More details on Zune Pass for Australia

We touched on Microsoft announcing the news that Australia will be getting the Zune Pass on November 16th, but new details have come to light about what will (and wont be) present and included in the subscription. With the announcement being made by Microsoft, WPDownUnder contacted the software giant for clarification on features tied to the Zune Pass:

  • Artist biographies won't be present. Background are will be available but only for international artists, not local ones.
  • Individual tracks and album purchases will be made possible by MS points or an attached credit card.
  • Australia will not be getting Zune podcast support.
  • Zune Pass will work with Australians who own an Australia-only Live ID.
  • Australian Zune HD owners will not be able to view (or download) free apps and games on the app Marketplace.

With the Zune Pass Australian launch just around the corner, more information is likely to come to light in the coming days. WPDownUnder is set to interview a local Microsoft representative to hopefully extract more information surrounding the release of the Zune Pass.

Source: WPDownUnder


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More details on Zune Pass for Australia


Do you think this will make it "across the ditch" to New Zealand? I have some friends there that curse my cheap American media haha

I don't know about it getting to New Zealand. It took them long enough to get it to Australia, so I'm not sure about New Zealand =/

"Artist biographies and background on Windows Phone will be present excluding Australian specific artists."Doesn't make a lick of sense to me. I used to have my PC set to US to sync my Zune HD and Australian artiest info was present (for the most part). Why would you not have Australian artist content available to Australian customers?