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Nokia Beamer now in the Windows Phone Store, but you need Lumia Black to use it

About two weeks ago we got our first look at Nokia’s new Beamer app. Outside of the new devices they unveiled, it was probably the coolest thing we saw at Nokia World. It’s a really cool app that will allow you to display the content of your Windows Phone onto any screen, check the video after the break to see it in action. Anyways, the app is now available for you to download in the Windows Phone Store.

As you can see in the video, Beamer is pretty awesome. Not only can you share images from your phone to larger displays, but you can do so much more with it. For example, run your next PowerPoint presentation from your Lumia device with Beamer. Here are the features from the description:

  • Beam to laptops, tablets, TVs, and even smartphones
  • Share nearby – scan a QR code on the target display
  • Share remotely – send a link by email, SMS or social media
  • Send the link to as many people as you want
  • Shake or Auto Update – choose how to refresh your screen

The app was just updated today and includes an improved user interface and new quality settings. Of course we don’t have any Lumia Black devices around, but if you happen to have one feel free to update.

Of course, the app works well with a fast internet connection. We were on Wi-Fi at the event when we filmed the video above and you can see it lag a bit on the congested network. You’re also going to need the Lumia Black firmware update for your Lumia device. In the meantime, you can download the app to your phone since it’s now in the Store. Of course, you’ll get an error message if you launch it, but it’s nice having it there as you wait for the Lumia Black update.

We can't wait to use this app again. 

You can find Nokia’s Beamer app in the Windows Phone Store. You can also use the QR codes below or swipe to the right in our app to get it. 

Thanks for the tip nanoware!

QR: Beamer


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Nokia Beamer now in the Windows Phone Store, but you need Lumia Black to use it


GDR3 hasn't been sent OTA to many phones by US carriers ( I think only Sprint for HTC's) let alone by T Mobile to it's customers  you shouldn't feel left out...

It won't be next year. He is going by the erroneous statement made by Microsoft, which was almost immediately rebuffed by Nokia, who said that it would be coming weeks. Since this is Nokia's update, I'd go with what they said, to begin with, but yesterday's publish of Nokia Beamer, which doesn't work without Black, is further evidence that Black is inbound very soon. If we don't have it by the weekend I will be surprised. If we do have it today I will not be.

No, they did the same thing with another app right before Amber was released.  I don't remember if it was Glance Background, or something else, but they published an app, and within a day or two the update was out for a bunch of us (like I say in another post, I don't expect it to be out for all - carriers aren't that coordinated).

No, now that Beamer is published, waiting until black Friday would NOT be cool.  If it isn't out this week, I will be surprised.

If we get it today, I will not be surprised. If we haven't got it by he weekend, I will be.
And by "we", I mean that it has been pushed out publicly to *someone*. I don't expect that *everyone* will get it immediately.

Well the Xbox One is black so maybe November will be a months where they release everything "black" (aka Nokia Black)

Ofcourse not. But the least i expect from someone who laments about people not understanding sarcasm is to use sarcasm correctly and know what sarcasm really is. Just saying.. :)

What the hell is wrong with people these days. You just mention the word 'black' and there is always someone who automatically thinks you are racist.



Man, this for me was the most exciting part of the Dubai event. Sure there was excellent hardware but for businesses, this app shows why WP more precisely Nokia Lumias make sense for business phones. This app plus office makes it easier for me to recommend WP.

Yes! Coolest app from Nokia but I wish they come up with an app to record the screen too just like the screenshot...

Not really, android devices support mircast so you can display anything on your phone, not just photos. So any andy device can do the same trick. And the S4 chip actually supports miracast as well but I doubt we will ever see support added to WP.

Can Android devices display my Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation? Maybe S4 with that chip and what not can, right? I need to buy a Nexus and start doing my PowerPoint presentations via those apps. Don't want to wait for black or white!

I'd agree with you that I'd prefer something standard like Miracast, but I'd bet that it'll eventually come whenever we get WP 8.1.  It'd be a mistake not to now that Windows 8.1 supports it.

Miracast is not even close to the same thing as DLNA, no.


And for that matter, Windows Phone doesn't uniformly support DLNA, a single app does (for some device manufacturers, but not all), which only plays a very limited number of files.  It'd be one thing if Windows Phone had Windows 8's Play To support that all apps can take advantage of.  Windows Phone 8 is much more restricted than that... to the point where it's near useless.

Nice of them to release it... when nobody can use it yet lol. It sounds a great app though, I'm looking forward to using it. Probably be a while until my 920 sees Black though.

Yes true, that's the best way round, it's just a bit of a tease for us current Lumia owners, as Black will come a lot later than the people who buy the 1320 and 1520. If we don't upgrade to either of those phones, we'll just have to patiently wait for Black :)

Well to me Nokia and At&t are the same Nokia announces hardware with no release date and At&t with there coming soon updates and never arrive.

PhotoBeamer just beams... photos. Nokia Beamer shares whatever is on your screen. Watch the video above to see it in action. 

I guess that will depend on your internet connection. As you see in the video above it lagged when doing simple web pages, but that was because the network there was so congested. We'll see how it good it is with a fast, uncongested connection. 

Will you guys have a video of it on an uncongested connection soon? Looked horribly laggy at Nokia World but I'm hoping that's just down to the connection.

My guess is since it is HTML and JavaScript, and you can't guess what Nokia's servers load are at the time there will always be some lag. I wouldn't except video to play all that well unless they upgraded the beamer service to have a native client for the web that can optimize for conditions and refresh rates. Still, this is a great leap forward and welcomed.

I downloaded but am sure I will have forgotten by the time I get Black update. I really want my RAW support stat!

So much applications for this. Karaoke from phone to screen (e.g. Using musiXmatch), demonstrate apps/mobile websites/other content from your phone. It's basically the next best thing apart from having a pico projector! Maybe run a contest as soon as it's out for the most original/useful way of using this new feature?

Probably Photo Beamer, it's a bit smoother and you can jump back into the gallery without showing everyone all your photos. Harder to hook up over a distance though.

That would be cool. I'd love to see the developer preview become a way of skipping operator approval, for those who agree to take matters into their own hands. You could deploy all OEM updates there too; after all, developers need to test OEM-specific features like Nokia's imaging updates.

Here's hoping Nokia Black is actually coming to more than just Nokia devices, like the HTC 8X. Wishful thinking, I know. I already have plans to snag a Nokia WP8 device next year when my contract is due (or try to steal one of my unsuspecting family members upgrades)... mwhahahaha.

Not just wishful thinking ... considering it's called *Nokia* black.

But I guess I know what you mean; the features? Maybe. Maybe MS will integrate them into he OS proper, or maybe they'll keep them as exclusives. Hard to tell. I would say probably the former; with all of Nokia's amazing camera software baked into the OS, it would really provide a killer differentiation for the platform as a whole.

Cool, you can now essentially screen record your phone! Just beam it to your PC and record it from there. The only problem might be network lag.

Yes!!!! Now I can do mirroring for my streaming! Thank you Nokia! (oh wait, now I just need the update...almost there....)

I love when people don't read the article, app page or comments before downloading and trying to run something.

I hace Lumia 920 with GDR3, and I can installed but crash when open :| I suppose Lumia Black update has more libraries that this App needs :'(

Very cool, I'd love to use this for class presentations at school! Too bad I'm AT&T, Windows Phone 8.1 will be out by the time they let us update.... >_<

As far as i understand it, you can just mirror your screen to another WP, not a pc - or did i get things wrong here?!

So long as the screen you're trying to mirror to can display the website, it can display this app. It works exactly like Nokia's PhotoBeamer. Nearly anything that can display Photobeamer can display this.

So yes, it can work with PCs, and pretty much anything with a web browser, for that matter.

It won't work without the Lumia Black firmware, which is from Nokia and is a separate update from GDR3.

WOW this app has a hidden option to install Nokia black!!! Its prolly a joke from Nokia to get Lumia black to us early! Omg lumia black is so awesome, I'm,checking it out now and they allow 3 columns!! In order to get Lumia black, open the beamer app and keep tapping on the loading text below the error message, then after about 1 minute u get a short animation that announces Nokia black and you can proceed install.

So do you just point it at your tv and tell it to work?  Or is it that you'd have to connect a laptop with HDMI, then open an email from this app, and then it shows up?

If you have a smart tv, a console, or anything that supports a browser, you've got it. It's something like airplay.

What would happen if you were "beaming" to a Nokia that was "beaming" to your phone, that would be some weird Nokia Paradox. :D

This is awesome.. But i still wait nokia or ms create screen recorder.. Go microkia, fuck google n lagdroid.. Fuck ios toy

Got this app downloaded on my 520 as I hav developer preview of update3 but as soon as I open this app, it shows something went wrong and need to restart app...

oo yeeah i need a lumia bring that 1520 as soon as possible!!!! man i like that phone!! and first i thought it's too big but when i saw it near that 925 i just realised it has the perfect size for me..the 925 screen it's just too small..

Does this mean I can finally use NFL mobile and watch it on my tv for the Monday and Thursday night games? Seeing as I don't have ESPN or the NFL channels. I wish Microsoft would hurry up with the miracast support.

I did the Dev preview on my 810 and bypassed waiting for T-Mobile (Which knowing T-Mobile, I'd never get the update), but GRD3 runs awesome...Anyone who is sick of waiting download the Dev Preview

I got the Lumia Black update this evening in my Nokia Lumia 1020, But still unable to download this app. Is it because currently i am in India ? I tried even changing the settings in my phone to country USA(since i bought it in USA @ AT&T 1 month back). No luck yet. any suggestions....?

I just updated by L920 to the Black update. Although I could download Nokia Storyteller, but Nokia Beamer says the app is not available for your device. ANy reason why this is not happening, or is it that Nokia Beamer only works outisde India. Can I get a response to this query please ?