Microsoft set to close down the Bing 411 service on June 1st

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Microsoft is set to close down the Bing 411 service on June 1st, 2012. Bing 411 is a toll-free number for American residents that enables callers to search using voice and Tellme technologies. The free service provides users with local business search, weather and traffic reports, driving directions, sports scores, and stock quotes to name but a few.

Should you attempt to use Bing 411 (1-800-246-4411) you'll be greeted by a message stating the service will cease operations on the provided date. This follows the closure of Google's GOOG-411 back in October, 2010. With Bing services integrating into Windows Phone, will we miss the Bing 411 service? 

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Microsoft set to close down the Bing 411 service on June 1st


Won't miss what I didn't know, but I wish I did at the time. Would been a useful thing to have known. Oh well.

I didn't know they had this, either. There's also Free 411, but they have ads, not sure if this did as well.

Appears the 1-800-555-Tell service/number is also being discontinued. I will miss this since I used it when I didn't have access to my Windows Phone.

I know I'm going to miss it. I used it just the other day when I got my Titan II, but the data wouldn't work thanks to an old SIM, and I needed the number to my local AT&T.

I don't think it will be missed with WP, the tellme BING service along with local scout is a faster way to do the same thing.

My (college male) roommate uses 411 all the time. I didn't know about Bing 411, though. Just another under publicized Microsoft product.

I will miss this. I occasionally used it while driving with a handsfree headset, as Local Scout and Voice Search with Bing still require looking at the screen to get from your search to actually completing a call.