Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 830 gets real with photos and certification in Brazil exposing all

The Lumia 830 is the next upper mid-range devices to come from Nokia, now owned by Microsoft. The device is seen in alleged photos a few weeks ago, along with various bits of information including unique releases for US carriers and a global launch.

Now, the Lumia 830, complete with 'Microsoft Mobile' internal branding, gets caught passing through Brazil's Anatel certification (analogous to the FCC in the US). The phone is all but official now, and so far, it looks to be one interesting phone.

The Lumia 830 measures in at 139.4 mm x 70.7 mm x 8.5 mm, making it relatively thin compared to previous Lumia designs. From the images, we can also see the micro USB charging port is back on top again, near the headphone jack.

The model name is RM-985, though Lumia 830 is confirmed as the commercial release name.

A removal back cover, replaceable battery, and micro SD card are also visible in the accompanying manual.

Unfortunately, since Anatel is like the FCC, the documents do not reveal exact specifications, although there are a few other tidbits gleaned from the photos:

  • The Lumia 1020-like camera housing is present, suggesting the PureView camera rumor is accurate
  • 'Microsoft Mobile' for the first time is seen on the phone label for Anatel/FCC certification; the phone is still branded 'Nokia' though on the front and presumably for marketing
  • The Lumia 830 has a dedicated camera button
  • The Nav bar is hardware based capacitive, not software or on-screen
  • The Lumia 830 obviously has LTE/4G

Rumored specs of the Lumia 830 include a 4.5 to 4.7 inch display that is at least 720P, though 1080P cannot be ruled out. A Snapdragon 800 or 801 is also likely, although the exact processor speed and on board memory are unknown, possibly dependent on carrier choices.

In the US, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all expected to get either the Lumia 830 or some variation. The Lumia 830 may be revealed on September 4 when Microsoft is holds a press event in Berlin pre-IFA, signaling a global launch soon-thereafter. The Lumia 730 is likely to make an appearance in Berlin too.

The Anatel documents can be downloaded through our OneDrive below:

Special thanks to Guilherme M., for the Anatel documents!


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Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 830 gets real with photos and certification in Brazil exposing all



No he doesn't, he said it's possible. I'm pretty sure it won't be higher than an 800 though because it would be really weird if the 830 had a better processor than the 930.

True, but the 830 also comes out 5-6 months after the 930 was announced iirc.

My upgrade is in January! Just get me a 20MP preview, a S800 or better, in a 5 inch or less display with all of the glance etc. Features intact. The Icon was almost there.

I wonder if the 9xx range will be their >5inch line and the 8xx range will be

The sensor on the back suggest that it's a. 41 MP Camera , which make it really weird since its much better than the 930 camera ....

It's been more than a year sine the 1020 has been launched. They could have figured a way to get the 1020 sensor smaller ( in shape ) but with the exact same specs.
But it's definitely bigger than the 930/1520 camera so I'm excepting this sensor to be better than the 930 sensor

I think the hold up is the co-processor ....

A 800+ series with a coprocessor like the 808. and this would be fast and

quick. Its really the only major area to improve it other than sensor tweaks.

830 seems to have capactive keys and a camera button im sold!! :D

the only 30-series lumia to have impressed me(even if its a leak/rumour)

I dont see the problem with the 830 being the same or better processor than the 930

920 had the Camera, Wireless charging, 720p, large screen, none removable back

820 had the removable back for battery swap and SD card, 480p, slightly smaller screen. Also the 820 ran with the same processor and ram as the 920

If the 830 comes with a 800 and 720p then its a perfect upgrade for the 820. I'd say the pureview is probably going to be 8-13 Mp. That said i would love an 801... we'll have a new flagship by november i'd say anyway... its when the icon and 1520 were shown off so i wouldn't be surprised to see an 805 driven 1530 pop up...

I'm also missing the variants that nokia used to do.... this year is a drought of Nokia phones compaired to the last year

I agree. I can't wait for this device since its perfectly balanced between budget friendly and higher end. I just hope AT&T picks it up. I really like the L820 so this phone with Pureview would be a worthy successor.

I would agree; apart from the stupid idea of putting the charging port on top.  Makes it a pain when using as a SatNav in a cradle.

I personnally use SatNav in landscape orientation, so charging port on top or bottom does not make any difference to me...

1520 have wireless charging and micro sd slot which works with 128 gb cards too. 

Why would anyone want removable back for a device which can last much longer than other phones on single charge.

Because of the well known battery flaw in Li-ion batteries. Overall battery life decreases over time, eventually making battery life dismal. Replacing the battery addresses this issue, and having a spare battery can be helpful.
Edit: AT&T refused to include wireless charging Qi, or a 32gb option.

I completely get that. I bought a spare battery for my 820 just in case my phone dies on me while I'm going out. and spares are cheap for the 820 ($12).

Get the dc 19 it has 3200 mAh power it charges your phone two times 19$ ! Or the dc 16 (2200) mAh 15$ , or dc 18 (1760) mAh 13$ not sure about the dc-18 price but the dc 19 is definitely worth the 19$

The 800 came out last year, for which the 801 is a drop in replacement. Including an 800 would be an utter failure at this point, not a technical failure, as the differences between both are pretty much neglibable, but a marketing failure.

Devices with the 805 are mere weeks away. At that point the 801 will trickle down into mid range devices anyway. If the Lumia 830 is to have a shelf life of more than just a few months, it would be wise to set it on the right track now.

I wouldn't say is. Marketable failure because it might have the 800 processor. Most regular people don't know or care bout that.

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Just looking at smartphone sales numbers in the U.S. should make it obvious that you are wrong.

While it is true that many people neither know or care about such things, those same people rarely make smartphone purchasing decisions on their own. Such people ask their techy friends or store reps for advice, and those people DO CARE. I'm the last person to care about the numbers on the spec sheet, but the majority DO, if not directly, then indirectly by listening to recommendations..

I think it should be at least a 3 minute delay from opening an article to commenting to allow people an opportunity to read. Reading comprehension is becoming a lost art.

qi charging could be added by changing the 820's housing. and the screen isn't bad. frankly if this this phone had Pureview on the camera the 820 would curb stomp the 920 except in resolution.

Not really , 820 is 480p , 920 is 720p , they don't have the same camera sensor/lens . 820 is 8GB+ SD Card while 920 is 32GB non extensible. Also 820 has 1650 mAh while 920 has 2000 mAh , 820 is amoled , 920 is ips LCD.
They're really different

820 and 920 both had dual core 1.6 GHz processor with 1gb ram. 820 technically has more space its 8 gb internal + 128 gb expandable... Both had 8 mp camera 920 had 8.7 with pureview. Screen size were 4.5 and 4.3inches... So almost identical on hardware part..

Before this leak.. It was rumoured likely to be sd400.. Now sd800 or 801 is likely.. If this is true then it should be called lower high end phone.. Not an upper mid range one.. :P
20MP cam.. Sd800.. 720p/1080p..
I feel it should be having more than 1 gigs of ram..

Going off of the 820/920, the 830 will most likely have a Snapdragon 800 but with a 720P screen as the 820/920 had the same processor yet different external components.

for me the 830 will have this specifications that make a difference with the 930:

Snapdragon 800 with the same Ghz or less (dependent of each carrier)

720P in resolution

1GB of RAM

Wireless charging (dependent of each carrier)

A lower battery

and of course the 830 haven't 5.1 Dolby Digital audio recording

Mid or high, I've always loved the 800 series.  A good combo of great features at a more attractive price.  Removable covers and batteries, and SD cards.  Arguably, a better phone for many people just due to these facts.

I actually would love the USB on the top.  I charge on my desk all the time, and the cord coming from the back of my computer always has to do a 180 degree u-turn to plug into the phone.  And because of this, the phone rarely sits perpendicular to the bottom table edge.  USB on top would totally solve this.  I just wish it had headphones on the bottom.  Works much better on a desk for the same reasons!  Also, I don't know about you guys, but I always put my phone bottom-up in my pocket.  Headphones on the bottom make it 1000 times better for plugging on the run for me. 

This! USB port on the top and audio jack at the bottom seems so obvious but for some strange reason they are always inverse :/

What's the deal with micro USB on top? 925 was thinner than 920 and it was moved to the top as well. Why can't they be consistent?

Just as my 822 was at the time, upper/mid-range. Spec wise, the only difference between the 822 & 920 were screen size & resolution I think.

HD screen and microSD make it higend.

Lack of microSD makes 930 low end.

Additionaly it isn't too large like HTC One.

It has too large camera and I don't know if it has OLED or obsolete LCD like HTC.

It is a matter of preference, the 1520 is a niche device not everyone wants a phone bigger than their head :P.

Plus there alot of people who find 5" devices still to big, 4.5 to 4.7 is the sweet spot for most people. Hence why the new iPhone has a 4.7inch screen.

I want an 830!  But, I want it to be 6 inches with an active stylus.  The 830 looks great, though!  Super thin. Expandable memory. Replaceable battery.  Awesome.

Lol, that's a mini tablet and the 830 is supposed to be mid-high-end lol. It wouldn't make sense if it was better than the 930...

I got my parents 820's and their contract is nearly up... So if this proves almost right then my parents have a new phone.
They don't need a 5" mammoth or 41MP, but equally don't like being left behind with a 630 which wouldn't be an upgrade.
The 8xx really does meet their needs - reasonable specs with a reasonable price tag.

The other iPhone 6 is supposedly a 5.5 incher so I don't think you could use them as your point of reference in size. Besides, didn't Apple say the sweet spot is 3.5" and no bigger? Then they came out with a 4.0".? So don't take Apple's word at face value.

Lol true, i heard from my fellow apple friends "fanatics" cough ( i joked the iPhone 5s was delicate as a whoopee cushion and they didn't speak to me for weeks! Not to mention the looks i got Lol). That it would be no more than 4.7. I just looked into it and apparently there is evidence of a 4.7 phone (iPhone 6) as well as a 5.5" (iPhone air).

5.5" is about as large as I think I'd go next time (like a LG G3 size).

If the 830 is 5" and there is an international version, I just might sell my 1520 and get this, I simply can't sit down with the 1520 in the pants pocket of some of my jeans. My wife won't let my whole wardrobe be made of cargo pants. ;)


720p 5" screen + 1gb of ram and snap 800 that is what i think is inside. and if so it will be my next phone, thanks to the removable battery, hardware buttons and micro sd card.

also i think it wil be around €350 max €399  vat incl

Exactly, it's not as if they can sell it at €499 like the 820 now that they launched the 930 at that price in the Benelux. Though I would be surprised if it does indeed have an s800/801 since the only major difference with the 930 would be the screen resolution (and microSD...), just like 820-920. I thought the 820 didn't sell well because of this, but... (at least, it disappeared rather quickly from the stores)

I measured, and the size is 5". Tk tech news admitted he had been fooled and the info he posted was wrong.

I'd claim the exact opposite. It's exactly what I've been hoping for!

A high end SoC (800 or hopelly an 801) paired with a 720p display will make this the fastest and smoothest WP device around, while still consuming less battery power than it's 1080p bretheren. If the battery capacity is the same as the 930, this will be the perfect device.

1080p is really a fad on a small screen, you need at least 6" and that's just oversized for a phone, just under a tablet size, which is too big for a mobile

The perfect phone... ahh you can say that again.

At least to me anyway, removable battery, SD card, and either a 13MP or 20MP camera. Call me crazy but that to me sounds like the things people complain about missing on high end Nokia phones. This one at 4.7 inches screen size completely accommodates most people.

I don't care if they go with the snapdragon 800 or 801 because the difference in both is very very detailed spec that no user will notice. and as the screen is 720P it has much less pixels to carry :)

I expect to line up at Tmobile for this baby sometime in for black Friday here in the states!

Gush (a.k.a. completely agree)

I'd be perfectly fine with a Snapdragon 800 as well. However, if it does include an 800, many will ask why MS went with a SoC from 2013 instead of what is current. Despite the difference being almost negligable, you can bet we'll see many threads in the forums with people voicing their disapointment. I'd rather we just skip that part. ;-)

Great start Microsoft Mobile!
Finally well designed and balanced device. Sick of Nokia's bricks (high end) and plastic ugly design (low end).
Next phone: 925 style,with 5 " high resolution screen and SD card.
Ah, also sack most of Nokia's design team.

That's more like a mainstream design... nothing new or different.
At least to me, the "brick" design is one of the most interesting that I've seen since Nokia E71 days. If some designers need to be fired, would be unwise if they're the ones behind the Nokia N8, N9, Lumia 800 and Nokia 920. Or, maybe they deserve a better place to work.

Are you from the same planet as other Lumia users my friend.?? If you are sick of Nokia's design team, then please go n get the new HTC.. Who is stopping you from that???!!!
I should say from all those same looking android sammys, Nokia's Lumia designs looked far better... Thank you design team... You are doing an awesome job like you always do...

LOL Nokia's designs are a million times better than most phone manufacturers.

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REALLY?! Shit talking to your readers. And when you make a mistake and people point it out, you get all sorts of pissy! LOL 

S600 wasn't ever really a mid range SoC. It was the high end option pre S800, and has been replaced by the latter. (The SGS4? and HTC One M7 used it back in the day)

If its smaller display is in fact 720p then it sort of a waste having a 20mp sensor on a phone thats got a tiny screen this looks like a bad design decision by an Android manufacture.

Yes, I really wish my DSLR had a 20" 4K display built in so that the pictures it takes wont go to waste...

Looking good in black. I do hope its thin. Either this or 730 will be my next phone depending on if it has a dual sim version :)

Sure looks that way...This phone would actually be a nice upgrade from my 920 if the specs hold up...Although I would prefer a 5 inch or larger screen...The SD card alone makes this an upgrade over the 930 if specs match up.

If the spec list is accurate: 5" 720p screen, SD800/801, 20MP pureview, much thinner, microSD card, removable battery.

Even with the lower resolution screen, it seems better than the 930 

If it has a camera that's relatively close to the 1020 but much faster, full Glance support, bright Lumia colors, and unmolested Qi Ok AT&T I would be ok with this. I don't need 1080p on a smartphone. And I love removable batteries. Loss of the camera grip would be painful, but probably worthwhile.

Interesting. And here in Brazil already? Looking forward to seeing all the colours we won't have here in Brazil.

Its even built in here, which is good! But yeah, will be hard to even find a (possible) white one. Don't even mention other colors... :-/

I seriously can't be optimistic about that, although I try. Motorola has a variety of colours from both Moto X and G, but Nokia can't bring those colours to Brazil? I mean, aren't all those different colours supposed to be one of the advantages over the other phones?

Cheaper ? If it has a 800/801 it'll. Be over 500$ , the rumors about the 830 processor. Are definitely. Wrong trust me it'll have a 600/400/410 Qualcomm

From this leak and the previous one, it appears to have the tiniest of bumps. The yellow color in the older leak obscures the camera bump I think. Looks negligible though.

Ahhhh, I am pretty sure that the 20mp camera will be a exclusive feature for Verizon. Global variant will get around 10mp, wich is also great.

I'm not sure about that. The icon has a 20mp camera I don't know if the 830 will have the same. I'm pretty sure that the at&t version will be the same as the global 830. I think the phone will have a 5" 720p screen and less memory, 8 or 16 GB with SD card expansion. The rest the same as the 930.

However, Nokia does change it's designs! The 1520/720 are different to 920/1020 and different to 620/820. Then the 930 looks different to all of the above and then to 630. Apple and Samsung, however, that's the same old story.

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lol yeah im not sure what people are comparing when they say Nokia never changes the design. They should be more accurate because to say the 630 looks like a 720 for example, is just so off lol look how different the 920 looks from the 930... not even close.

Haha, I wish they never changed the design from the 920.  That's what really excited me; in comparison, the 930 looks uninspired.

From my measuring of the pics and relativating (wide and high seperate) to the given numbers this device has definitely between 4,7" to 5", even more towards the second number. Never-ever it can be 4,5".

wide Monitor: 92% screen; length monitor: 78% screen --> 65mm screen wide, 109mm screen high --> 127mm diagonal which is 5.0029".

Edit: The size of the Lumia 930 is 137x71x9,8mm, so this device is even slightly larger, just a lot thinner. That makes me even more beliving this might be 5".

Looks so. It's of the same width as Lumia 920, and the bezels are so much thinner, no way it can be 4.5".

5" mid-range device with a 1080p screen would be a killer! In fact, even 720p would suffice, IMO.

I strongly believe it won't be 1080p because of the 930. It wouldn't make any sense. It will 90%+ be 720p, i'm fine with that - at least that are still about 700k pixel lol.

RAM will be 1 Gb, also fine for WinPhone the next two years.

The big remaining question is the SOC. The S800 seems to be and overkill taking the 930 into account and the historie of Nokia/WinPhone being always a little underpowered. The S400 was once rumored for 730/830, but in that case it will be a big setback considering the pure-view camera etc. So it has to be at least a S600 or something in that range to process the 20MP pictures.

If it has a S600 or even better, 1 Gb RAM, 16 Gb internal, SD and a 5" 720p screen, pure-view camera i'm all in.

I'm really looking foreward for this.

at least w/ a 5" 720p screen, sd slot, 8/16Gb memory, 1-2 GB ram, 800processor and it will be my next fon...

Pretty much. Everything has been checked off my list; removable battery, SD card...

the 720P screen does not bother me one bit, I still get asked if my lumia925 is full HD lol the OS has a way of making the screen look so crisp.

however I hope it does not go over 5 inches of screen. 4.8 is preferred because the 720P would look that much better.

No. There are plenty of huge phones out there. Keep this midsized and midpriced for the rest of us who don't want giant phones.

Wow! Impressed! 20MP pureview, micro SD, swappable back covers, removable battery (did i read that right??!!). May be my 920 successor.

After 930 and this, my 920 still looks pretty good. In this age day and age, that is not necesarily a good thing.

What does your 920 have that this doesn't? The 830 will have a larger screen, thinner package, SD card slot, and much better camera.

Woot! I loved the USB port being on the top of my 900 back in the day. Without any flagships coming from Nokia this year, might just grab this one. :)

Edit: Yeah, re-reading all the specs, it's looking good. Checking all the boxes for me. If this has wireless charging, I'm completely sold. This kicks the 930's ass, especially since (Well, we can hope anyways...) it'll actually be available on AT&T, and not a Verizon exclusive.

Why would you want the USB port on the top of the phone? Doesn't really work well with a car device mount and clutzy as hell on those low battery occasions where you're on a call with the phone plugged in. What's the advantage?

I am able to use my phone at my desk or in bed without the wire getting in the way. I can use it while listening to music at the same time. Those were the only two I could come up with but both effect me quite a bit plus those other situations never effect me

Well, I have a JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker in my office and a Nokia charging plate on my bed stand. But when I'm on the road, I use a mini-USB on my 920 as well as my 5S (Mophie batter pack), Kindle, Jawbone BT and JayBirds. But I can see where having the port on top might serve some.

The rumored 830 is physically smaller than 930. It is a "mid-range" phone. Seems decent and has an sd card slot. Seems like they just eant to mock us 930 users without an sd card slot..

Who knows, there might be mroe than one "high end" phone, really. Honestly, even if this is "upper mid" it's satisfying all my requirements for a phone. On top of that, come on, that looks gorgeous and classy.

Kill it with fire. What an ugly phone. microUSB port on top? Back to the bad decisions are we?

Also, this phone with those specs makes absolutely no sense. 830 with better specs than the flagship 930? Makes no sense. If Microsoft Mobile does this, they'll be shooting themselves in the foot. Not to mention it will piss off beyond measure most 930 owners.

Do u really believe it'll have a 800/801 processor. ??! , its a 8xx series the most powerful version of this will have Qualcomm. 600....

No, I don't. That's why I said it makes no sense and that if indeed it has a SD800/801 it will be shooting themselves in the foot and pissing off a bunch of people.


But being Microsoft Mobile, I won't place my hands over fire.

According to sales in US of those devices, is not that much people. Indeed it's the majority of people that don't have any Lumia device, if this device is true, high end specs it will be selling a lot (hopefully) and a lot of people will be interested if the price is not that high.  This will be the first real fruit from the nokia-microsoft merge.

Sales in the US are irrelevant. Windows Phone growth passes through Europe and Asia. Those are the markets to keep and grow... And in those, the 930 is available and the 920 was a popular flagship.

The 820 had pretty much all the same specifications as the 920 upon initial release, with the added bonus of swappable covers and SD card expansion. I have very little doubt this will also feature an 800 SoC, due to the fact the 930 does.

Honestly, the only reason in the past to get a 920 over an 820 was the camera. Assuming this is the same PureView camera currently found in the 1520 and Icon/930, I'm sold. Solid looking device.

If this has a 20mp shooter, it will be PureView. Which means it will be exactly the same phone as the 930 but with microSD and removable battery.

The only difference I can think will be lack of Qi charging. That difference alone isn't enough to differentiate them. If this phone comes with these specs, it's more a 935 than an 830. Which makes no sense.


Well, in either case, I couldn't care less. If people will be pleased with it, great.

The 930 matched with Microsoft's sh*t customer support has given me enough problems and headaches already to drive me away from WP anyway.

I'm thinking in this device to be the next for my wife, she has a 720.

I want a device that has wireless charging and this seems to have it.

Look at the manual provided https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=AEA0AB11BE5AE98D!135&cid=aea0ab11be5ae98d&app=WordPdf, in page 6 and 7 lists the wireless charging area of the device: it says: "18 área de carregamento sem fio", in page 6, and in page 7 shows the area of the wireless charging area like in 1520 (not ATT) or 920.

So everything in this device looks promising is like a 935 as you say.


good catch :)

i didnt see that , i just assumed it was referring to the battery... but the translation does in fact say "wireless charging area"

this is def a top contender phone now for me - while waiting for the next camera flagship that might come next year now

Didn't se that! In that case, then this is a 935 indeed. Which will leave 930 buyers even more pissed.