More alleged photos of the Lumia 830 show up on Weibo account

A Chinese Weibo account has posted up photos that are allegedly of Microsoft's upcoming Lumia 830, which seem to match previous leaks of the still unannounced Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Unfortunately the images that were posted are a little distorted but it does show that the phone may come in a yellow color. As we posted earlier today, new rumors claim that there could be as many as three versions of the Lumia 830 released in the US, with unique variants for Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile.

We shouldn't have long to speculate about the veracity of these leaked images and specs as Microsoft is expected to officially reveal at least one, possibly two, new phones on September 4th at its IFA press event in Berlin, Germany. In the meantime, what do you think of these new images?

Source: Weibo via Winphoneviet


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More alleged photos of the Lumia 830 show up on Weibo account


It has the same number of default icons as lower than 5 inch, so it seems it's CONFIRMED it's lower than 5".

Anyways, this body looks almost identical to the icon, based on this picture.

Nope, this is the screen of the 630 on it's press shots. Looks like that's just opened on this 830! That's also why there are touch AND capacitive buttons.

That's why I said "If you are being sarcastic". If he was complimenting him, which I've never seen a compliment with Sherlock in the same sentence, then it's okay. It's hard to sense and not sense sarcasm through text, unless you really emphasize it.

Looks like it! There is a little black opening below the speaker grill. So maybe the backcover (and battery) is removable! :) 

No. It's the same design as the 930. You can open the back with a suction cup but it's not meant to be removable. 

Yep. WP would never allow a capacitive touch device have touch buttons. At least my 920 doesn't have them

Bad photoshop job

Dude this is not a screenshot but a photoshopped startscreen placeholder created by Nokia for their 630/635 renderings. Stop spreading shit seriously.

It could easily be just running a version of WP8.1 that is not yet optimized for the model - you know, it being  a prototype and all... [Or like others have said have a screenshot on the screen]

There are many options available to you. The nexus 5 springs to mind, or if you want something a little bigger, how about the note 3? :D

Lumia 1520, icon and 930 are your best bets

Capacity + physical - that's an overkill lol

Maybe there is a variant with qHD and onscreen buttons and one with 720p and physical buttons.

That's true.

Anyway much crazy rumors atm. Somebody wrote today 730 will ship with S200 (and Adreno 305) which would be ridiculous with 720p.

That bump has made it more beautiful and more high class and out shows its being special too with this great new design.maybe you say it's like 930 and isn't new.but I think it's very different

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Strange how the previous 2 L8xx have had dual led flash, and the 1080 (with the same camera hump) had an Xenon flash. This leak has neither, so I wonder if nokia is about to spring some fancy new piece of tech on us

Don't get why they need so many versions of their phones. They should have a low, mid and high end and maybe the 1080 line for that niche crowd.

Here start a new era after the Lumia 510 and 520 now is the momenti of the 30 now we will have all Lumia as 830 730 630 nice number

Does anyone else feel like there's an oversaturation of Lumia phones? I need something new. I can't wait to see what HTC and LG did. I think I'm ready to move on. All the numbers are just confusing me now.

Whats confusing about the numbers?

5XX series - lowest budget model

6XX series - large screen budget model

7XX series - niche budget/mid-range model

8XX series - top mid-range model

9XX series - standard flagship

10XX series - niche camera flagship

13XX series - niche size mid-range

15XX series - niche size flagship

WI there be any other photography app or new feature launching with these new mid range phones like Nokia storyteller etc.

To everyone saying about Capacitive +physical keys,just look THE GOD DAMN ARTICLE CAREFULLY. It's a 630 picture that's been shown which is also mostly shown in promos and stuff....
God dammit the illiteracy!

This is the internet! We all have ADD! We just want to look at the pictures, scream "FAKE!", punch a cow and move on!!



▶ I'm probably buying the one with the best camera offering. I need to feel like I'm upgrading my 1020 and 20mp is as far as I'm willing to go for the sake of just having a newer phone. That's the thing about WP though.. No matter what the specs are of your particular phone the UX is largely the same across every device, plus since every Lumia gets every OS update, there isn't an urgent need to ever update a Lumia. SIM slots, mSD support and camera resolution is pretty much the only thing that differs among handsets. Which is both a good and a bad thing.

Waiting to see how this compares to the 930. My 800 was great and the only real difference between that and the 900 was the size. Don't think that would happen again, but to get a device that's nearly as good but a smaller screen than 5" would be ideal.
(by 'ideal' I mean for me personally, before some plonker tells me that's not what everyone else wants)

Looks like a colourful 925 to me. Also, why are there capacitive buttons and on-screen buttons on the same image? Seems legit...

It could be a dummy phone, the content of the screen is kinda old (MixRadio still says Nokia) and the tiles are big, maybe is just a sticker inside the body, has anyone noticed the little hole at the bottom?, interchangeable covers??? YES PLEASE!!


This just looks better than the 930, I'm very confussed, I always thought the 820 looked ugly (specially when compared to the gorgeous 920) but now the upper mid-ranger looks better than the flagship??

oh man...82 comments...maybe ya'll check the forum at least ONCE A MONTH ...LOL

the navigation bar can be hidden...it is a feature implemented in 8.1 , it's easy to enter and leave a comment without knowing the simple features of 8.1 ,as easy as entering the settings panel and find it out yourselves- here you go- let's see what you will say next-


and this was back in february LOL


If the 830 has at least a 2MP front facing camera along with at least a 13MP rear camera and a price point of $100 or less than count me in!!

It's on sale that cheap in fantasy land. I would want those specs for that price too, but it wont happen.

These pictures seem to be real. However, don't know why the screen shows a 6:35 like Lumia 635. Maybe to hide something like a new tile size? ^^

Finally aux/usb ports on the top. Haven't seen that since the on the 800, 900 and 925. I hated running wires from the top and the bottom...

I think Microsoft and the Nokia design unit are moving away from the unibody "Lumia" look to a more real NOKIA look that we were used to in the days gone by (rmber Xpress music, E and N series?). For me, it's all the more a welcomed move.

Wow !! It has capacitive keys as well as virtual keys....like 1+1 android phone....and it's up to you how you use them....This time Nokia....coming with something Exciting.

Still waiting for a 1030/1035... Mid-range is of no interest to me. The possibility of custom variants with noticeably differing specs is actually a bit upsetting.

Brand new info - might get the 830 on T-Mobile? 

But will T-Mobile stick with "White" only color again?  And if they do; is the back shell offerred in other colors like the 635? 


The hole for finger nail below the speaker grill means it will have interchangable covers and removable battery. also , there is no slim slot above as in lumia 930, (although it could be on left side or the bottom) so maybe its confirmed that it will have interchangable cover and the sim slot and micro sd card slot (hope so) will be under the cover. 
As for the onscreen buttons, people plz just stop freaking out , its just a kinda placeholder or could be an old dummy unit, it is clearly showing the homscreen of 630, heck even the clock says 6:30 :/
Btw i think using onscreen keys for lower end is a good idea as the previous 520 had capacitive buttons but had no lights in them so using them in dark wasnt that easy, and will be a good idea to use onscreen keys for 730 and capacitive for 830 . same goes for the camera key.

Looks like a cheaper plastic version of the 930 with a 1020 style hump on the back. No bottom firing speaker or built in wireless charging.  Replacement for my 820?  Yeah, right.

It's only matter of time that ms have to remove the Nokia logo. Why on earth they don't do it now? I don't want to hear news that they finally make a decision after I buy the 830 !

I think a lumia 725 will be announced besides lumia 730 but it won't have a 5mp front facing camera and for sure cheaper than 730 and one of them will be dual SIM
For your opinion, send it to a742a742@yahoo.com
It'll be an honor to hear your opinion about this issue.thanks

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Capacitive keys are not fake but on screen keys are fake I think maybe they have some thing on screen they don't want to show(maybe a new app or a different or special lock screen or that newly leaked extra large tile) that's why they have made its screen with Photoshop.but I think 830 will be a great done by Micro.

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