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Nokia Windows Phone apps are now published under 'Microsoft Mobile Oy'

It had to happen sooner or later. Nokia apps on Windows Phone Store, including Nokia MixRadio, Nokia Camera, and others are now published by Microsoft Mobile Oy. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Microsoft Mobile Oy is the wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corp formed after the acquisition of the devices business of Nokia Corporation.

Before the change, apps had 'Nokia Corporation' as the publisher name. While the publisher name has changed, the category listing for Nokia and recommended by Nokia apps still says ‘Apps from Nokia’.

Not all apps have been affected. The HERE suite of apps – HERE Maps, HERE Transit, HERE Drive+, HERE City Lens –​ retain the publisher name 'Here Europe B.V.', since the HERE division at Nokia wasn’t a part of the deal and remains with Nokia.

It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft addresses app branding now the company has control of the app collection.

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Nokia Windows Phone apps are now published under 'Microsoft Mobile Oy'



Oy stands for Osakeyhtiö, literally a "stock company", which is the Finnish equivalent of a limited company (LTD or LLC). Powered by Wikipedia :).


Yip!,  All parts of the purchase will be tied up as part of that legal entity, which will limit Microsoft's liabilities into that entity.  It will also mean it will be easier to be able to sell those assets assigned to that entity in the future if they so wish.

Similar as GmbH in Germany; B.V. in Netherlands; Ltd in UK; S.A. In Belgium; a/s in Denmark etc etc

Airtel is the most popular mobile operator in India (like those of AT&T, Verizon etc in US regions) except that it doesn't come with contracts.
I think it's a matter of time, they'll soon update publishers name in all regions...
WP store has nothing to do with Airtel. It's not play store or Symbian store. WP still doesn't support carrier billing here. So i guess it shouldn't be a matter ;)

I was talking about Airtel because I saw it in Abhishek bhai's screenshot.... I wanted to make my point clear by telling that I am from India...

Go to Nokia collection and see any app that starts with Nokia... under that it says Microsoft Mobile Oy.
But when you go to more from MS Mobile Oy it says "sorry, no app are found"

They can't, the headquarters of that subdivision is located in Finland, so it has to be registered under the Finnish Government. You can have it registered under the US but have it located in Finland.

The division is still alive a Microsoft where they will have even more resources to continue making the amazing products many around the world have come to love.

This is true, however, B.V. (or even GmbH) look good when written, "Oy", not so much. Doesn't really have much appeal, I'd say.

Not by people who speak proper Portuguese. People who speak proper Portuguese say "Olá". Kids used to say "Oi" but even that nowadays is being replaced with "hey". But then again, kids nowadays aren't speaking that much...they sound more and more like primates when they open their mouths =P

Probably they will be limited to Windows Phone by Microsoft only instead of being free to all WPs. At least that's how it should be.

I think mixradio will eventually disappear as standalone app and find its way into (Xbox) music...

My store still says Nokia Collection....and when I tap on more from Microsoft mobile oy it says NO APPS FOUND.

Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! Nokia always sounded better!!! I feel sad about the acquisition. It'll never feel right when I say I got a Microsoft Mobile phone. Either make it sound better ( Apple phone = iPhone) and don't tell me Xbox phone! Or buy the Nokia brand name and call the devices out of the US: Nokia, and call the devices in the US: Surface phone.
I guess this would solve alot of problems with Nokia lovers.

They can't buy the Nokia name for smartphones ;) Anyway, I'll never ever refer to a Nokia as a Microsoft phone. They were NOT made by Microsoft so there's no reason to call them that. Only future phones will be Microsoft phones... And I'm not buying a single one of them anyway...

I don't think so. But at any rate, I'd never buy a Surface phone. Not when I've already had enough problems with the lack of quality in Surface hardware. So to me the Surface-bridge is burnt.

LOL No, thanks. Samsung is crap and after seeing the display on a friend's HTC M7 went beserk for no reason, that's out of the list too.

It's not the same company nor the same corporate spirit. Just because ex-Nokia employees work for MM, it doesn't make their future phones Nokias. Otherwise Jolla phones would also be Nokia because Jolla is also made by ex-Nokia employees.

I don't want nor trust Microsoft as an OEM. Software, fine. Hardware, no, thanks. Also, I will not support anything that was formed through the partial-destruction of my favourite corporation. The fact that I'm willing to stay with Windows Phone as long as Sony should already be good enough for Microsoft.

my oh my, you've painted yourself into a corner...    So, I wonder how long it will be before you either have to backtrack on what you've said, or get yourself an Android....

I am not going to discount MM's build quality before I even see an example of it.

I would like to see 'comment rating' (recommendation or upvote/downvote) feature here on WPCentral website.

On the topic, I think Microsoft Mobile'd have been a better name.

Blasted full time IT job!!!! I noticed this morning when only one app had the name changed to Microsoft Mobile Oy and I was going to publish an article about it on MNB/GOG.........sigh.

So many times....I have seen things before WPC or anyone publishes an article and I just don't have the time to write sooner rather than later.

I agree, many people knew before I knew it. I'm speaking about not having the time that it takes to publish an article.

Nop. Should I? I think I've only seen one of their "review" videos once and it was so biassed towards Apple that I never felt any will to return there.

I hope next is firmware updates directly from Microsoft Mobile Oy bypassing carriers... it's a dream -_-

Valid question, why doesn't this happen now anyway? Over WiFi connections (which most people are on right?)

I already have 4 stores. American, Greek, German and Chinese. I think 1 more store won't matter.

So since they are no longer Nokia apps, should I guess these apps are going to be available for ALL Windows Phones?

Why not just let the consumer decide? I'd rather get the LG G3 with WP8.1, but I can't do that until they release the Nokia collection to all phones.

If they don't like the Microsoft phone, why would you force them to buy a phone that they don't want? I'm sure Microsoft would rather have me buy their phone, but if I wanted to buy the G3, then I would have to buy an Android and I'm sure Microsoft would rather me buy a Windows Phone from one of their partners instead of an Android.

Microsoft under Nadella is more interested in selling you their OS than their hardware. So I do hope and expect that all these apps end up being made available to everyone.

Because these apps have been with us since Lumia existent and other oem shouldn't benefit from them. Let those oem differentiate themselves their way without having to make Lumia devices less unique. It's bad enough here went to the others.

Then that'll be more work for them, and since they wont want to do as much as Microsoft, it'll be a sub-par experience on non-Microsoft phones, which is the exact opposite of what Microsoft needs.

The Lumia brand hasn't really been defined by some exclusive apps. Its been defined by the Nokia brand, amazing cameras, and great hardware. Making these apps available to everyone will tarnish nothing.

Nokia brand has been defined by these apps. Lumia phones were the phones you knew had the best app support along with the camera and hardware. The Nokia exclusives were why a lot of people went Lumia.

Except Nokia is gone from the OEM business until 2016. Now the apps are under Microsoft and in case you haven't noticed, Microsoft doesn't have exclusive apps for their Surface line. There's no reason to have them on their Lumia line either. Exclusive apps make sense when you have independent OEMs. When the OEM is Microsoft, the maker of the OS, any exclusive apps only serve to drive away the other OEM partners.

Microsoft should not make these apps available to all OEM's. They are one of the few things that separates Lumia's from other Windows phone out there.

And why do Lumia's need to be separate from a software standpoint? They set themselves far apart from a hardware standpoint. Why wouldn't Microsoft give these apps to everyone and boost the overall WP experience?

I ove my Lumia but I agree Microsoft Mobile apps should be open to all hardware now.  It gives me and other consumers more hardware choices to choose from.

Why does non Lumia device deserve any of these apps? It's not like the windows phone experience is different for them.

I don't expect Samsung or HTC to make theirs available so why should Microsoft

Let's see if this works, the poms should be used to hearing this at the cricket...
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Interesting that Microsoft Mobile is now the publisher of App Folders. Almost makes it look like an official feature.

They shoud just drop the Oy.  You don't normally see MS stuff listed as Microsoft Inc. so no need for Oy.

But how will they rename the actual apps? Like Nokia Camera, Nokia Cinemagraph etc? These should remain exclusive to Microsoft, in my opinion.

Need I tell you that if it weren't for Nokia Microsoft would not have gained that much share in the market. Blackberry would have been on the third position, had Microsoft put their hopes on Samsung and HTC.

Microsoft should integrate nokia's software into the main os and brand the Lumia software to the surface brand

If Nokia phones wouldn't have boosted the Windows mobile market, there would not be so many titles available on the store.