Windows Phone 8.1 Update 14157 rolling out to Preview for Developers users

windows phone 8.1 update 1

Microsoft has released a new update to the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for smartphone owners who have installed the Developer Preview version of the OS, bringing the version number up to 8.10.14157.200.

Exactly what this new download is for is currently unknown. From the size of the download, and the fact that Microsoft didn't offer an advanced heads up that this update would be released, it looks like it is mainly for performance improvements and bug fixes. If you see any specific improvements that might be worth noting, please let us know.

One thing the update apparently won't do is fix the "0x80188308" error that some users have seen when installing the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Developer Preview. In a post on Microsoft's Answers support forum, a company rep stated:

"As promised I want to make sure you folks are aware of what is going on. We have a new update coming out today, however this update will not fix this specific error message. We are still working on this as a priority to get it out to you in a as soon as we can. We will continue to update this thread as we have more information."

Thanks to the many folks who tipped us along with all of the posts from readers in our forums!


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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 14157 rolling out to Preview for Developers users



Cool!, but I don't see it - Dallas
Edit: Had to enable preview for developers again.. Ma bad. Downloading...

I see them all the time. Cortana feature commercials. Windows vs iPhone. Just last night, Verizon's extra GB per line featuring the new HTC One with your choice of Windows or Android side by side. Houston is all about Microsoft products.

Turn off Wi-Fi.
As download begins, turn on Wi-Fi.

Don't ask me why, but that's the only way I can kickstart the process on my 1020.

I'm getting an error saying there is a problem with the server or my connection. Are you getting this error as well? I tried both WiFi and 4G

its messing up with my phone now,928 . after I hit install it turned off now says my battery is dead. it was charging and had 70% + 

update: I unplugged AC cable, now it started spiining cogs

I have had this happen on my 920. I just did the power+volume up reset and it will blow through the low battery flash and start the phone and the update as well.

Same thing happened to my Icon...i just hit the power button to turn it back on and it started spinning cogs..

I am scared of installing developer preview update because it may void my phone's warranty. When this update will be official is anybody knows please reply.

I wonder if it fixes the BT headset music volume bug... I guess I'm about to find out....
Anyways, there's this issue with the audio volume on my BT earpiece where call, and notification volume is fine, but music volumes are extremely low, and can't be adjusted higher... I think this actually changed on my 1520 after the official Cyan update.. I hope this fixes that because I wanna jam out at work without anyone knowing...

I felt the same too, i was like how can i use this and how could they make it that worse after an update?  But that was just the start after the update when background processes might still have been running, because it eventually smoothened out. i am still not happy because it does lag many a time just like before the update. However this has definitely got to do with firmware. The start screen on my Lumia 1020 with WP8.1 Update without Cyan was much worse than what it is with Cyan. But then, the current available version of Cyan is fully compatible only for WP8.1 only, not the update. So we might have to wait a while till a tweak is in place. Theres nothing to worry as my other phone - the Lumia 920 with the official WP8.1 update runs buttery smooth, so Microsoft will release a final version only after checking all's good. Till then, enjoy the new features before its officially out. Cheers! :)

Actually it does! First thing I noticed! Did a whole bunch of going back to the start screen activities from different apps and not once did it lag :D @Lance_WPCentral

Do you use the new lockscreen app? If so, delete it, start kids corner and exit it again. 

If you have used it, but never opened kids corner, do the thing stated above either way. 

I din't install the new Lock Screen app so that ain't the problem. I'm still on the spinning gears. Once it is done will check out if the lag is still present.

Sir, i had my lumia 630. I had this problem of lagging after gdr 3 update that was released by Microsoft in first week of august. I was trying alot to have a solution against this problem of lagging. On my device one day i unintentionally removed my cortana app from my start screen (home screen) After that the phone has no lagging and my device is working out fine. I had no issue now. Its was really annoying. That lag problem. Now thank god its working fine. :) thanks! Try on your devices it may work. :)

I was having the same problem but i took cortana off the start screen and how it's working fine with no lag.

yes it still exist after update... I have L1320... was hardly 2 days on that new update... then i switched to cyan.. and got on old release of 8.1 :/ sadly it aint showing any update after installing preview for dev. app

Don't know if preview updates are available for cyan users or not...

Same as before, my home screen sometimes lags, sometimes it doesn't. I notice some lag when I close the WPC app, the tiles animation stutters. Returning to the homescreen from other apps doesn't induce lags though.

Remove cortana app from home screen. On my Lumia 630 i have installed this update. I was having lag. But after removing cortana from my homescreen. It working quiet fine and im having no issue of laaging. :)

hai...is lumia 525 have navigation bar option....there is an option in my display settings but its not working...?is it working fine on yours..?

This was after the update. I think it was, as lilleverden mentioned, reinstalling my apps. I always forget that I have to wait a while before I can use it. It did get so hot that I had to put it down though, and it has a case on it too.

Hey Will, 

Since you have a 925, I was wondering if your microphone works. Mine hasn't been working since the previous update. I can't even use voice commands to cortana.

Just wondering if any other 925 owners have this same problem?

Yes. Mine still seems to be working. I would keep looking around for a solution before doing a hard reset. I hate hard resets. Takes me hours just to put everything back the way it was.

I experience the same problem on my 822. I picked up a used 822, ran all the updates (besides this one) and it works fine. Did you install this update and notice a change in the mic working/not working?

My mic stopped working after the previous update. So I pretty much haven't been using cortana at all since. I was hoping this update would fix the bug but no luck.

MS just released a new  dev preview update.  So far no word on bitlocker, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Edit: nevermind haha, forgot which article I was on.

I have it on my 1020. It is kinda a pain in the ass but is you use the Nokia recovery tool to put your phone back to stock OS you can get Cyan, then put the DP back on your phone once you are current with your updates


do you experience random freezing on your 1020? My phone seems to freeze at a random rate when it's on Stand By requiring a soft reset.


Last friday I tried using the recovery tool, getting Cyan and also getting all the latest updates (outside of the DP) and the issue seems to happen.

There's also a buch of other people in a Nokia support Forum experiencing the same. :(

The random freezes started happening in April after I got the DP with Cortana, but now they are more persistent than ever. It's a shame because I feel like my Lumia 1020 is no longer reliable... and I have woken up in the morning and realizing that my phone was frozen, or i'd have missed the alarm...

I've been experiecing freezing since the day of HTC 7 Mozart and when I got my Nokia Lumia 1020 this year, hoping nothing happens right ? Come on, it's a new phone but sadly that it happens. Shockingly, the last 2-3 months have been kind of okay, no freezes.

My knowledge tells me that the phone gets too cold, that's why the phone freezes. I'm serious ! because I live in Malaysia, it's kinda of a hot country and we have AC's. Those first few months of my Nokia Lumia 1020, it freezes whenever I wake up in the morning (provided I was late for my class, haih) and notice that my phone turns out to be very, very cold. haha !
but since some updates, that I don't know since when, no issues with freezing up till now.

Well, just wondering, is anyone else experiencing camera issues ? Whenever I set my camera to 5MP + 38MP DNG mode, it freezes and my camera shutter is wide open and I can't use my camera, in which ever app. To fix it, I'll have to reboot my phone then it works.

Yes, a lot on my Lumia 625. I use it, normally lock it and then out of any random time, i just keep on pressing the unlock key, or double tapping the screen until I realize that I have to force restart the phone. And with every force restart, my battery percentage drops by 10-11%

This was happening to me too on my 521, I turned off all lock screen app badges/notifications or whatever they're called and it stopped. I turned them back on a few days later to see if it was still freezing and it seemed to fix it, for me at least.

Restart your phone after an update and also be patient, it will need to reinstall applications so it will be sluggish for a little while.

Hi mymarcio,
Don't know if you did see my reply on engaged but it might have something to do with an app installed that has a bug. Many people are complaining about clokhub being the issue. I provided you a link to that thread....

Anyway good to see you on wpc because it is the best source of information for everything related to Windows phone. I recommend downloading their app for your phone


What does that error cause?  My only recent issue is Cortana stopped notifying and reading texts when I get them.

Apparently that error is related to low o/s storage, (the amount allocated to the O/S needs to be increased) therefore it is not about how much free space you have.

I was able to get past that on my 920 by doing a full phone reset. That wipes all user data and apps of course, but at least in the Store once you update there is a "My Apps" section that shows you apps you own that are not on the phone, so remebering and downloading them all again is not as bad as I'd feared.

You can also select your last backup if you use the wizard to setup your phone and log into your windows live account.

Apologies for my ignorance... Is bitlocker the fix to update to cyan from dev preview without having to downgrade to W8.0??

Yes that is correct. Once Bitlocker issue is resolved Microsoft wont have all the users on the Dev Preview on hold. So once Cyan is released by your carrier or country variant you can install it without any sort of downgrade :D

Downgrading is super simple and safe. I've done it four times now, on 3 different devices. All were on DP and therefore unable to get cyan, so I restored them with Nokia Software Recovery Tool and updated to Cyan. On 720 running 8.1 preview, it recovered directly to cyan, so after restoring from backup, the phone was up and running cyan in a matter of hour and a half (depends on your interent connection - 1,5GB download).

Come on, do it!

It's not THAT simple.  If you embark on this path, some things to remember:
* Music - even XBox Music subscription files are NOT part of the data update. Write down what you want to REdownload
* Games - progress will not be saved in most instances.
* Apps - they will reinstall, but you have to do the setup from scratch in a lot of cases like relogging in and losing data. Waze, for instance, did NOT keep my favorite addresses or recent addresses.
* Apps - if there are any that have since been pulled, you won't get them back.  I lost a 3rd party OKCupid app that was apparently pulled.
* Apps - lots of apps will give themselved permission to run in the background.  When originally installing, I would check them at I installed them. You'll now have to do into Battery Saver and deactivate the ones that you don't want running in the background.
* Accounts - the accounts are not saved in the backup, so you have to go into Settings and set those up.

It's not "technically" difficult, but it is a pain in the butt.  If you revert back to 8.0 don't let it auto-restore.  Don't let it auto-restore after you update to 8.1/Cyan either.  I installed the Dev Preview and did NOT auto-restore until after I did a hard reset AFTER that last upgrade.  It was already a pain and a chunk of time, so I figured I'd do whatever I could think of to make sure that it went well. :)

The "up and running" time will also vary by how much data needs to be restored and how many apps need to reinstall. 


Great list. Always cracks me up when people are like "duh just flash it, it's painless and easy!". No, it definitely isn't...

Excellent list and point. Also make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi when you do this because it will eat up over a GB of data when restoring everything...

Bitlocker is a Microsoft encryption technology used by enterprises clients to protect data in devices. Nokia Cyan update messed up Bitlocker encrypted devices and Microsoft is yet to fix this issue. Wait for it and you will receive the update eventually.

Thanks!!! I Will wait then because this isn't it. I just update and cyan still doesn't show as available update. Its available in th country in based on and in my carrier.
I tried to back up but always give me an error message on my settings around 97%. Is it only me or it happened to somebody else??

Don't know if this is the issue for you, but the Live Lock Screen Beta was causing that for me. I uninstalled it and then was able to backup settings fine. I suspect that the only settings not getting backed up were for that app itself, but didn't want to take chances.

This backup bug has been around ever since 8.1 and has been reported everywhere by zillions of users. Some of the suggested fixes I can recall are: Untick the Text Backup option; Delete problem apps (no idea how you identify 'em though); WiFi on/off; Delete all previous backups from phone/onedrive; Lock screen background pic off/on/change, etc. etc. For me non of these worked, backup always stalls at 96%. Maybe it has been fixed in this latest update but I have'nt tried it yet.

Why wait, use Nokia Software Recovery Tool to install official Cyan (or Black - and update to Cyan then). It's a very painless process, it just needs to download ~1,5GB and it flashes your phone with official software. Don't forget to backup, and after restoring the phone, restoring from backup is also very simple. You'll need to re arange your start screen, log in in a couple of apps, but thats it.

After you do that (so when you're running cyan), download and enroll into Developer preview program again to get the update 1 to 8.1 and update to update 1 to 8.1 (many updates. And 1s.)

Or just stay on official Cyan, it's more stable and crashes less than DP.

Have you tried this, did your homescreen restored to exact same state, including folders? If yes, I would flash my phone rightaway...

It's true, the home screen doesn't get restored. 

I was under the impression it did, but i just recently used the software recovery tool, after restoring the back up my beautiful start screen was gone!

thats incorrect, it does come back.


did you perform a hard reset after getting back to where you were?

i installed dp, got update 1, then hard reset. from here follow on screen instructions ie put email address in, you will be asked to verify. text wont work so ask it to send an email, tap in the code and off you go. home screen completely restored and all apps redownloaded


You're homescreen will definitely be restored. I flashed my phone to the official cyan release 3 days ago then uprgaded back to GDR1 where I made the backup prior flashing.

Ok, just double checking. If I use Nokia Software Recovery Tool to go back to 8, install all updates, then use the phone reset after update 1 is installed and restore from my update 1 backup, My Home Screen will restore to the exact point it is topday, including folders?

If you're already on 8.1 update 1 PFD:
Backup settings messages etc.
Flash your phone to either 8.0 or 8.1 cyan. Do not restore your backup yet. Install PFD app then upgrad to gdr1. Reset your phone then you'll be asked of your microsoft account. Next you'll be asked to start new or restore backup. Tap on restore. You'll find your previous start screen but with grayed tiles. This tiles need to be installed so just let the phone do its thing. You will lose game progress however.

Thanks. I am just starting to do the flashing. Hopefully, it doesn't take long...


Thanks again, for all the replies....

Exactly and that's why people (including myself) don't want to roll back to get cyan... I patiently wait for their fix, though I wish they'd hurry up since I don't even use bitlocker :)

There are other quirks that I already typed above.  The process is a bit of a pain to get your phone back to where it was, but there's nothing "difficult" about the process.  You WILL lose some data that you'll have to manually put back (Music + Pictures, for example). You WILL lose some data that you won't get back (game progress).  You WILL have to put setup info in (accounts).  The whole thing takes a good bit of time. 

Lmfao... I'm at work and it just made me giggle like a little girl. Almost snorted there. Ffs. Too simple and unexpected :D +1

It replaces Xbox Video and Music with iTunes. Also completely gets rid of the gameHub for customer relief. We can all finally breathe.

Of course not, I got the joke and enjoyed it. Just hopping that Microsoft legitimately returns to keeping games listed in the hub only in a future update. :P

SLOOOOOOOW to update on my AT&T 920... been at the spinning gears for about 10 minutes now

and as soon as I say the above, the status bar jumped to the end.