Nokia giving Symbian owners a taste of Windows Phone

Own a Symbian device? Curious what Windows Phone feels like? Don't want to go down to the local wireless store to see?

Nokia has the answer. If you have a compatible Symbian device from Nokia you can download a demo of Windows Phone as it appears on the Lumia 800 and take it out for a test drive of sorts.

The interactive demo is just another example of how Nokia is investing heavily with the Windows Phone platform. The demo app has limited functionality but should give Nokia fans a glimpse of how Windows Phone can make life easier.

You can download the Nokia Lumia 800 app here at Nokia's OVI Store. There is a Nokia Phone Selector on this page to let you see if your current Nokia phone is compatible.

via: MyNokiaBlog Thanks goes out to Just Visiting for the tip!


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Nokia giving Symbian owners a taste of Windows Phone


Happily the E7-00 is a compatible device for the demo.I REALLY want that phone's specs bumped up a bit and given the Mango treatment.

We all know that the Metro UI is, well, beautiful and mesmorizing; so for Nokia to develop an interactive app for their current Symbian users is truly a brilliant avenue to 'assimilate' them!Even though I'm already aware of WP, and will be purchasing my first WP device (by Nokia), if I were 'on the fence', installing this app on my N8 would definitely win me over. Yes, it's only interactive and pales in comparison to the *actual* experience, but seeing the Metro UI on my N8 is really cool:)The interactive parts aren't extensive, but it gives the user the ability to slide to unlock, swipe within the Marketplace and People Hub, and demos notifications which then takes you to the Messaging Hub; it then demos chat and attaching a pic from the Pictures hub into the chat message. It also demonstrates I.E.And so far, the review of the app has 4/5 stars, so it seems people are liking it!Nokia and WP is a winning partnership.

Would be even more brilliant if WP was actually better than a supposedly dead OS like Symbian.Symbian = real multitasking. Enough said.

I just saw the phones seems to look very nice. And finally different colors. But sadly it will probably be on the t-mobile/at&t network.

@MarkAllett...There are way more Symbian devices than Harmattan-Meego. Besides, given that N9 users just paid an arm and a leg for their device (to which the funding will go to further develop WP efforts among other things), I'm sure Nokia didn't want N9 users to have buyers remorse :)Nokia/WP FTW!

Must have been pretty galling for the Symbian developer who had to knock this up.. or is it done in Flash or something? Wouldn't mind seeing a video of this in action.

What a great idea. On the other mobile sites I visit, there is so much resentment from Symbian users that Nokia is going to have a hard time attracting even a small portion of them. This is a fantastic way to attempt to bridge that gap.