New Lumia 530 forums now open!

The Windows Phone Central forums are the absolute best place in the world to talk, share, and experience the Windows Phone and Microsoft community. Today Microsoft announced the Lumia 530! We've already got forums and threads aplenty set up for your discussion pleasure. Jump in now and let us know your take on today's announcement!

The Lumia 530 is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor, a 4-inch LCD display, 5 MP shooter, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB internal storage (with the option to expand with micro SD support). As touched on above, the Lumia 530 will be available in two editions, both single and dual-SIM (3G). It'll go on sale next month.

What do you think of the Lumia 530? Are you going to buy one? Head to the forums to voice your opinion!


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New Lumia 530 forums now open!


meh... No 1080p, no NFC, no 41MP camera, no FFC, no flash, no Snapdragon 900, no wireless charging, and above all.... no 1GB RAM.

That's because it an entry level handset lol. It's not for me either but at that price point it will sell to a certain demographic.

Idiot,it's a startup phone that will cost in Europe €85,00,if your genius mind can develop a phone like you stated at the price above,put it on the market and you will become rich,otherwise keep writing bullshit and remain an idiot.

Hun. It is a joke. The original poster is being sarcastic because some people are waiting for a better spec Lumia to be announced. The 930 is a rebadged Icon. We all know the 530 can't have those features at its price point. Calm down.

No, the original poster is being sarcastic, because some people are expecting a better than 930 specced phone to be released at 530 price.

Then that means you're picking the wrong phone. This one is destined for the masses. You would look up for something as high end. Don't comment just to comment, please.

Yeah I think 520 still better. Still got 8gb storage lol. And sd card can't match internal storage speed so 4 core doesn't make any diffrent. The speed handling apps bottleneck at storage. I would prefer 630 instead.

Still 2nd gen Lumia doesn't seem too shabby compared to 3rd gen. Unlike 1st gen compared to 2gen >,

L530 is a a very low budget phone. The hardware is similar to what Nokia X hardware was and it make sense because the X1 or 2 what's about to sell smartphone with a very low low price but Nokia decided to release it with windows phone being a very low end device.

It does not even have a camera shutter button

They could actually put a 1GB RAM in it but then, no one would care to buy the 630. They didn't put a 1GB RAM in 630 because, I believe, it had the ability to outsell some mid to high-end devices if they did. I mean, 630 really is a decent device comparable with high-end ones excluding the RAM part. And, Microsoft has a better profit margin for high-end devices than the low-mid-end ones.

I too wanted 630/530 should have 1GB RAM because lately I came to realize 512mb RAM devices are not efficeint not just for gaming but also in multitasking. But whatever they did as a company, makes sense.

Oh that! I'll never forget my 520 :)

It is my first Windows Phone and it let me win this contest! I will still use this device for apps and songs. I've 64GB SD card in it, all meant for entertainment! I can't get that in 930 :D

Ideal glove box phone. Prefer flagships but when I'm out riding id use a phone like this and not care if I shatter it or lose it. 530 is probably more powerful than 920.

Obviously, this is the segment that sells best for MSFT, so it's important to their future, and although they don't sell as many of their flagship devices, it's the flagship that will get them the publicity to move devices like the 530.

How did you expect 1 gb ram? Since Lumia 630 / 635 has only 512 mb ram, it is quite normal now. only one exception is lumia 525. but if you really need 1gb ram, you can buy 525 right now.

Please stop trolling. You are trying to overdo sarcasm, now you know what it is, but you sound silly and it ruins the forum experience for other people. Thanks.

Many sensors are also gone.. The only thing keeping me from purchasing it for my dad is because of no automatic brightness...

Remember with Windows Phone 8.1 can install Apps in se card (4gb free),Better than moto e; and the 512 mb RAM not problem for the segment of user are looking this Phone.

I've seen you post this a dozen times and it is wrong every time.  Motorola's SAR ratings are no worse than other phones I checked, and even if they were there is zero reason to think it would be dangerous anyway.  Just stop.

Oh come on cheap pricing always comes with its compromises. Why else would one prefer Nokia over Moto? Nokia is quality and stands for that. No comparisons with lower quality higher spec phones please.

Motorola was also a good company just like Nokia with similar build quality. If they had entered the WP arena they could have rivalled Nokia's WP market share.Stop blasting them just because they are a Google company

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I'm not into that. This is about plain old quality. How the device feels in hand and the reliability. My dad's 3230 still works like a hoot while the Samsung devices bought in its life time are all become hardly usable. See that's quality

But that's the truth, at least with the Moto E case. Moto E (single SIM) has a SAR value of 1.5W/KG while the dual SIM has 1.36 W/KG. Its almost 3/2 - 2 times of average Lumia phones.

"there is zero reason to think it would be dangerous anyway."

Just Bing/Google what are its side-effects. This is a small list of diseases which is caused by it or at the very least, it'll help you get the disease more easily:

        brain cancer
        skin damage
        brain damage
        increased blood pressure
        DNA damage
        sperm abnormalities
        reduced fertility
        salivary gland cancer
        psychological problems
        sleep interference

I thought that MS was supposed to be targeting the low end segment...explain this shit !!

Or maybe I was wrong in expecting more... 

Because 520 got higher Internal storage. The SD card speed can't really match Internal storage >,< and I don't think 4 core really nessecary for wp. We just need 1GB ram and good to go lol

Let's end this arguement .Asus Zenfone 5 has a 720p 5 inch screen.,snapdragon 400 processor and 2gb ram AND costs less than 530

Ps- don't tell me Asus Zenfone 5 is sold at a loss.I checked

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Because that design made fits perfectly in hand. I love my Lumia 720 but I whenever I catch my dads 630 I feel more comfortable with the edges

But the 520 series is of sharper edges..and 620 series is of rounded edges..whenever in comparison 520 series looks better than 620 series..now they are trying to make all low end phones same design..

I'd rather buy a brick than this, total downgrade from 520. I thought the specs were just a random placeholder, turns out they're true.

GJ, MS, you keep digging your grave so hard, even good ideas won't help now.

A quick peek at the htc 8s forum will show that this phone is a false economy, that 4gb storage is going to bite users in the butt regardless of whether its a budget phone or not. And would anyone accept a 1020 successor that comes with a lesser camera? Same principle applies here, doesn't have to have all the latest specs but it should have a few upgrades over its predecessor. Much better to stick with the 520.

To keep it cheap I guess ... but see it as a commitment of Microsoft to further optimize Windows Phone for low end hardware ;)

Dang! Surface 300 by Microsoft Mobile. Way to go MS! Nokia Lumia X, that's more like it. 725 am waiting for you.

I propose splitting that forum out into a separate database and limiting the database size to 4GB in honor of the phone it represents.

The lumia 530 is a step backwards, and lately Microsoft. Keeps putting out phones with 512 ram, when all the good games require 1gb of ram. I don't think they are serious about competing with android, the lumia 520 was released, it was good, the 525 even better, with 1gb ram now the 530 with 512 ram again and no improvements to be seen elsewhere. Microsoft does not understand its customers, and that will cost them.

I don't know if those buying this phone are that interested in games. Though I still don't understand who would play video games on a phone all day when there are PCs and consoles.
And what games good are not running on 512 MB? I'd be more concerned about those 4GB!

Lame model. No FFC yet Nokia released the advert mentioning Skype and even showcase the forever in BETA Instagram.... And to make things worse, the advert did not even mention Whatsapp! MS and Nokia should stop making low end lame models like this 530. Please focus on high end models like the next successor for 1020 or 1520!

Maybe I will buy one for my mom since it's so cheap. But lets see how the 520s price will develop after the announcement. Or maybe the 525?

I think its a good entry level package, but I just don't get why there needs to be so much bezel on this phone. The capacitive buttons are gone, what's all that space for? They need to make it 1/8 inch sides and bottom 3/16 inch top and it would instantly be a more desirable phone.

This is a very good phone if they price it accurately. Most people who are currently using nokia asha or other nokia phone might just see this as the perfect upgrade(only if the pricing is affordable)

It's better to buy the 630/635 for around $99 US if you're looking for an entry-level headset. They're pretty decent. And for another hundred bucks or so, pick up a 1320.

Perhaps they should leave this as is, and put 1GB in 630/635. I would have considered 630/635 as spare phone, but opted for 525 for this reason. Happy with 525 as it is so smooth.

Well this being released I'll wait for a true successor of my NL620. One that has NFC, front camera, glance and flash. Patience is a virtue...I've been told.

I think XOLO n Micromax "WIN" series are much more better than L530 and L630, having 1GB ram, Dual Sim, Larger screen, 8MP cam with flash, Front cam etc.  

Do you all people realize that this phone will cost 85€ and Lumia 520 launched with 160€ price label?? THIS is the phone which has the aim to attract Asha and X buyers to Lumia. Just stop bitching and try to think for a while, it doesn't hurt. Even Lumia 630 cost around 130€. This is the absolute low end with absolutely low price.

What's the point of this new phone, what's zthe difference with Lumia 520, please don't tell me the processor?!

Really guys you do believe that it justifies its price at this point and time? Come on see motorola e, micromax windows phones, Samsung phones also congress with 1gb ram. Lumia 630 & 530 aren't the successors of 620 & 520 but sounds more like predecessor from CPU to ram to display. You guys might be blind for Microsoft mobile but this is shame and I couldn't be more out of windows phone after this shit announcement

I think it is a device for new smartphone users. I think the RAM is only important as a bullet point. As long as the device is $79.99 or less it is a very competent device. I think people are thrown off by the 630/635 and 530 because we want them to be successors to the 620 and the 520/521 and they just arent and arent supposed to be they are for new smartphone customers or existing customers that need something with good performance but at a low cost. I was miffed looking at the 630/635 and 530 when I only thought of them as upgrades to the 520,620 when I looked at them with a different perspective I discovered they werent that bad and great for their target audience. I hope Microsoft releases a device  with 4.5 inch screen quadcore, 1gb RAM, ff camera, flash, for $199.99.

I think for under a $100.00 it makes a great emergency/backup phone. A super phone for kids first smartphone. Really anyones first smartphone. Unactivated it is a music player, video player, and gps devcie, and good for messaging with wifi. It is not however and upgrade to the 520/521.

It's cheaper then the original Lumia 520 and its supossed to be the cheapest lumia a treu starter device.

Dont see de 530 as a successor of the 520, see it as a revamp off the 520 made for today's needs and demands (and not last year's) on the low end market.

For 85 Euro, you get an quality Smartphone experience no other manufacturer or mobile OS can provide on that price point!

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The idea is a product that fits price point that is profitable. If I can make money on it and it fits a demographics then I will have sales that generate revenue so that I can reasonable support the product. I make money and the customer get software updates that we all love to get, because we whine like little bratty children if we do not. Sounds good to me. The US is headed to no contract phones. Products need to be made that people can afford without subsidies.