Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview

Microsoft publishes Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has released a preview of its Windows Phone Remote Desktop app on the Windows Phone Store. Should you be rocking the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, you'll be able to take part in this beta program too. The app enables users to connect to remote computers and enjoy the full Windows experience through the small screen, regardless as to where they may be currently located.

We previously looked at reports of Microsoft working on a Remote Desktop client for Windows Phone late last year. Some features boasted by Microsoft include a rich multi-touch experience with remote desktop protocol (RDP) and RemoteFX supporting Windows gestures. This support joins high quality video with improved compression and bandwidth usage – perfect for those on tighter data plans.

Neowin also notes that this could well be a universal app, looking into how the purchase history on Microsoft Accounts appears to list only the downloading of the Windows 8 counterpart, which was released back in 2012. It would make sense for Microsoft to make its Remote Desktop experience universal across the board, but there's no indication this is yet the case.

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Microsoft publishes Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1



Why can't they just make this connect straight away with just a few simple steps? I've tried everything but still can't connect and my PC Remote Pro that I bought can even no longer connect again. I've f**ked my my PC settings now. :(


UPDATE: Now under credentials, what is the username and password? The same as my Microsoft account?

The credentials you use to sign in on your PC. If you have a local account, enter your account name and password and if you have a Microsoft account, use your Microsoft credentials.

Is is normal for the PC to go back to the start screen once the windows Phone app shows your desktop?

Yes, it is. It's the same with a remote desktop connection from another PC. Once connected, the PC shows the Start screen.

You can only be logged in from one device at a time.

You also have to make sure that you open/forward port 3389 (default) in your router and PC.
Lastly, go to System Properties, Remote and allow remote connections.

Stating the obvious:

If you're forwarding through your router, make sure you have a good login.  administrator/password is not good.

TeamViewer also requires you to install an agent on your computer that runs constantly. They are also in the business of helping IT professionals keep multiple organizations organized. RDP requires no additional software. So either way, yes... You had to take an additional step of creating a TeamViewer account and installing on your PC. And... Again... That is their main focus of business: Remote software.

Yeah...that is one way of looking at it.  Of course if security is important to you (or regulated by law for your business) then not so much. 


TeamViewer doesn't require router security adjustments because by installing their software you are creating a constant connection to their third party servers.  As long as you trust them to keep those servers (and your computer) secure that is fine, but it's certainly not something that should be built in to an operating system like Windows.  Also, if TeamViewer's services go down then you can't connect to your PC.  Microsoft's Remote Desktop is a direct connection and does not require any third party infrastructure which is important for security and reliability.  In my company, installing TeamViewer or similar software on a business computer can get you fired.


TeamViewer is a good product, but it's not the right tool for the job in some cases.  Although the concept is similar, Remote Desktop really is targeted at different goals.

That's because an agent running in the background on the destination computer you're trying to connect to is linked to a remote server. When you try to connect from another computer you contact this very server rather than the destination computer itself. All communications go through this server which keeps the tabs on all computers (the computers report to this server). Remote desktop works in a different way -- you connect to your destination machine directly.

TeamViewer connects in a completely different way that is not appropriate for all environments. The reason RDP requires a port forward (if crossing a gateway) is that it is an unsolicted connection going through a router. Those are normally blocked. TeamViewer uses a service which negotiates the connection between client and server, so it uses a solicited connection from the target computer. That is the only reason why it doesn't require a port forward.

If it does what you need and meets your security requirements, go ahead and use TeamViewer. Don't pretend it is a substitute for a protocol like RDP. It isn't.

Is there a way to connect to my laptop through the phone even if my Phone is not in the same wifi network??? As far as I can understand I can only connect to the laptop only is both the phone and the pc are in the same wifi network. Didn't have a way to test otherwise.....

I am just not looking at anything since I installed mouse remote Pro. That app is the best one every made.I have my pc pinned to my start screen. Install their app on pc and enjoy the awesome experience. They are updating their app frequently.Teamviewer and this app as well as other ones are shit. Wonder why no one on WP central has reviewed mouse remote Pro.

The mere fact you don't like some apps doesn't make them shit. I bought the PC Remote PRO which also comes with your mouse pro but I love this Remote app from Microsoft better. Everyone has a taste they're not shitty apps.

<ahem> TeamViewer.  I use it on all my machines and it works so incredibly smooth on Windows Phone I just can't see Microsoft's Remote Desktop touching it.  I'll stick with TeamViewer.

Glad TeamViewer works for you. Personally I'd rather use the build in services of my PC's, so I've been wanting this really bad. If you are using non-Windows PCs and servers then TeamViewer is probably the way to go. Those of us that have been relying on RDP and using it have learned all of the tips.and tricks and we forget there is some work (routing, firewalls, permissions, etc).

This. I have nothing against TeamViewer, but at the end of the day the simple fact it that no matter how good it is, it adds additional attack surface area. Really looking forward to this official RDP client.

This was my biggest want in the app department RemoteDesktop has been incredibly buggy on WP8 for me, always dropping connections. (now my biggest app request is the Kobo app)

Hey, did you try downloading all your books as epub files and using another reader for them instead of Kobo? I haven't done that exactely, but  recall that Kobo used epub files format which is universal so you should be able to still read your books.

You just need to enable remote connections to your computer. Search 'remote' in your Windows+S search or your Start menu if you're on Windows 7, and you should find it pretty easy by looking for 'allow remote access to my computer'. Don't confuse it with 'remote assistance' which is a different thing.

Tells me mu pc name is wrong. Is the pc name not the same as computer name or full computer name which can be found under System?

i am using proxy network for internet connection... for that i set up my lan connection with some ip adress and dns server..... it is not connecting to pc with any ip address(my proxy ip and system ip and system name)..... i have turned on everything related to remote desktop..... any one please tell me how to connect to remote desktop in proxy network......???

This, of course, works only if you have "Pro" version of desktop Windows or higher. Home editions don't have RDP server.

Don't mean to be that "complainer" and I know this version is meant as an early preview for developers but it sure it frustrating that the windows phone app doesn't tell you the reason why it can't connect or better yet simplifty the process of connecting as remote desktop.  if the reason is you don't have a "Pro' windows it should just state it when it's trying to connect.  Is it that complicated to configure that as part of the troubleshooting?  Please keep things sweet and simple.  my 2 cents

Trouble is, if you don't have the Pro version then there is no Remote Desktop service to connect to, just as if you had Pro but hadn't activated the service. There's no way the app can tell the difference, and any ability to do so would be a security breach on Windows' part.

Is there a way to connect to my laptop through the phone even if my Phone is not in the same wifi network??? As far as I can understand I can only connect to the laptop only is both the phone and the pc are in the same wifi network. Didn't have a way to test otherwise.....

You can if you open 3389 (TCP and UDP) on your router and forward it to your computer. Try to see if they have instructions for your router there. Then you just need to know the public IP of your connection, or use a service like to get a domain name for your computer.

Or you could try Nokia Beamer although you still have to have both your devices connected to any network. Or get the Project my screen app on your laptop, PC and use it with a USB cable

Or just tell him like a non dick person would. He asked a simple question like your supposed to do on here. Don't like it? Leave.

He will learn better by handing him the rod 'n reel politely rather than throwing it at him. Don't we all?

Make sure you uncheck the box that says: Only allow connections from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication... You won't be able to connect if that is ticked...

Yes you will, and that option is actually recommended. What it means is that it forces authentication at the time of connection rather than allowing the remote OS to show a list of users you can login as. Nothing that will stop you connecting.

Considering it was designed for PC's and not phones... And considering I just connected twice with it unticked, and was unable to connect on the time in between when it was ticked, I'm going to stand by my original statement...

Maybe that problem is with your login credentials than? I have problems with them as well. sometimes it displays the microsoft account.. sometimes the local user account.. sometimes not working at all :O

That would be a problem with your configuration specifically. I have never had a problem over many setups (I use Remote Desktop for everything) and I wouldn't recommend leaving it off unless you have no pretty choice. If NLA is off then it enables someone to connect to your computer and see a list of user accounts (and then try to login to them) without needing to provide credentials.

This has nothing to do with it and is quite frankly bad advice. Microsoft has been pushing NLA for years because of a known vulnerability in RDP itself. NLA forces authentication before the session begins.

NLA is enforced on all my gear by Group Policy. I had no issues connecting to my workstations or servers.

Are you connected to the same network with both your phone and computer? If not you will need to open the correct port (TCP & UDP 3306) on your router and forward it to your computer.

Yes , my PC is connecter with internet sharing of my 920 , i use win 8.1 pro , the allow connection only for Network Level Authentification is unchecked.
After i type the ip address of my compute in the remote desktop app , i get error 0x204 : Can't connect to the remote PC

Well , it says enter host name or ip adress , and in both case i get an error : If i type the ip address i get the 0x204 error above and if i type my pc name i get another 0x104 error : This PC Name cannot be found ...

It's because you are internet sharing... This method is for when you are on the same Wi-Fi network... Your phone is not connected to the same Wi-Fi network because it is the Wi-Fi network...

I get the same problem here. Actually I use the school's Wi-Fi network. But I've opened the remote function even for the public/work network. How can I fix this?

Phone: 920
WIndows 7 (Package 1)

Works for me at work if I provide my workstation's IP address. If the blasted app would allow <domain>\<machinename> I could probably connect using the name. But \ is among the list of banned characters, so I get a 0x104 error.

The same thing happens with our wireless laptops, except that they allow connecting using <domain>\<machinename>.

No need for that. Windows opens the firewall port for you automatically. His problem is that he's using tethering.

There's your problem: Internet Sharing. Most mobile data connections don't allow incoming data connections, and even if they did it would come to your phone rather than being routed through to your PC. Your computer and phone should both be on a LAN, or at least the computer on a LAN with the correct ports open to allow Remote Desktop to get in.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. About time ms, keep up the speedy realeases. WP8.1 looks like the second(third) coming of wp :)

No thank you I want to use my own login name and password. The cloud can fuck off in my opinion.

My first impressions are that this is very well done. The slickness of the UI and UX blows the alternatives out of the water. Nice to see all the edge gestures work too, as it disables the action centre like games do.
Very nice work.

I agree, it looks very well done indeed. However, on a 920, the screen is just too small in desktop mode. The only way I could get to the start screen was by hitting the windows key on the keyboard, or swiping left to pull up the charms. Trying to hit the logo on the bottom left was simply impossible. I suspect it would be a much better experience on the Icon or larger screen. Not sure I will have much of a use for it on my 920.

I notice some apps in the store show an icon that looks like a phone in front of a tablet or screen. Ideas on what this is? Xbox music is shown that way for one. Halo Spartan Assault is another.

Anyone out there use PC Remote? I haven't used this official Microsoft solution yet but I feel like PC Remote has been doing what I need as far as a remote client for my phone goes for a while.

I've used PC remote for years but I'm about to delete it as this is much more fluid, functional, and better designed. PC remote was a great app for me going all the way back to the wp7 days, but this finally trumps it.

Just tried it. It works great. For some reason couldnt connect with PC using name. Used IP address instead.

Of course every phone does dns-queries. :) But it most likely can't resolve plain hostnames via netbios or dns (think "Windows network").

I have Active Directory and DNS servers in my local network and this RDP client can connect using full dns-names (like hostname.domain.local). 

I suppose this is only for 8.1? I'm still on 8.0 and the store states that the this app is not for my device (1020).. And yes, i am on the US region..

I read it was a beta, and i read it was in the context of 8.1. I didn't get that it was just meant for 8.1, hence my question. Thanks anyway..

I guess this app was there in the store earlier. I downloaded it a few months back and found that I couldn't connect because I didn't have Windows 8.1 Pro. I uninstalled it then from my phone. Last week I upgraded to pro and tried looking for this app again. All I found was third party apps and not the official Microsoft app I had earlier. After upgrading to windows phone 8.1, I found it in my purchase history and downloaded it from there.

For the less technical user its a blessing though, no nasty router configs to play with...

No transparent tile :( Wish it sync'd with its Windows counter part as well so I didn't have to add all my connections again

When you pin the app to the start screen, the tile is not transparent. But the weird thing is that when you add the app to an App Folder, the tile becomes transparent.

It works but for me zoom work little strange - once it works and once not. Also cursor sometimes have something like accelerate mode - I touch it and it fly’s far far away :) Third thing is keyboard – for me it could be little smaller but maybe it is first impression. Apart for this it looks good.

Damn! Is anybody having 'NOT FOUND' in the store after using link from the description?

Is this preview limited only to some regions? I'm from Poland and usingg wp8.1 dev preview on my 1020 and it says 'not found' o.O

Glance screen is 180 degrees rotated after the install this app!! Resolve plz!! Lumia 1020 with 8.1 and Glance background

Thanks!!! but deactivating and reactivating the glance screen then too. The problem occurs every time I open a remote desktop...OMG flip glance screen!!

Use your screen in flipped landscape mode when connecting to your PC. The glance screen doesn't flip then.

Thank you! But the same thing happens ... I resolve disabling the screen, restarting the phone and enabling the screen again ...

Using this app and the same other remote desktop app give user name and password error even im using the correct one.

Finally it worked .

the problem was that I was using the external IP , once I used the internal IP of my laptop in the network it worked

well, I can't do that since I'm at work. also the public IP is shared among the network users ( NAT i guess or ...)


Teamviewer has done the job for me for many years, Microsoft has come late to the game again and again, hope Microsoft reads all these comments and step into the game

Yes this app is definitely late, but there is no "late to the game" here -- for the people that need RDP, teamviewer didn't replace it. it's a good solution for consumers sure, but for sysadmins... not so much.

Can I get it to work with lan? Like I have a computer and my Phone using the same router. I want that my phone should be able to use desktop using lan because its faster and wont use any bandwidth.

This baby runs smooth as butter. I made a port forward in my routers NAT to my pc's IP port 3389, and woilla. Even runs good over 3G❕

it's working for me. just use the gateway address, don't use the PC address. with standard RDP you'd put the PC address in the main address and go to advanced and put the gateway address in. in this case, you just use the gateway.

But where I need to provide PC address in this case?

I need to be able to specify both RD gateway address and actual machine address. Behind the gateway it might be more than one PC. That is main purpose of gateway.

I hope that RDP on WP8.1 supports backing up my settings for all the sessions I'll use as a IT guy. We remote into many of our clients. I use ConnectMe and love how it backs up all my settings to OneDrive.

Same here. Hopefully they will add it before final release. Without remote desktop gateway settings, this isn't very useful for corporations behind a firewall.

it does. just put the gateway address in instead of the PC address. this through me off at first, but it's working now.

Really, are you publishing 3389 as well as 443? We only publish 443 with a valid cert. Works using a browser, not using the app.

we use 3389, no 443. i suppose it all depends on how it's set up. it's definitely lighter on advanced features than RemoteDesktop (the app) or RDP (the application in W7), but it's more stable so far and it supports multitasking properly.

That won't (and doesn't) work. Using a gateway tunnels over SSL/TLS, it isn't just running RDP on a different port.

If you copy passwords from somewhere else and paste them in, make sure you click show password and check it. For some reason it kept adding Japanese letters to the end of all mine.

I don't technically need it, I just never thought about it this way. What else would you recommend to have all my music synced up for free and play it with no loading time? It's a pretty decent addition to an already nice service. :)

Actually, he has a good point. Since Microsoft refuses to allow DLNA pull in the music and video aps across all the platforms, you have no choice but to start playing your media from your machine and then select send to from the machine. This would mean I would have to run down stairs to my desktop, start playing a playlist, and the select send to my Xbox. You could play directly from the cloud, but why waste your bandwidth on files you have stored in your house already? With Remote Desktop, you can log in to your desktop, pull up the music ap, play your song or play list, and stream to your device of choice all from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

hi guys help me. iam using win8.0(cracked) tried the methods still i am geting error code 0X207

error message is : session ended because of protocol error:

please help me

thanks in advance

I wonder why Rich Edmonds wouldn't have just talked about actually setting up and using the app as part of the article. If it's something complex or beyond the average user (at least while it's still in the beta stage), then just say that so people don't waste their time.

Dowload inad install ap, open app, type IP followed by credentials ..

Information on setting up your PC for remote desktop are widely available arond the net.. Try Google..

How hard can it be.

You completely miss the point.  I'm not commenting on how difficult it is (or isn't) to set up and use the remote desktop app; I'm just wondering why Rich wouldn't have bothered to take an extra five minutes to comment on how easy/hard it is, described the basic setup or provided a link to MS documentation.

If people are coming to the comments to ask how to use this, then there is obviously a desire for more information, regardless of how easy you might think it is.  And yes, the setup information can be Googled.  But so what? Much of what's published on this site is available through a Google or Bing search.  In the article before this, Sam Sabri wrote about how to keep people from viewing your notifications when your phone is locked.  That option is just about the first thing you see when you open the settings for notifcations+actions, which itself is visible as soon as you open system settings. In other words, it is dead simple and almost completely obvious to anyone who has taken any interest in Action Center.  Yet WPC published an article on it.  And I'm glad they did, because lots of people might not have gotten around to fiddling with Action Center yet.  I'm always glad when they publish these basic tips, tricks and hints.