Nokia Ace shown on screen at the Design Museum or more unicorns?

Could the device we see on screen in the above photo be the "Nokia Ace (opens in new tab)", or are we still beating a dead horse? The look certainly is familiar, it's good to see the Lumia 800 (opens in new tab) and N9 taking place at the Design Museum though. Two smartphones that really paved the path to great hardware.

But in honesty, it's probably just a generic render for Nokia and not the "Ace".

Source: Facebook (opens in new tab), thanks Edward for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • that looks INCREDIBLY thin. hence i'm with you that it's just a render.
  • ;)
  • The Ace dream lives on!But in all seriousness I hope we (U.S. folk) receive some exciting news when Nokia announces their U.S. lineup in Q1-2012.
  • Which museum is this taken from?The ACE will definitely be coming in Q1 2012.
  • Its most probably just a rendering but all great things come from a thought or prototype design. I believe an "Ace" device from nokia has to be an innovative handset as far as the hardware is concerned. IMO hardware design is what hooks the majority of people who are not in the know about software capabilities. If Nokia "builds it, they will come" and the people will see that WP is equally as capable.
  • if they make the ace look like the renders that showed up on Engadget way back I will buy it day one and sell my forthcoming focus s regardless of what it costs.
  • I'm pretty sure a device like the Ace will come. Nokia has been consistently alluding to the fact that more devices will be coming. They probably just don't wan't to talk about them too much because they don't want a device that's coming out in 3 months to steal the thunder of the 800. Also, when engadget had that interview with the lead designer who was in charge of the N9 he was talking about future designs which were made from the ground up for wp7. That to me sounds like they will be coming out with really square looking phones to match the OS (considering moments before the designer was talking about the roundness of the N9 matching the roundness of many of the elements in Meego).
  • NOKIA TAKE MONEY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will do anything
  • Beating a dead horse.I have a feeling that we're going to be disappointed in what Nokia brings out for 2012... probably won't be till 2013 or fall 2012 Q4 before we see anything wow.
  • Yes, this is why I finally give up with wp7.I have been loyal, I bought a 1st generation device, I have very been patient.But my expectations were also really high. I expected a lot from Mango and mainly a lot from 2nd generation hardware.I could not imagine that the second generation wp7 devices would have such outdated and low specifications.Windows Phone will probably be great in 2 or 3 years, as you said, but at the moment the OS is still not mature and the devices proposed are terrible (no even a 32GB device).I am going to Android (mainly because I need storage) and will maybe revert ro Windows Phone in 2 or 3 years... or maybe not.
  • Can you not expand the memory on the device? I did with my Samsung focus. Oh yeah! My focus performs very well against what you deem second generation hardware with 16GB men & 1GHz processor. We don't need people like you onboard....See ya!
  • a lot if not all of the newer devices you can't expand the memory. they switched from the built in microSD cards to a more permanent memory. this is the cause of the HTC mango phone. But all these low spec phones are horrible yes I know WP7 runs smoothly regardless but the devices are also lacking on features. 5mp cams when 8 is becoming standard, 8gb 16gb when 32gb is usually offered on other phones. Honestly the Titan with its 4.7 screen (yes its a bit big for some) is the only decent in my open mango phone. it should of had 32gb though
  • What is it with guys like you? Nokia stated that there would be several price points and the would deliver at least two devices in 2011(they delivered). Nokia is based overseas; why would they deliver two US first? They wouldn't. And why would the target a flagship device when iPhone was released in same month? It would be a bad business choice because iPhone still has the high end users captivated. So you first target the audience who's imagination iphone doesn't have(lower price point audience). They've done this with the first two devices. High-end units coming in January.
  • No there never said January, they said next year. Bloggers/Writers said January ... and they did have several price points shown in the two phones they present. Yes, I understand everyone wants Nokia to build this Magical Ace phone that was rendered by some artist online but lets be realistic it too Nokia 6-8mons to basically port wp7 over to existing hardware. It's going to be fall 2012 Q4 or 2013 before anything huge is made by them. The next phone will probably just be the same N9 design but with front came and will probably only be release in Europe and then 6mons later in the US and elsewhere. Pretty much its up to HTC and Samsung (maybe dell) to design anything wow for WP, and even then its just reused Android device hardware. Nokia's focus is everywhere else except the US for now, and its always been like that so I don't see that changing.
  • Sh.t Nokia take my money and forgot to say that Iphone is so Steev Jobs
  • Sorry to break your hopes, but this is just the Nokia Lumia 800 without the coloured casing.
  • Is that a Metro surface table in the foreground? Now I would buy THAT in a heartbeat.