Nokia Lumia 601 pictures surface

Nokia Lumia 601

We caught sight of a new Nokia device in a promo video the other day that highlighted a new Nokia Windows Phone. We first suspsected it could be the Nokia Ace/900 but Pocketnow has gotten a hold of images of a very similar looking phone, the Nokia Lumia 601.

Not much in detail on the Lumia 601 beyond the 8mp f2.8 camera on the back. The Nokia Blog is pointing out that the camera resembles that of what is on the Nokia C7, which is a full focus camera. Which would be a downer in that full focus cameras (what us old timers call a fixed focus camera) will only focus on items about two feet and beyond.  Basically, you can only take pictures of items beyond an arms length.

Hopefully, the Lumia 601's camera only shares appearance similarities with the C7.  So what do you think? Like the style of the Lumia 601?

via: Nokia Blog source: Pocketnow Thanks goes out to craggit for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 601 pictures surface


wow... 601? extreme low end phone, probably $49 to $99 on contract, possibly free.
Great looking design... yeah, one of the major price points that Nokia/MS wants to attack first. Spec whores won't go for it, but a lot of regular folks will just off the design.

Just for the record if this device is genuine it will be the 2nd generation of Nokia's 8p Edof camera which can focus from about 30cm to infinity.

You guys are professionals?
"We caught site of a new Nokia device...". The 'site' must obviously be 'sight', if you didn't know already.
If you're dyslexic, then it's okay, but I only expect 13-year-olds to make such bad, bad mistakes. Correct it!

Gosh.  You are incredibly rude.  How about calming down and being a little bit nicer in your posts?  There is really no call for posting messages with such a nasty tone, especially over something so small.
These guys do a great job here so cut them (or the spell checker) some slack.

When people are saying "photoshopped", you mean the back-side, right? I mean, the front-side is exactly taken from the Nokia developer video that started this whole speculation.  The front-side is definitely not photoshopped. If it was, then Nokia did it.
I surmise that the back-side is photoshopped especially the camera feature. Looks a bit off.  Anyways, I do like the design. I would only get the Nokia if it had a Front Face Camera b/c I'd use that feature.