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Xbox Game Pass has proven a high-value subscription for Xbox gaming, defined by its growing games library, all available for a flat monthly fee. The service now targets Xbox consoles and Windows PCs, plus an all-inclusive Ultimate tier that bundles various perks into one place. With all Microsoft titles included at launch, alongside other titles in the hundreds, it's steadily becoming a must-have for the best Xbox One games.

U.S. console and PC subscribers get Xbox Game Pass for $10 per month, providing access on your preferred platform. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 each billing cycle, which includes both platforms and additional services. But when looking for the best prices, there are still sizeable savings to be made on either of the three plans.

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We're rounding up the best Xbox Game Pass deals right now, each delivering savings on the usual going rate. Limited-time promotions and codes from third-party retailers are your best opportunity to score a deal, commonly discounted below the regular monthly fee if purchased in bulk.

Here's THE best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal in 2021

The best Xbox Game Pass deal in 2021 comes direct from Microsoft, although limited to new subscribers yet to try its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. The lucrative deal allows newcomers to access up to 36 months of its Ultimate-tier service by investing just $1.

Microsoft has offered this deal for some time now, allowing Xbox Live Gold customers to "convert" their existing membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1/£1/€1. It translates any current months to the subscription at a 1:1 conversion ratio, with every remaining month of Xbox Live Gold on their account unlocking one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This conversion maxes out at 36 months for those with at least 36 months of Xbox Live Gold redeemed to their account.

Stocking up on Xbox Live Gold is the best way to leverage this deal, with discounted codes yearly codes a low-cost way to rack up your subscription, often found. It's the cheapest entry-point into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, saving hundreds over the usual $15 monthly rate over three years. It won't work for those already subscribed to Ultimate, but it's the option to start in 2021.

We've rounded up the best Xbox Live Gold discounts below, currently upgradable to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for those yet to try out the service.

Xbox Live Gold 12 Months

Xbox Live Gold (12 Months)

New Xbox Game Pass subscribers can leverage Microsoft's $1 upgrade promotion to secure up to 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a fraction of the usual price. Just stock up on these annual membership cards and follow the one-step conversion on your console or PC.

Best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals today

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate delivers incredible value, including full Xbox Game Pass console and PC libraries and Xbox Live Gold. It now includes EA Play, with around 100 other EA-published games, and cloud gaming via Android devices. Past member perks also provide services like Spotify, Discord, and Disney+ subscriptions free of charge.

Current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals deliver a moderate saving on multiple-month subscriptions, as an easy way to save extra over regular monthly installments. Ultimate generally comes in one- and three-month codes, the latter providing a discount over purchasing directly through Microsoft. We've rounded up the best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals of the hour, below:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 6 Month

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 Month)

$40 $45 $5 Off

Microsoft delivers its all with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a one-stop subscription for video games. You're covered for endless hours of entertainment on Xbox, PC, and even mobile, with hundreds of titles included in the membership.

Best Xbox Game Pass Xbox One deals

Those looking for an Xbox Game Pass subscription on Xbox One can purchase a standalone Xbox Game Pass subscription without the bloat of additional services. The standard Xbox Game Pass plan is platform-specific, with separate versions tied to console or PC. The version for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S has a rich library of over 200 games, including Microsoft titles from launch.

Xbox Game Pass for console usually costs $10 per month, but users can regularly secure hefty discounts on an entry-level plan. The best savings are tied up with several months in one transaction for long-term savings. The best Xbox Game Pass prices for Xbox follow:

Xbox Game Pass 6 Month

Xbox Game Pass Console (6 Month)


Microsoft's base subscription for Xbox Game Pass provides access to the full library of games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, but Xbox Live Gold comes separately.

Best Xbox Game Pass PC deals

Xbox Game Pass is also available on PC, delivering comparable benefits to the base console subscription, but with a separate library curated to PC gaming. There's a ton of crossover with the Xbox console version, from Microsoft exclusives to third-party hits, but with some PC-exclusive experiences also included. It's ideal for PC gaming, especially severing the Ultimate benefits that don't suit all users.

Microsoft sells Game Pass PC at $10 monthly, only recently concluding promotional pricing that knocked half off. That means you'll pay the same as the Xbox One counterpart, but with savings available for smart shoppers. The best deals in-stock for Game Pass PC follow.

Xbox Game Pass PC 3 Month

Xbox Game Pass PC (3 Month)

$25 $30 $5 Off

Xbox Game Pass is the best way to bolster your digital library, unlocking over 100 titles for its monthly fee. It skips the features best experienced on Xbox consoles, delivering superb value in PC gaming.

Is Xbox Game Pass worth it in 2021?

With Xbox Game Pass increasingly central to Microsoft's gaming vision, we've seen new resources consistently invested in growing its value. That's seen Xbox Game Pass Ultimate swell into a powerhouse of content for cross-platform gaming, given offerings across Xbox consoles, PC, and even mobile devices. New partnerships contribute to this, with EA Play now a mainstay, coupled with limited-time promotions with video and music streaming firms.

The value of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate hugely depends on how you consume content, but the sheer volume of high-profile additions has made this a must-buy subscription, especially for Xbox owners hunting the best Xbox Game Pass games. The respective standalone plans for Xbox and PC also promise an extensive list of titles you won't find elsewhere, and with day-one inclusion of Microsoft-made titles, it soon proves its value. These Xbox Game Pass deals should make the decision a little easier, as the lowest prices right now.

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