they can make Lumias this cheap. Oh, by the way... I read the Verge after I read this one and they also remember the interview that I said earlier. Sad that the Verge os better at reporting Windows Phone news than WPCentral, no?

Nothing beats the Nokia 3310! I still have one and the battery still holds the charge!
It's in my "Zombie Apocalypse" emergency pack! I test it every year - twice!

A blast from the past. I can't remember the last time I've seen a dumb phone. Even my parents and in-laws have smartphones. Kind of makes me miss my HTC StrTrk (even though that wasn't a dumb phone).

Also, what are the mega Nokia fanboys here going to say when MS puts WP on the Nokia X after the deride Samsung & HTC for doing the same?

That's a pity, this phones are great for recitals and festivals since they're cheap and have great battery life and reception (you wouldn't like to lose your smart phone at one of those, I've lost my Droid 3 in the last one I went to)

Microsoft are so dumb and stupid that even after deciding that it would be better for them to just concentrate on WP and do away with feature phones here they are announcing new feature phones! If they aren't seeing any future in feature phones then why still produce them? Also there's no proof they'll stop releasing feature phones after this one and an android phone might also be in the works! They are to only blame themselves if WP dies.

Actually, my brother is on our plan and still using an OLD brick phone. Doesn't text or use internet. He's a contractor and needs a durable phone. ATT suggests he upgrades as the older phones will lose network compatibility but what is offered now is cheaply made. May be worth looking into.

End of an era. The Nokia 112 is a dual sim traveller beast. I believe there is still a market for these dumb phones, but yes, focus on WP. And no more android devices!!!!

This is a common misunderstanding, that MSFT is about to stop feature-phone production. They announced nothing like this.

They announced end of Nokia X and Asha/Series40 which is a good move. For phones like these they have to run parallel App Stores with updated apps, which is expensive. Series 30 means no App store - it is complete dumb phone with no development and maintenance effort.

They would be stupid to abandon this market, while they can still make profit with phones like this or Nokia 225.

MS should focus on WP, but it will be good if they continue the super low end super long battery life feature phones like this once in a while. There are still market for these type of phones.

Irony.. Most Lumias don't have micro SD card expansion slot, have 16gb our less internal storage but have internet. Nokia 130 has micro SD card expansion slot but no internet! Seriously what were they thinking?

Love it. It will last for ever and not run up a data bill. SD cards are good and can easily be loaded with music. Whereas my Lumia 930 needs absolutely no SD for music. Got 32GB and Spotify. Best phones ever!

Harlow says they are committed to the low end and that this is not the last one. But I guess since its not a Windows phone there didn't need to be much research.

They shouldn't stop making feature phones...i work for a secured camera barred organization. These are the only phones which we can use. I remember buying nokia e51 and the struggle which i did to find that phone as it is the only non camera phone with watsapp(out of production since 4 years) in the entire world apart from blackberry, which obviously wants u to buy their services...
Such phones have immense importance in 3rd world and I request nokia please make more business non cam smart phones.

I really wish they would sell these in North America (US/AT&T at least).  I want to buy these for elderly family members, children and for my own backup.  I love my 520, 920, and 1520 (also about to get a 1020 for wife), but sometimes an old school phone fits the bill!

This is the perfect phone for me, no camera, supports micro SD cards any it's battery is awesome, if only I hadn't bought already a Nokia 111...

First paragraph:  "but the phone could the the last such", shouldn't it say: "but the phone could be the last such", replace "the" with "be".

Those music controls are setting my OCD on fire..

Up for next track, when the icon for it is an arrow to the right;

Down for previous track, when the icon for it is an arrow to the left;

Right to turn up the volume;

Left to turn down the volume..

I'm annoyed

The sooner Microsoft stops releasing phones pretending to be Nokia the better and the sooner Nokia can get their brand back and get on with their own upcoming products.

    Why? Why would they make this phone? And why would they make this phone without a camera? A camera is one of the most important features on any phone nowadays.

The phone like this one will be more and most very useful if only today the earth gonna apocalypse. I mean the battery will last longer than any smartphone with big screen and battery. LOL.

I kinda want this phone! But it needs a camera and needs to work in the US also. If it's built rock-solid and reliable then I could see quite a few of my customers using it.

these Nokia 'dumb phones' are quite popular and one of the few in this quality.
I think that if these phones will be Canceled, people will miss these phones. As I said, they are quite popular, as I noticed.

Yea they refer to 'em as "feature phones" in my field haha, keeps the old fuddy duddy types happy, super rugged too! They'll make a ton off these things!

Actually... A great "first phone" option for the kids... And a simple option for the grandparents.. There is still a market for these phones... Will likely pickup 2

Nice that MS is releasing a phone for those who need a secondary phone with more battery life. But Mozilla is about to launch a smartphone which would cost ₹.1500 only.