Nokia Lumia 800 coming to Vodafone Ireland

Lumia 800 Ireland

Good news for our Irish brothers, Vodafone IE is looking to bring the Lumia 800 to Ireland. Nokia's flagship Windows Phone has received positive attention from both the bloggersphere and owners across Europe, which will make the handset a welcomed addition to the Irish arsenal. No word yet on pricing or availability, but we would hazard a guess that it'll be competitive and be in line with what we've seen in the UK.

Source: Vodafone, thanks Liam for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 800 coming to Vodafone Ireland


This is great news, but it might be worth re-doing the text so that it doesn't say that Ireland is part of the UK!

Not really ignorant at all. Geographically it's located within the UK. I would have written "rest of Europe" but I felt that constricting it to just the UK was enough (plus it's where the 800 was announced/advertised). It doesn't state that Ireland is within the UK, as general knowledge should have readers already aware of the difference with N Ireland, but that pricing and availability of colours etc. should fall in line with what's already seen in the UK.
As a goodwill gesture, I'll edit the article slightly.

First of all, Ireland is not within the UK. But its great that Vodafone are promoting Windows Phone. Its a pity the likes of Meteor offer so little in terms of windows phone.
Anytime I enquire about Windows Phones in Meteor stores they literally haven't a clue what in on about! I have an unlocked HTC Titan since last week....its awesome!!! Although I miss super amoled screen :(

Windows phone Ireland have a great Facebook page for all of those WP fans in Eire.

Didn't get where he put Ireland as part of UK.. But do you see mister Rich Edmunds how touchy we are about our nationality.

Which is perfectly understandable, and why I altered the last sentence slightly to further reflect the difference. On the other hand, I'm touchy about people misspelling my surname :-P

Hi Rich,
Many months after your last posting in this thread but I hope you are still able to read this.
I am considering the Lumia 800. I have read on the web that Vodafone UK issue this phone unlocked. Is this also the case in Ireland?
I spend 75% of my time either on a plane or in different parts of the world. My norm is to take up a Sim in whatever country and use it with an old unlocked phone that I have. Clearly, if the Lumia was unlocked, this would provide me the advantage of being able to use a current, up to date phone.