New Nokia ad shows how its partnership with Microsoft is 'not like everybody else'

Nokia has released the above video on its official YouTube channel, the first footage published on the account since Microsoft purchased the devices and services division from the Finnish company. The two parties have come together to form a new partnership under the Microsoft umbrella, further enhancing what can be offered to consumers when it comes to Windows Phone. The new ad shows how the companies and Windows Phone is 'not like everybody else'.

We've previously looked at how Windows Phone and Nokia hardware in particular (though other OEMs aren't shy at being unique) enable consumers to personalize their smartphones and accessories to better stand out in the crowd. This is exactly what the video covers, showing how the famous Nokia colours help make the user noticed while out and about (something we're able to relate to - there's just something about a 6-inch yellow phablet).

This is the first wave of marketing from Microsoft with its own branding utilized. It'll be interesting to see where the company goes with its message, possibly working further to build on the underdog, "I'm not like everybody else" angle. One thing's for sure; be prepared to see more Microsoft and less Nokia.

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New Nokia ad shows how its partnership with Microsoft is 'not like everybody else'


every watched an embedded video?
if not let me tell ya something: you can't see the description so that's why I didn't think of that ;)

I used Cortana to listen to the music and brought up this:

Album; The Kinks Controversy "I'm not Like Everybody Else" by The Kinks


Am looking forward on Microsoft Phone powered by Nokia... am sure they will not remove nokia logo on it... just added Microsoft heheh

Nope, Nokia as always and the home key on the phone represent Microsoft, no need for the words Microsoft, just the simple logo will suffice.

If it's true, this might save Microsoft from total flop here in Europe because nobody cares if it's the same people working on the new devices - if it hasn't got a Nokia logo, people are not even going to consider buying Microsoft Phone, Surface Phone, Windows Phone Phone, hell, even Lumia Phone. The fact that Nokia (well, just the department) belongs to MS shouldn't change much (as long as MS is not over-appearing on a Nokia-called device).

You still have freezing issue? Mine -928- stopped like in November or even October. And since then had no problem at all

I know its on the forum but would like to know if anyone has experienced Wi-Fi connectivity issues like limited or no internet access after updating to preview for developer

well - as you already figuered out in your first post - there is a forum to ask questions ... even specific for the preview. maybe try that one...

I had already gone through the forums but all I could find was everyone posting the same queries but no solution as of yet. So the reason for reaching out to a larger audience.

Yes, it's called going into setting and turning off wifi sense and simply using the traditional wifi setting. Remember we downloaded the developer preview, meaning it beta and we will probably experience quirks......If you're not willing to experience glitches, I suggest you don't install the previews in the future.

I do occasionally on every Wi-Fi network but the one at home, and the one at home has the same equipment and ISP as the one at the office, different name and password but same encryption too

Interesting the absence of Nokia in that commercial. I would speculate that they will move away from Nokia branding sooner rather than later starting with whatever is released after the 930..

Yeah I can warm to it too. Its a good start from MS, now they just need to push it Galaxy style.

Dude galaxy's pushing was way different. Here its 'Nokia' the word itself matters. Microsoft if they try to push it like nexsus never mind I'm with them as we all know the quality wont differ. But they know that they have removed tur name NOKIA might be tur biggest mistake

All I meant by that is they need to commit lots of money to marketing. As for if the Nokia name will matter, I dont know. I do think the Lumia brand has a lot of value too though.

Nokia and Microsoft had confirmed that Microsoft will use Nokia name for Marketing puroposes for some time. including Lumia series  Confirmed by Nokia on Twitter

It raises the question though... does "some time" mean for the run of the current devices, or longer? Hopefully we will find out in the Elop Q and A.

Hahaha. There are other ways to distinguish yourself from the crowd other than choice of cell phone color! This ad is stupid. Bro looks like Ronald McDonald. Additionally, all the kids I see using iPhones distinguish them by getting creative with the cases which makes the point of this ad moot and a waste of effort.

Same song, but showing the UI and other differentiators would have been more effective in my opinion.

Microsoft should have aleast shown the name of Lumia. U cant ignore nokia. Its your unique selling point.

Gereat ad!

Now please Microsoft, dont show it on TV! That could actually give positive vibes around Windows Phone.

No better to just keep this god ad on an obscure YouYube channel that none other than the already convinced fanboys watch! With the huge marketshare that you got, there is absolutely no need to spend money on advertising. Every person I know are well informed about Windows Phones and have all forgotten about the iPhone...


Hope you get the message...

The iPhone crowd is different compared to windows phone. Here they have to win customers. On the contrary iPhone users are all fanboys and its difficult to convince them but a WP or any other phone. Even if iPhone doesn't advt their product ppl will still surely come to know that their product has been released.

There are plenty of iPhone users that aren't fanboys. They are the ones that are tech clueless and just get it because everyone else has one. They *like* being like everyone else, so this ad isn't going to get those people.

Yep - I would say most iPhone users are people who bought what everyone else has. The iPhone is the 'safe' choice.

It techincally shows the Nokia Logo on the right corner.


But if MS gets inspired by Nokia's marketing team. Then YAY!

Standing out by making phones look like kids toys. That's why I'll have to take eather white or the boring black again.

Primary colors definitely are. How many bright yellow jackets or red hats do you currently own? In fact, I don't own a bright yellow or red anything other than ketchup and mustard bottles. I would have gotten a Cyan 1020 if they made them, but bright yellow? Shi-it....

Well why do you think iphone released the 5C? It's practically the only iphone I see out in the wild these days.

They actually have started but pales in comparision with others, Like here in the Middle East we get an Ad on Microsoft Cloud and Som efor the Lumia 1520. And a few times i saw one with Office in it. But you are absolutely correct we need more PROMOTION

So true. They promoted Xbox One like crazy; it's about time that they show that dedication to WP.

I personally think they're waiting for 8.1 phones to roll out, so hopefully we see some really good ads soon.

Yeah, maybe with 8.1 the promotion will increase. I think they didn't promote WP too much in the past because they knew it was severely lacking in features and apps compared to the competition. With 8.1 it would seem to me they can now compete.

It is not only colours that are not like everybody else, it is also their communication, Nokia didn't semm like a big company as Apple or Samsung, they have communicated more with people. They were something special. Now it is over :( . Europe lost theis last big phone brand.

No, we don't ;) . Quote from Wikipedia:

Alcatel-Lucent later sold its shares in TCL and is no longer related to the Alcatel Mobile Phones brand.

TCL is from Hong Kong so with Nokia we lost all (we have Jolla but it is not a big player). It's shame what happened to EU brands. If we think with what mobile phones we started in familly, all brand are dead. Fathers first phone, Ericsson GA628 dead couple of years now as mobile phone brand,  mom's firt phone was Siemens, alo no phones since a long time and my first phone Sagem MyX3 also dead. Since than there were only Nokias in our family until July 2012 when father bought LG Optimus L3, me and my mom are still rocking Nokias.

Also noticed that :D I've even been able to use my 620 with two pairs of gloves on (it was like -10°C), not very responsive, but still worked :D

You can get gloves that work with other mobile phones. I got a pair for Christmas a year ago (gift giver not knowing I didn't need them!) If they had been leather gloves in this ad that would have been more impressive.

Of course, but with Nokia, you dont need special gloves. It works with pretty much any gloves as long as they arent super thick.

Yes, we all know that here. My point is that a non-Nokia owning viewer of that ad would have assumed the guy was wearing those special gloves. The ad did nothing to point out that the gloves were not special in any way.

Slight inconsistency on the vid. There is no way Nokia Music starts up that quickly!! It's kind of annoying that they still haven't fixed various issues on that app - it could be great!
(1020 yellow Lumia owner)

Will the new 630 series, and the 930, utilise the new branding? I didn't see anything other than the new box style, in the unboxing video...

Fine by me for two reasons: I don't want my $600 phone noticed while I'm out and about. I'm also not an attention whore.

I don't think its about attention, it's just preference and choices outside of black/white.  While I prefer white because it matches the different tile colors, but that doesn't mean I should lock Microsoft from making commericals highlighting phone colors or paying consumer into my color choices. Many teens and kids love the colors offered not only by wp, but now the iphone 5c......Apple looked at the numbers prior to lauching the 5c and knew there was a crowd for it, just like they've now started to realize people want phones larger than 4".

It's Xbox One, Not Microsoft Xbox One & everybody knows Xbox One is a product by Microsoft so there is no "Microsoft Phone", as you see on Microsoft website they added "Nokia Devises" title to their products. and I think the "Nokia Lumia" title will not change to "Microsoft Phone" or something like that...

I'm sure Microsoft will ultilize 'Nokia Lumia xxxx' and slowly make the transition to just 'Lumia'. I think using some smart advertising and strategy will make this shift relatively smooth.

I dislike this kind of ad. It had more to do with personal appearances and some sort of self worth validation than a phone. Or more about color which is easy for any phone to do, like the Apple C. Hardware specs, ease of use, unique features are more important. I doubt anyone who doesn't have a Nokia phone would notice that it was used with gloves for instance. The emphasis was style over substance.

I agree. Plus, if they're trying to beat the competition in the style department I don't think the use of primary colors on the shell of the phone is going to cut it. Maybe those dual-shot shells would have been better? I did not at all want to be like this guy after seeing the ad.

At least 85% of the Apple crowd are followers, now feature seekers. Trust me, I know; I'm an IT manager and these people don't know how to do anything on their iphones; Most of them tell me I got one because my daughter, son, or friend had one.......My statements are fact told to me direclty by users who come to me ask how to do something on the phones

Isn't this a bad message? It almost implies Windows Phone to forever be the smartphone minority. If at some point Windows Phone becomes dominant, the message will be agains't WP itself, since then we will be "like everybody else".

Did you just worry that this ad would come back and bite them in the ass if they become dominant? Yeah, I'm sure that's a MAJOR concern...

It won't come back and bite anyone in the ass, when/if microsoft becomes dominant with WP this ad will be long gone and forgotten, I just think it leaves a feeling of inferiority and the apparent will to continue being so.

They're just yet again copying Apple. It's the "Think Different" campaign all over again. I really wish MS would stop copying Apple. I freaking can't stand Apple, but an Apple wannabe is even worse.

Wow. An ad from Microsoft that isn't idiotic and embarrassing? Who knew they could do such a thing?

Maybe next they could get some WP into Best Buy too.

Having a guy walking through the city dressed in a Ronald McDonald clown suit isn't embarrassing? I must not be in the target demographic.

The sad fact is that with WP 8.1, they ARE like everybody else.  Most of the changes that came with 8.1 were because so many people INSISTED that Microsoft add features "like I could do of Android/iPhone".  Well, now you have them, and so Windows Phone is no longer unique.  Because of you people it has become really nothing unique compared to the competition.  Thanks.

Be brilliant to cut that to 30 seconds for airing on TV and streaming services like Hulu.  Great ad that makes a point, uses a great song, and leaves an impression.

Speaking of accessories, has anyone actually ever seen those ear buds for sale in the US? It seems like Nokia introduced all these cool accessories and then you could never get them without importing them from some shop on the UK.

My biggest dilemma at the moment is deciding to waiting for the first Microsoft Nokia phone or take the plunge and get the Lumia 930? Decisions, decisions...

Differentiation is great. I just witnessed one b..., I mean a girl buying a golden idevice. I almost shouted at her: DON'T! But then again perhaps she wanted to be like every other b..., I mean girl out there.

   There should be an asterik at the end of this video. * = Colors not available to Verizon subscribers. Verizon forces us to make squared off phones in either black or white.