Nokia Ace/900 in promotion video?

Take this how you will, but MyNokiaBlog has found something quite interesting. A promotion video has appeared on the Nokia Developer YouTube account, which shows off a particular handset. Could be a concept and a filler, or perhaps the mysterious Nokia Ace/900? Yep, we're still on the Ace. Whatever it may be, the colour and elegance remains, which are both present in the Lumia 710 and 800.


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Source: MyNokiaBlog, thanks JustVisiting for the heads up!


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Nokia Ace/900 in promotion video?


Well, it's different alright... in more that one from the Lumia 800. It's bigger, presumably thinner, it's curved at the bottom and top and the screen does not seem curved. The edges do seem curved though, could be straight as well. I don't see how this one looks like the Lumia 800 except for the blue color...

Yep, video's private now which means it's probably pretty accurate that it was an unintentional leak. :D

Thanks pretty nice vido maybe they could get Blue Man Group to to the "music" for some of their adverts!

Thanks, that is a really cool ad I like Nokia and would love for it to be my next handset just that I don't think I will be able to hold out after the Titan hits ATT.

Private? I'm glad I got a chance to get a glimpse of this device in the vid - they made it look like a rockstar :)The device looked similar to the Nokia 700 (Symbian), and in my opinion, unless they up the screen size and add all of the amenities (i.e. ffc, 8MP camera, etc.) then this would fall into the 7## series Windows Phone for Nokia.Here's a pic of the current Nokia 700: http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/reviews/item/13431_Nokia_700.php

Wow - the working link form TheWarIsNotOver is working still... Love the grille at the bottom. Nice to see it in 1080p... hopefully the Ace or whatever the Nokia "performance" WP device will be called will be as nice as this looks.

I don't like it, it looks like all the rest of the android slabs that are fired out weekly. I expect something different from Nokia. More European.

i dont think this is a product. it's a developer teaser. it might either be a developer phone or just a mock up. it looks like the old sony ericson that ran Symbian.

Look at the still photo, something fishy about the background to some of the icons. Points to mock up to me.