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Microsoft is working on a Remote Desktop client for Windows Phone

Microsoft released Remote Desktop apps for Android and iOS, but a Windows Phone solution is still nowhere to be seen. Not all is lost as the company confirmed with The Next Web today that a Windows Phone app is well on its way, but there's no word as to when we can expect to see it arrive on the store.

Here's what a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement:

"Remote desktop on phones is a relatively rare usage scenario. That said, we are working on a version of the app for Windows Phone. We’ll be able to share timeframe at a later point in time."

While it still doesn't make up for the fact Windows Phone is coming second, it's a relatively true statement. Mobile handsets aren't the most ideal solution for remote desktop access due to smaller screens. Still, it would be great to have the client available for those moments when you only require quick access.

We'll have to wait until Microsoft is ready to launch Remote Desktop on Windows Phone, but at least it's on the way. For now, try out alternatives like TeamViewer.

Source: The Next Web

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • That's good news... But is is a big mistake to skip their own OS first...
  • ^This +1
  • It seems most of you can't see past your noses.
    Ignore that this app wasn't specifically made for the phone OS' of Android and iOS, but rather their tablets - as is eluded to in Microsoft's response - and is already available for Windows 8 tablets. In that sense, the real culprit is the stores not being unified and the apps not being cross platform.
  • Exactly, people fail to understand Windows vs other OS. Windows is PC+Tablet and RDP is there for years...iOS and Android are Phone+Tablets...but I don't want waste energy to explain where MS is going with one windows...and funny thing is they call themselves MS fanboys.
  • Right on!!! It was made for the competitor's tablets... Shoot I would hesitate to use it on a phone less than 5 inches, I used it on windows mobile years ago.
    On the phone, I was only checking servers and other super minor jobs... Never maintenance. My girlfriend who is in IT downloaded the app for her iPad today. We both had to get on our own and company never to work on things. The iPad app was cool, but we agreed the surface was the real deal. But that app will really be helpful foe IT administrators who use ios.
  • you can control which device will get the app  on google play store and itunes app store. in this case its for all devices. the fact that some people(like me) bought this app (its the only one that uses windows RDP instead of rubish remotedesktop or anything and is decent) and use it all the time when im outside, or even im downstairs in the same house, shows that WP needs it, because its windows.
  • Hey man still not a excuse
  • THIS.
  • A few days ago I complain about GDR3 not offering a easy way to attach files on e-mail.  The worst that MS started to target the business, showing diagrams and etc.  How target business if you can't even send a reply with an attachment. I don't have to metion the lack VPN.
    That time, fanboys started to complain that I am kind of traitor, just because I said that even Joe Belfiore have an Iphone, otherwise he can't even answer his e-mails properly on his WP phone. I don't doubt that Belfiore has an Iphone. Even the guys here in WPcentral, they have an Iphone too (some even android)... Why? Because Iphone is light years of WP. They have a Kernel that has been developed more than 21 years. In other hand we restarted our kernel because MS wasn't clever enough to choose NT since the beginner. Now we suffer from the same problem, because MS did not unify the stores when released WP8. Do you know the worst? let me tell, I talked to some devs in Brazil, even a MS guy, about merging binaries from different sources. The guy didn't say that, because he can't say with the words, but yes maybe with the merge of binaries, some phones (even high end) will bleed. Forget 36 months of update, because this updates will be more like to fix some bugs and like GDRs...But after 8.1 and the merge, phones will be left. There is no chance to be like Apple, bring updates to a 3GS (even some less capabalities ) and Iphone 4. To merge binaries even the NT Kernel (will be the same), most of actually phones will not get it. I asked him that, because I know from my XDA's days as heavy android user, to trim new kernel capabilities is expensive, takes more than year, specially because the OS miss so many API's. So, forget you 1020 will not be able to look to new store and the way that the apps will be developed. You will have to beg the devs to encode in the way your phone will be until 8.1 . After the merge forget... Now I will talk about again the poor job of MS, the GDR3 update was supposed to offer new hardware running WP. lol. Do you know that MS will have to rethink the 8.1? Because even with GDR3 and 8.1, MS didn't think in the next level of processor, the 64 bits architeture. Maybe with the merge the hardware will be enabled, but right now and the 2014, forget. They confess it. Google and all the partners are already think in 64 bits architeture, Samsung, HTC, Sony, all will release... We hope, as WP users that MS and specially our OS, with a new policy might get all these things right now. But Until now, have to say, really no clear light on the end of the tunnel.
  • You are dam right about email restrictions. Shame on WP.
  • I'm just waiting for Apple to release something bigger than 4 inches and I'm jumping ship. I am a HUGE MS fan. Own a Win8 Desktop, WP7.8-8, ZUNE HD, Tablet, XBOX 360.
    There really isn't a reason for me to have a WP anymore when the one thing holding me back(XBOX MUSIC) is now on iPhone. It's the only phone I've yet to give a shot. I imagine it to be stable as their Desktop OS has always been known for stability. That's kind of a biggie to me, if not I would probably be on the Android bandwagon(cheaper, nicer looking phones). But I had a bad experience with that OS, so no matter how tempting their phones, I refuse to ever give them a try again. Plus all the google apps are also on iPhone. It's where it's at baby.
  • WTF? I dont mind if my phone uses 32, 64 or 128 bits, or how old the kernel is, as long as it works as expected.
    It seems people losing track and only rely on tech specs as dictated by hardware vendors, and not on services and user experience. Hardware is/will be commodity, and you are only consuming services/software in the end.
    That said, I miss VPN and S/MIME mails most, no matter how many bits or cores they are realized on.
  • Hmmm...i've been attaching files to replies from day one on my Lumia. What am I not understanding?
  • You might be attaching pictures to replies. This is what I understand.
  • You most certainly can send office documents:
    In Office (e.g. Excel) on WP click ... and share, choose your email and you are sending the xls-file.
    If you send from Skydrive app, you'll be sending a link to your Skydrive folder.
    The email support is not as good as it should, though. We are all used to sending files from Outlook on PCs. WP works more like how iPhone does it, sort of, no central file management, do everything to files in the app it was created with.
  • You have never attached a document to a reply.
  • It can be done rather simply, in most cases (sending a file in an email reply), but I agree it should be more intuitive and flexible. MS de-emphasizes using the phone for storage. That's what SkyDrive is for. So after you hit reply on an email, just open the skydrive app, choose your file, hit share, and choose the option to copy the share-link to the clipboard, then switch apps back to the email and paste it. This relies on having it in skydrive to begin with, but besides office docs optionally, I can't think of much that really sits on the phone itself that wouldn't be just a matter of linking.
  • A rare use case scenario it may be but MS addressed it for iOS and Android users before WP. I wonder what keeps idiots like me still use WP. The truth is, if GoPhone allowed tethering on iPhone 5S (I am able to use it on my 920 Developer ROM) I would skip my 920 in a heartbeat.
  • This is the exact justification Instagram, Facebook or Google (a company I hate with passion now) are using for nit making official apps for WP. If MS does not make official apps for their services on WP, why should they?
  • Its not the same reason at all.
  • More like they block and ban ms from making there own apps when said a holes won't develop apps for WP. Who gives a shit my 1020 does everything I need
  • It would be because they purchased the iOS and Android code from another company, and released it, while they work on WP8 version from scratch.
    This was aimed at making sure all iOS TABLETS and Android TABLETS (which use the same OS as their respective phones), had access to remote desktop (Windows 8).  That said, the Win 8 Tablets and Win RT tablets have their remote desktop apps already.
    Theoretically, they could have purchased the company, and removed the apps from the iOS and Android store, and waited until the Windows Phone 8 app was complete (let's estimate a couple of months), and then put all the apps up at the same time...but since the purpose is to get more Windows 8 and desktop/laptop exposure, that would be a horrible idea.
  • Wow... A thought out, argumented response l. I thought this was the internet!
  • Normally I get upset when ms does things like this, but the reasons cbshd presents make this more understandable. MS once again needs to do better in communicating clearly.
  • That was a lame statement they made. Microsoft had an RDP client back in 2009. It came in handy for me several times.
  • They did the same thing with Photosynth; that took over a year before Windows Phone got it...i bet this will be the same time frame =(
  • Not the same at all.
  • How is not the same, Photosynth a Microsoft product was on iOS before WP
  • Because that was an app aimed at smartphones, this is an app aimed at tablets.
  • I use splashtop. Would definitely love to get one from Microsoft
  • For real! Priorities boys!!
  • I agree BUT where is the marketshare at? Android and iOS by far outnumber Windows Phone. We may disagree but it's smart business to go for the biggest number of people first.
  • Not if you're trying to build your own in house OS market share.
  • But in the desktop OS world Microsoft rules. The RDP app I understand why the iOS and Android versions came first, because iOS and Androi rule mobile OS and Microsoft is giving them a way to get into their computer. I think the RDP app is more directed at the business world, the business world runs on Windows OS and Android or iOS for mobile so it makes business sense to go that direction first. 
    Now an app like Skype for example I don't understand why Microsoft is completely leaving it behind in WP. It's widely used across all platforms including businesses so leaving big things out isn't helping grow market share. 
  • And at least for people in IT where I'd use I most... We need VPN support!!!!!! Hehe sorry for excited. I know they announced VPN but really it should be there already. Can't wait.
  • Microsoft has this thing, called a loaded gun. Which they enjoy using just about everyday to shoot themselves in the foot. You think by now they would of learned. But no way, tomorrow they'll just do it again. Bang! Damn Yee Microsoft!
  • In the meantime, you could use Teamviewer.
  • I couldn't get team viewer to work with the partner thing, any pointers?
  • Try Splashtop.
  • PC remote pro > splashtop/teamviewer.
    Alongside remote desktop, it has integrated remote functions that are more conducive when watching movies etc.
  • Teamviewer is great, but it requires you to install an agent, and reminds you that it is free every time you log in to a machine. Remote desktop would be preferred.
  • Team viewer wasn't working with my server 2012 OS (from home)
  • Incorrect. It leaves a message regarding the free session you've enjoyed as a home user. THEN the next time you login to that box and too haven't already closed the message it appears.
  • There is a remote desktop app in the store made by topperware. Its actually quite good.
  • Ridiuclous, embarassing for Windows Phone. If Microsoft can't even give it apps at the same time or earlier than other platforms, then how can we expect developers to do it?
  • Exactly. How can they ask ANY developer to do it when MS won't even do it?
  • +1
  • I told Ben the PC guy what kind of message this sends to WP users
  • True❕
  • Ridiculous that no one seems to understand that this app is directed to tablets and not phones... which is why it's not immediately available for WP.
    It just so happens that iOS & Android apps work on both their phones and tablets.
  • It works on phones. iPhones and Android phones have official remote desktop app before WP8. This is not first time MS doing this kind of things.
  • Wow.
  • Keep trying...
  • Nah, I give up.
    There is something to complain about, unfortunately most here are confused about what that is.
  • Pmsl
  • Its really easy for you to just say that... =/
  • What idiotic company makes the app first for ios and android. It should have been made for WP8 first and then filter through to the others about 3-6months later.
  • Yeah releasing a program to phones that have more users is a terrible idea. They should be focusing on the minority group. Then they can get less downloads yay!
  • No, they should release them all at the same time. There is no urgency to get this app to market. It does however make their own OS a second class citizen. Never a wise business move.
  • Yeah, and the excuse is contradicting, and hypocritical.. If not to many people use these kinds of services on smartphones, then what was the rush to get it to market before WP❔.. Is the WP app supposed to be better❔
  • The "excuse" isn't contradicting or hypocritical at all. The app is made with tablets in mind.
  • Right.. Understood..
  • Lol, how many times are you planning on saying this, that its meant for phones that is?
  • That's funny, I hear iPhones run it just fine.
  • Well, it is important enough for MS to still be working on a app for WP,, so why are we arguing this❔
  • Probably because they have a unified store.
  • Why is this point so important to you. The reality is that it is being run on phones and the media reports that it us available for other phones, but not WP. Translation for consumers who don't read this repeated rationalization? Buy iPhone or Android if you want the most 3rd party apps and Microsoft's apps first, too. No, they don't get a pass on thus technicality. It's piss poor marketing and communication, at the very least.
  • Yeah, even IRONIC! that it would not be available for WP! a MS OS. When I read about this, I felt :(
  • Just because your neighbor has more kids than you doesn't mean you feed them first! You feed your family first then if there's any left then you offer
  • Lol what?!
  • Windows phone is Ms family android and IOS isn't! You take care of family first(wp8) then the other os
  • Lol what?!
  • DAT logic lol
  • Yeah, because app download counts is Microsoft's big issue.  Not market share where maybe having unique apps or at a minimum the same apps, might eliminate excuses for people to pass on your product.  Yep, you nailed it.  /s 
  • "What kind of company...?"
    Probably a company that is looking to make their app available to all tablets; Windows 8, Android and iOS.
    Of anyone actually listened to the response by Microsoft, you would see that phones are not their concern with this app.
    Now, if the stores were unified and apps were cross platform on WP, there wouldn't be this problem
    Look past your noses people.
  • Doesnt matter if target audience is tablet users, if they run fine on the phones as well then it should have come to WP as well and BTW going by your logic then MS shouldn't bring this to WP at all because target is not phone users, only tablet users so why bother with a phone app?
    they should have released it with IOS/Android or not released at all if only intended audience was indeed "tablet" users
  • Ppl forget Microsoft is predominantly a software company and thus makes software for all hardware especially where the money and majority are.
  • When they're trying to push a new platform of their own, they should prioritize.
  • I believe they have apps out for win8 already. So hopefully WP isn't too far behind.
  • How much longer will they keep doing this? This is ridiculous.
  • It really is. Agree 100%.
  • +920
  • Hard to believe, especially when they want Windows Phone to be seen as an enterprise / business-friendly OS
  • As long as you keep asking rhetorical questions? =P
  • Every Microsoft app should be on Windows Phone first. It doesn't show much confidence in your own platform to lead with your competition's platforms. Just give the iPhone and Android fanboys more ammo MS!
  • My point exactly and they wonder why its so hard for Devs to adapt to there OS, been using windows phone since it was win mobile 5 and from then MS never seem to care much about making apps.
  • Pathetic on MS's part. They seriously need to get there stuff together. Google doesn't release stuff on other platforms first neither does Apple. MS should either release it on windows first or at the same time as the rest or not launch it at all. This should be for every app they make. (or product)
  • Google release an updated Google Voice with calling to iOS first just recently...
  • That's besides the point❕...
  • Lol OK...
  • Sounds like you mother right.. Lol❕
  • I have no idea what you just implied.
  • I'm not implying anything.. I'm saying that "that's besides the point" sounds like something somebody's mom would say... Lol❕
  • Ah. Lol ok. My bad. Misread
  • The only person whose mother I talk about, intentionally, is NIST... Lol❕
  • The app was made available on Windows 8... so...
  • Then weres the easy port to wp8? So they could have it available on all hardware? Would solve a ton of consumer back lash.
  • Easy port? LOL... no.
  • They themselves say its easy and quick to port to WP. So..
  • So... they are lying.
  • Apparently so.
  • Actually... Google, frequently has better apps, better looking ones, sometimes with more features on iOS. It used to get me upset. So... yeah, I don't like the MS version of this behavior.
  • According to Engadget, they bought the iOS and Android apps from another company, so they were effectively rebranded and shipped, hence why there's no WP version yet.
  • Did they run out of money and could not buy one for WP? There are companies that have RemoteDesktop clients for WP, Why did they not buy it from ConnectMe as an example?
  • Two reasons, I suspect: A) probably because the same company (HLW) made a client for both of the other platforms and they appear to be the most full-featured and robust implementations of RDP. B) RT has native RDP and remote usage is probably more on tabs vs phones. This means now five of six bases are covered: Windows, Android and iOS tabs and Android and iOS phones. It sucks, but fortunately there's ConnectMe for the Windows Phone use case.
  • Sorry but it really is stupid they don't have their own rdp client ready. I mean its their own product that's built in to windows. And then they wonder about the enterprise market. Its crazy how disconnected they are with the real customer demands out there.
  • That's the crux of it though.  If W8 RT has a native, metro-ized RDP client, then porting to WP8 is simply a recompile & bug/QC check.  That's MS's own marketing about the "power" of the RT APIs, and W8 common kernel.  So...MS developers don't know how to recompile W8 RT apps for WP8?  I understand it's not a single day/single week turnaround type app, but it presents a terrible image to release an iOS/Android client without a WP8 client alongside.  Then the response - "we're working on it" is company speak for "we dropped the ball and we don't know when".  If it is/was planned for the WP8.1 rollout, then say so.  "We're working on it" means they forgot to even put it on the development timeline.  Every company makes mistakes, but MS really needs to get their development & WP messaging in sync.     
  • Also, where is my Xbox Video app for WP8!
  • Regardless, they should have completed the WP app before releasing all three together. Its not the motive, its the image
  • Yes Microsoft, you did buy a company that already had remote desktop apps for Android and iOS in the works. 
    Yes Microsoft, you could have delayed releasing the other two apps, until you've finished one for WP, because, maybe, just maybe, if you leave your platform behind, why would others care for it ? 
  • Good job MS! This is why won't upgrade to WP8. Im Sticking to WP7, and maybe getting Android phone next. But my tablet and desktop will always be Windows. :) They should have wait until the WP app was done before releasing to other platforms.
  • Why? So that no one with a iPad or Droid tablets could use it?
    The app is made for those companies tablets, not specifically for their phones. Just so happens that they have cross platform play, whereas Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 does not.
  • I will wait till MS combines WP and Windows Store, until then no WP8 for me.
  • Wow, you are so smart...that'll show them! =/
  • Thanks.
    I don't see it as being exceptionally smart myself, but rather others here that can't see the obvious.
  • Actually the obvious is that it doesn't make sense for MS to release a remote desktop app since you can't VPN from WP. Are business users actually going to remote desktop while at the office on wireless when they have a laptop? The only use for remote desktop is when you are away from the office or your laptop which would require VPN.
  • Not every company uses VPN.
    Why everyone here is not able to imagine that the world may be different from the one he's living?
  • They should make a different version control the phone from pc like my mobiler for wm
  • From the Engadget article on this topic: "Microsoft got a head start on developing for Android and iOS by acquiring technology from HLW Software, which produced Remote Desktop equivalents until this month; there's no such luxury for Windows Phone."
  • Search for Remote Desktop in windows phone store, there's ConnectMe and a few others. I am sure they could have been bought too if MS really wanted to have it out at the same time as iOS and Android.
  • Exactly, I knew there were other remote desktop apps in the store as well. What's everyone freaking out about?
  • We got angry birds star wars 2 first that's why we get this app last.
  • Remote desktop isn't that useful for me as long as there is no VPN support on Windows Phone. My guess is they are hoping to have that VPN in 8.1 which will make RDP much more practical. Until then, Teamviewer and others are good options. Hoping LogMeIn supports new Windows OS's soon also.
  • Microsoft tells its customers to write apps for Windows 8/RT then re use that code and port to Windows Phone 8, or vice-versa. The remote desktop app for Windows RT has been out for a year, they should have ported it to Windows Phone 8.
  • THIS! They claim "build to RT and porting to mobile is easy\few changes". Actions speak way louder than words and marketing throwing money at people will only work so much. Hopefully they fix this mess.
  • +925 About the only time it is useful for me to remote in is when I'm out and about, which means going through a secure channel. Unfortunately, my employer uses BigIP, which apparently requires its own proprietary VPN client, either by design or our particular configuration.
  • A lot of companies now (including ours) use Remote Gateway servers with SSL certificates that get around having to use VPN but still have secure RDP access. In fact, Microsoft highly encourages use of remote gateway for RDP access. So your VPN argument does not hold true.
  • It does hold true, I'm willing to bet there are more companies that use VPN then there are using Remote Gateway Servers.
  • Pretty resounding sentiments here. Not much more to say...except this is one more gap they ignored from windows mobile days.
  • Alternatively, use TeamViewer, everyone. I have been using it for months, and it has been superb!
  • Yep! Team Viewer works just fine.
  • Splashtop personal is also really good❕
  • Or PC Remote Pro In fact, just search for remote in the store...
  • Splashtop is great indeed!
  • 1. not many will remote their computer from a phone.
    2. if you need to there are OTHER alternatives in the store, Teamviewer is so hard to install these days?
    3. this is more meant to be for a tablet BUT its obvious developing for ipad and android tablets mean they practically already have the app to be released also for android phones and iphones. you know, it seems some people have a hard time understanding this....?
    because WINDOWS PHONE and WINDOWS 8/RT are TWO DIFFERENT operating systems, if windows phone and windows 8/rt were already merged like its planned for the next releases... it would be a different story. but today, they are 2 differnt OSs with different ways of developing apps, because while it has some apis and stuff from winrt, still its not like close to what iOS and android offer. 
    4. again, there are other alternatives, its not like RDP its the best thing in alot of cases anyway... im sure teamviewer is much better for alot of things. but it seems people dont even try to use their brain anymore, they are only here to complain about something they probably will not even use.
  • Ms makes a sweet app for IOS and google first? And mean while we have the shityest you tube app in the world! Even the dying bb has a better app! But according to sum herein wpcentral that's!how is this normal business? I'll make you something sweet while you make me something absolutely horrible... And laugh about it! Damn it Ms why do we see this and Ms doesn't
  • You have no idea what you're talking about if you think MS made a shitty YT app on purpose.
  • But they could have gotten back at Google to make sure there is no official RemoteDesktop client in Google Play Store but instead they put one out for Android and ignore WP yet again.
  • I didn't say Ms made the app but the did allow it to be the way it is horrible mean while im sure theres not a single bad Ms app on either android or IOS !
  • Why its own OS it wasn't first?
  • It was.
    Windows 8 got the app first.
    What's being ignored is that the app is made for tablets, not phones specifically.
    So, the real reason it's not available for WP is because the stores are not unified and cross platform unity is lacking.
  • This app is available on Windows 8, IOS and Android which are all tablet OSes. I would blame Microsoft a little bit less if I found out its a IPad or tablet only app. Shouldn't porting the Win 8 version make it easier?
  • That's a fair point, but the optics are still horrid.
  • Reason?!?
    That's blasphemous here.
  • How do they expect other developers to give a damn about WP8 if they don't?
  • Remember when you asked yourself why didn't Google and Instagram cared about Windows Phone? Here's your answer.
    When Microsoft is more concerned about releasing Apps for other OS's instead of theirs...why the hell should other developers care about WP?
    More and more I'm convinced Microsoft doesn't take WP seriously. It's just a vanity project of theirs.
  • I believe you are misguided.
    This app was made available for Android and iOS for one reason... TABLETS, not their phones - and since the app is available for Windows 8 tablets, nothing skipped or looked over.
    The real problem is the lack of cross platform apps and the stores not being unified.
    As addressed in Microsoft's response, remote desktop use with phones is very niche.
    Of course, it's much easier for everyone to blame MS and assume that WP is getting screwed, rather than looking past your nose and look for real reasoning.
  • It is a gap regardless of technical reasons. We lost a lot from WM to WP. Can I live without it? Yes and have been. But if their was a MS app I'd use it. Not interested in the 3rd party ones.
  • Maybe, but doesn't mean that the blame shouldn't be rightly placed.
  • I'm not. I know perfectly well why they did this. Still, it's no excuse.
    I don't need a remote desktop, neither on tablets nor smartphones. It's the principle of the thing. Why should they bother to release apps for Android/iOS phones/tablets when they don't offer the same on their own OS? If they want their OS to be taken seriously, they should be more concerned in only bringing stuff to other platforms after all is available on theirs.
    Also...whose is the fault that Microsoft's stores aren't unified?
    It's easy to blame Microsoft because it's Microsoft's fault on both cases. Plain and simple.
  • Relating it to instagram and being a "not big enough audience" thing was misguided. So if you "know perfectly well why they did this", you sure didn't relay that very well. In fact you did the opposite.
    And yes, the app is already available for Windows 8, so they did in fact offer the app for their own OS.
    Just because their is blame to be cast, doesn't excuse misguided blame.
  • You just like try to disagree with me. You're the only one who didn't understood how I related the instagram thing to this.
    Let me see if I can explain this as if you were a 5yo: MS doesn't seem concerned in providing their OS's with the best experiences. That means ALL their OS. If, by their own fault, they created 2 different OS for their phones and tablets, what would be expected was for them to first put the Apps on all their platforms. That means Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone.
    They rather spend time offering these things on other platforms first, instead.
    When they do this - favour other platforms instead of their own ones - that sends a message to every other developer, specially when developing for one of those platforms. That message is "Not even Microsoft cares if their OS has everything."
    (And making money isn't even the case since they even made the App free).
  • I don't understand why some refuse to see that the app is directed at tablets, even the statement from Microsoft eludes to this. If MS was favoring the other OS', they wouldn't have made it available on Windows 8 tablets first.
    It seems obvious to me that the problem here is the lack of cross platform apps and the two stores not being unified, rather than MS shunning WP.
    Of course, everyone wants to be the victim.
  • Our Skype is good comparison ! Every one knows Skype for android and IOS is better than our.but like many here say " were use to it" if any thinks that Ms will start building apps for wp8 first then android and IOS will be left so disappointed because to this date any Ms app that's on android or IOS are probably Better than ours .people will get bored of it and switch
  • Fully agreed, DJBCS.
  • I think you should reach out to MS and tell them that 'hey your apps are targeted at tablet users so why bothering release a WP app when W8 already has it. I agree with your reasoning you are NOT wrong but then image/perception matters and they could have avoided it, simple.
  • Ooyy Microsoft... Typical >.
  • How many people are actually using RDP from their phones?  If I want it I do it from my surface (tether to my WP > remote desktop)
    I've tried doing it on my phone and it's patently useless.
  • Actually the other day I had to use Slashtop to wake up, and access, my computer from home.. I was able to make some online adjustments that just aren't yet possible on my phone.. I was able to get everything done fast❕..With Splashtop's on screen controls it was very easy... So, this is a useful tool..
  • Agree completely.  Splashtop is fantastic.  I hate having to pay for the external access, but it works.  Flawlessly.  And when you need it, it's there.  Yeah, I'm not going to 3d model with it remotely, but if I need something at work, it's as easy as copying it up onto skydrive. 
    Now where's the bluetooth 4 support??
  • Splashtop is great, but my 920 gets so hot that I'm not sure if it's safe for the device.. I always take my phone out of the case, and use it in short burst, just to be safe... With all this resistance, or vibration, I'm sure its draining battery power at a alarming rate..
  • Quite.  It's like trying to type while wearing boxing gloves.  I can understand the frustration of people believing that MS developed an app for Android and iOS before WP (even though that's not what actually happened) but, quite honestly, I don't blame MS for concentrating their efforts on stuff that might appeal to the 99.9% of the market that doesn't really give a rat's arse about being able to remote desktop from their tiny mobile phone screen.
  • I find it helpful using pc remote pro to control media player and vlc player etc. From my phone while I'm watching a film or in bed useful
  • I understand why launching on IOS and Android( both OS have more users) but why a WP app wasn't launched at the same damn time?!!! This is fu**in ridiculous!!!
  • +920
  • I curious how MS's client compares to the countless Remote clients already in the Windows Phone Store.
  • I think MS did it to easily spot fan-boys on wpcentral... and it worked pretty well!
  • Being independent minded is the exact opposite of being a fanboy. We call it as we see it. I see Google do that, I hate them. I see MS do that, I hold them to the same treatment. I guess you could call me a WP fanboy but I am definitely not a MS fanboy after years of stuff like this.
  • The comments on here is quite laughable
  • Yeah, but they are true.. MS is not aggressively competitive enough with WP...
  • I disagree. The comments are misguided and uneducated, in my opinion.
  • Why❔
  • Because everyone seems to think that WP was looked over in favor of iPhones and Android phones. When in reality, the app is targeted at those OS' tablets, not their phones... and the app was available first on Windows 8 tablets.
    What's really to blame here is the fact that their is no unified store with cross platform apps on Windows 8/Windows Phone 8... whereas there is on iOS & Android.
  • I understand now.. You're exactly right..
  • Spot on
  • Should have been WP first, then IOS, android
  • I am interested to see how this will be. I have my personal computer in my office with my work computer. They are on different desks. I wish for an easy way to skip through currently playing music on my personal computer without disrupting my work. MS could just allow for HID over Bluetooth, but no. My K750i from 2004 could do this...
  • Yeah, we need this. Should have have before those other guys.. WTFH!!?!?!??!?!?!
  • I recommend ConnectMe for anyone needing RDP now. Works great.
  • +920 but this does not justify lack of an official MS app. Thank you ConnectMe developers though!
  • This thread is absolute identical to this
  • Just goes on to tell you which OS really matters - for Google, MS and Apple! Same answer - iPhone. I don't use iPhone, I find it boring but I am not afraid to state the obvious.
  • Truth
  • ConnectMe is the best RDP client. Worth every cent.
  • +920 Been using for 3 months and it is worth every penny.
  • No not team viewer, that requires a client installed on your target PC if im not mistaken, try "Remote Desktop" by Topperware. Definitely the best that's available. Native RDP support.
  • What's really pathetic is the response this has gotten here.
    It seems most of you can't see past your noses.
    Ignore that this app wasn't specifically made for the phone OS' of Android and iOS, but rather their tablets - as is eluded to in Microsoft's response - and is already available for Windows 8 tablets. In that sense, the real culprit is the stores not being unified and the apps not being cross platform.
  • +1
  • Then they should have made a easy portof windows 8 to windows phone and released it all at once to avoid topics and comments like this that are negative towards them. If the port is easy as they say it could have been done no ifs ands or butts about it.
  • If they did anything to address how misguided fanboys might react... they would be in even worse shape than they are in now.
  • All they need to do is put a little more thought into there whole product lineup to ensure the ones supporting there systems won't go overboard crazy.
  • If they delayed releasing an app for iOS & Android, wouldn't they be doing their customers of Windows 8 (with iOS/Droid tablets [most of them]) a disservice?
    Remember, they made the app available to Windows 8 tablets first.
  • I don't think it would be a disservice. Unless they announced when it would be released and then have delayed that date. In which case they would have known the date and could have had a WP version available at the same time. Thus making all there customers happy.
  • Well if you want the best Microsoft experience on a phone, buy a IPhone or Android. Well done Microsoft.
  • Kinda true in some cases....damn it ms
  • Thanks Microsoft!
  • TeamViewer is the best and simplest solution I've come across. If your depressed for a remote desktop application.
  • Why they make ios and android first?!
  • For their tablets.
  • Works on iPhones and Android phones. They have official app before WP8.
  • That's because they have unified app stores and WP/W8 doesn't. If you read the response by MS, it's apparent that phones were not their concern here, but rather the vast majority of tablet owners.
  • if phones werent their concern then they shouldnt release an app for WP8 Why bother?
  • On my opinion, there is no need for rdp client from Microsoft, for them would be better to develop administrative tools for windows infrastructure on WP8, so that sys admin and sys engineers be able to administer and manage Microsoft Servers. Currently on WP Store is couple really useful RDP client.
  • Wow it's not like there are various great other remote apps tinyVNC teambiewer remote desktop and more
  • Microsoft!!!!! I know you can hear me. Can you please explain to me why you would put other companies as priority over your own???!!! Where you give preference to other platforms instead of Windows and Windows Phone and tablets????
    This is just another example of how we, your customers, feel shafted by you when we're trying to be faithful. Reminds me of how Skype works better on other systems and platforms other than your own. Sincerely frustrated
  • Their first priority was Windows 8 tablets, second was iOS & Android tablets (availability on their phones is a bi-product of their unified stores).
  • I would agree to you if MS wasn't releasing an WP app, but now by what they did here goes the priority.
    W8 tablets > ios/android tablets > ios/android phones > WP8 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ∞ WP7.8
  • Our Skype is rough compared to the competition isn't it
  • Shouldn't they have done that first?
  • This must be a bad joke! MS releasing apps for Android and iOS before their own mobile OS!
    Does this means that they don't believe in their own products or mobile OS!!!???
    How can they complain about too few official apps? They should either release apps for WP first, or for iOS, Android and WP at the same time!
  • You don't get it. Like most here.
    The app was made with their tablets in mind not their phones. However, unlike WP/W8, they have unified stores.
  • Your right the general public doesn't understand but that's also the problem. kinda like the DRM policies for Xbox one most of the public didn't understand the new policies. We did but that's it. So since the majorities didn't understand the change its not because the DRM was a bad idea but because the majority didn't understand! And the majority here wont understand why Ms builds for the competition first and wp8 last What ever the case maybe .
  • Oh yeah... 99% is getting it all wrong?
  • It happens all the time.
  • I get it now. I guess we just wait on app store unification. Its just seem shity how Ms goes out of there way for a good app for androids but look at what they did to our YouTube app! Sure we have third party but business or not if my product to the competition is good but the competitions app for us here on WP is bad it just doesn't seem fair to us loyal to Ms!
  • Enough excuses. The reality is simple: people who want an official Remote Desktop solution can choose Android and iOS with confidence, whereas Windows Phone is not supported. The whys, the hows really don't matter. It's just another reason for people to give up on Windows Phone. But don't worry... 2014 will be the year everything comes together! Or maybe 2015, or 2016, or...
  • Yeah, I agree completely. If they can't make their OS a priority why should I or any consumer/developer. It makes no sense, especially considering the fact they were talking about how easy it was to port something between windows 8 and WP8. They did the same thing with Skype, Photosynth. We should be FIRST! Period regardless of any other factor. 
  • Even if they make it, useless to me for work without a Cisco VPN client.
  • MS still doesn't understand the CONSUMER mindset.
  • Not anymore they don't tallgeese. Used to though. Hopefully they can switch that up. Can't wait for this app
  • RD is supposed to be part of WP since day one, like it was on PocketPc and Windows Mobile. And.. It's a shame that the integration between WP8 and W8 is so mediocre. Instead of being a natural mobile extension of my W8 desktop, WP8 is still a half baked and dumb OS.
  • Amen
  • Too bad, Microsoft didn't prioritize its own OS, which is crucial for the matket share of it.
    But it's better late than never.
  • You can use splashtop personal, its super awesome. Anyone know how to remote my lumia from pc????
  • No exact dates, but is "on its way". Well, we are not even seeing how MS is being supportive of its own platform. And they expect developers to be active for Windows Phone platform? No doubt that it is good decision that Google is not spending efforts on Windows Phone too. HA!
  • Windows Phone will get an official Remote Desktop "in the coming months." ;)
    This totally undermines the whole "everything works together within the Windows ecosystem," and is a boneheaded decision on Microsoft's part (as usual).
    It's like they want to piss off every user and fail utterly in mobile.
  • Yup MS is good at pissing off its users.  When WP7 came out the two most popular reasons that RD wasn't there was there was no support for it in the API's, something to do with tcp sockets I think. The second excuse was that it was a consumer focused OS.  When support was added in 7.5 there were 3rd party RD clients but still nothing from MS.  Fast forward to today and there is an iOS version which is the most consumer focused mobile OS out there.
  • The reasons why Microsoft didn't deliver (again) really don't matter.
    If you need a smartphone with officially-supported Remote Desktop, Windows Phone is not an option.
    It's given people another reason to say "no" to WP if they're looking to buy, or quit WP come new handset time.
    Microsoft has been exceptionally good at giving people reasons to ditch Windows Phone, and it's followed up a long string of screw-ups with yet another.
  • And if you only have Single Language version of Windows 8 the app will be useless. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Do not add this feature microsoft, this will put us back 100 years! This is just another route for phreakers to have fun with and not even need physical access to your computer to hack. if we can unlock phones image if our phone can control all our computer functions? This is just doing what android and apple os want you to do. 
    Instead come up with a phone that is totally convergent like you guys are always great at. 
    Newspaper +computer+ Bank + Tv ( projection capabilities) + Gaming ( all with a super duper warranty and software update) 
  • Do you even know what Remote Desktop is? It's for connecting to a server (or PC if set up) remotely to run a remote desktop session on that device. Enterprise and SMB use it all the time for server/client apps that need to be run on servers locally, but they have remote users. It is also a fantastic remote administration tool. Combine with VPN, and I won't have to pull out my laptop for quick escalation calls when I am out and about.
  • I bet the WP app wall wave outstanding functionality.......... *fingers crossed
  • Been 4 months and still waiting... I too am hoping they get their mind out of their a** and make rdp a killer app on a phone, I instead of downplaying its usefulness. With the news of 8.1, how about adding MIRACAST and VPN? Miracast is a streaming protocol to display on a HDTV (get a $65 micro hdmi dongle if your tv does not support). Imagine this, rdp to your work/home PC securely (vpn), and display the session on a HDTV (hotel room, home, etc). Your phone becomes a simple trackpad and keyboard. Now that would be darn useful and cool!!
  • Relying on Splashtop while I wait and hope :)
  • This is why I'm getting the 6" Lumia 1520
  • It means that WP is not a priority for MIcrosoft
  • Not excited because they are not going to release it for WP7. I feel that I should delete that MS label in my phone. C'mon learn from iOS and Android, they are still giving updates to their low end phones.
  • Whatever splashtop is great for me
  • I understand the frustrations with waiting. But my guess is that the vast majority of the Microsoft OS programmers have been focusing on getting Windows 8.1 and Xbox One stable and finalized the past several months. Once that is mostly behind them, they can hopefully put attention back to Windows Phone.
  • How can Microsoft release all there apps on competing platform first and then expect developers is going to give there OS. any respect and the worse thing is that the other ones won't release anything for us.. Its a shame
  • I like the app called, amazingly enough, Remote Desktop. It has a great solution for the mouse movements. Never tried teamviewer though, but RD has everything I need. Microsoft should just buy it :P
  • I'd personally be more thrilled about supporting homegroup in order to listen to my music or look at pictures that are on my home win8 computer. But any integration helps of course.
  • AV remote and ConnectMe. What's the problem?
  • They put it out for Android/apple first because their tablets are just big phones.
    But I also disagree that it is that rare, when you are doing remote on-call support, you use it all the time for quick things or to verify server up/down