More pics of Nokia crashing Samsung’s launch party

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Rage against the Galaxy

To close out this exciting, Windows Phone 8-filled week, The Nokia Blog managed to get their hands on a few more pics of the Finns crashing Samsung’s party this week at IFA in Berlin.

Previously we had what seemed like a single person with a sign but as it turns out, it was a small crowd of at least 6 people with placards and smiles. What’s more, you can tell Samsung’s security was not to impressed with the brazen display, pulling the signs from the Astroturfers.

While silly jesting, it still pales when compared to what RIM tried to pull off with Apple back in April but clearly Nokia has a bone to pick with Samsung.

See more photos at the Nokia Blog.


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More pics of Nokia crashing Samsung’s launch party


Hmmm, I see a pattern. Samsung parades out the Korean models in tiny skirts so Nokia makes use of the Finnish blondes. Seems like a win either way!

I don't see anyone who looks pregnant, but I think the blonde is ugly (and way too red), so I'll just agree with you.

While I'm an L900 owner and happy, Nokia better come hard or go home with their next device because the ATIV S is going to attract consumers.

I agree thing of it is the ATIV S is looking to be on T-MO if thats the case it's going to sell well seeing how the Nokia is only a middle range to lower range sets..T-MO with that great data plan and a super high end WP8 with usb whoo is it October yet. I was really hopping for a  Nokia high end on T-MO but the ATIV S will work as well.

Let's see how Nokias party will be crushed. Their announcement is on Sept 5th morning. A couple of hours later is a Google/motorola launch event. One day later is the Amazon launch event. And just one week later is the iPhone5 event. Who will then speak about the new Nokia devices especially if they get only shipped in November (as it is rumored) while the iPhone5 will ship Sept 19th and the new Google phones also around that time...

Well, I think people will still be talking about the new Lumia's after September 5th; however, I think Nokia is aware of all of the forthcoming tech announcements, hence why their 'jump off' started today with all of the leaks.
Basically, Nokia's party started today and will continue on through September 5th (and hopefully, beyond).

So Apple will announce something only their devotees will care about, and Google will attract copycats. Big deal. I love that Nokia is being aggressive. They need to be!

Absolutely. Look at the GSIII. Samsung will get this phone on all carriers and crush the competition. There is a reason Samsung is the #1 seller.

Samsung started selling Windows phones 2 years ago, Nokia started earlier this year. Nokia has sold more Windows phones. It doesn't matter how many Androids Samsung has sold, they are playing catch up to Nokia.

Good for Nokia they deserve Samsung's spot hopefully they can get it. All this hype they better deliver I am sure they will.

I just hope that all the hype about the Lumia line doesn't consist of that lumia 920 being their flagship device. I want something different, not just a beefed up 900...

Well sorry but the Lumia design is something different can you name another OEM that has something similar?

Kinda douchy. I'm all for a marketing blitz, but I'd like think the point is they have a good product. This seems closer to kicking the competition while they're down.

So, I think I missed it.. What happened back in April? RIM tried something against Apple? Care to refresh my memory anyone? Too lazy to look it up.

If Nokias flagship WP8 is the L920, count me out. I already have the 900. They can't sell me a phone unless it has at least a 4.5" screen and a different look than the 900.

I'm wondering how did Nokia know in advance that Samsung was going to release a phone... I mean it must take some time to make those placards and organise a flash mob ;)

If talk about"professionalism", of course you won't fund anyone as shameless as Samsung, who steal, copy, others peoples inventions.

freaking frantasic I don't recall Nokia going so hard, and as far as blackberry if they never claimed setting that up, they get no credit for wake up protest the should have all had bb shirts or something.

Windows phone always have hot chicks hahaha while apple and Android have butt ugly ones hahaha