Microsoft Surface heading to Italy, Germany and beyond?

Microsoft Surface going global?

We are seeing some indication that Microsoft's Surface tablet will be heading to Europe. If you look at Microsoft's product pages for FranceItaly , the United KingdomGermany and other European Countries, the Surface is now listed.

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We know that the Surface will only be available through the Microsoft's Stores. Stores, at least the brick and mortar variety, that don't exist outside the U.S. which makes the listing a bit of a puzzle.

With the Surface popping up on Microsoft's European product pages this could mean a couple of things. It could mean that online purchases will be how European customers can get their hands on the Surface. It could also mean the Microsoft is working with local retailers, as we've heard is the case in Australia, to provide the Surface to European customers.  The online sales option seems to be more viable and easier to implement.


Then again, this could just be a case where Microsoft is listing their complete product line across the board for all to see. Hopefully, it's a sign that the Surface will be a global product for all to enjoy.

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Microsoft Surface heading to Italy, Germany and beyond?


oh dear lord. I allready contacted my friends in NYC to send me this badboy to germany ASAP. But if i can order it from here: even better!
GO MS! Bring it so Germany!

government/manufacturing/cost.... u get the idea, its not that easy to sell things worldwide, even for games you have to worry about legal issues and ESRB...

Bureaucracy my friend gets in the way. Every country has some level of it which I am 100% sure hampers a companies ability to release a product everywhere at once. Companies do their best but then again so do bureaucrats.

So Surface here in the US will only be available at brick and mortar MS stores?  Well I don't have any store near me for a few hundred miles...  Do they not plan on taking orders online from the Microsoft Store website??  but are doing so internationally? 

Just order via a US proxy server, open a PO Box in the US and have all mail sent to the PO Box forwarded to your real address... Or use your real address and hope their system isn't smart enough to make the connection... Which it might not be.

The problem for nordic countries is that we use a fair amount of special letters like å, ö, ä and a few others, so ordering a keyboard with not only the wrong layout for us (our layout for all special keys shares just about nothing with the US layout), but also it would lack very important keys for us would make productivity on our own language a pain in the ass.
If Surface cant be obtained with a nordic keyboard layout, I cant justify buying it cos I'm buying it for productivity in my own language..

Just buy without the keyboard (if that's a possibility). I know it's better with but if the choice is no keyboard or no surface, im going with no keyboard.

Yay, finnish MS site also lists it, I really hope its an indication it's coming over here. Funny enough, I just emailed MS Finland today asking if they can disclose if Surface is coming to finland.
If it doesnt come here I could always order it from like Uk most likely, but the problem is that finnish language uses a lot of ö and ä, and since I need this mostly for productivity in the go, it seems counter productive for me to not really be able to write my own language easily.

Very confident that because it is the Windows 8 OS, it will have language packs, not like a tablet that has to have individual or even limited packs. Plus you can löng prëss ä këy tö gët öthër variations pretty quickly, and I just did that on a US branded, English language keyboard using my lumia 900.

Except a long press on a keyboard gives you aaaaaaaaaa not ä. On screen keyboard ur probably right, but to have to use onscreen keyboard in addition to physical when finnish easily has a "special letter" in every other word is not really an attractive option.

I just checked a handful of fe. eastern european Microsoft sites and most of them didnt list Surface, so it seems that this isnt just a "lets update all our websites around the world" kind of thing either.
Call me crazy, but I'll pay up to 600€ even for the RT version without even blinking.

It listed on the Romanian site under the Other Products -> Hardware section, but it's just a link to the US Surface site.

For Singapore, its under HARDWARE Products but will also take you to the Surface US site. Hopefully by Oct 26, Microsoft will also announce release dates for international countries... 

It's also on the Danish website, and links to the us site.
But I think it is comming to DK, because today i won a Surface Pro in a MS developer competition, and will recieve it when it launches. :-)

It's there, it's under the "All Products" and then on the lower right there is like "Design & user experience". It's listed there.

It is also listed here in India. I think they are just listing it on every countries site slowly. I dont think that means its oming everywhere.
@Daniel Rubino : I think this does not make sense

Ummm.... This isn't news... Pretty much straight after the announcement it was said that Car PhoneWarehouse in the UK would stock the surface.

George, it's listed in Microsoft Brazil website too. Yeah, so excited but I think i'll get one OEM hybrid because Surface keyboard can't hold the screen by itself and it's a no go for me.

This means absolutely nothing. A lot of pages on Microsofts web site are created in US English and then translated and published for many other countrys, regardless if the information has any value at all in that region. The Swedish page for Windows Phone explains how to use speech commands, giving examples of swedish commands, eventhough this feature isn't available in Sweden. A Micrsoft employee informed me that Microsoft in Sweden has no way to change the information.