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Have questions about the Lumia 925? Want to discuss if your carrier is getting it? Want to talk about how Nokia nailed it (or flubbed it)? You'll want to head to our new Lumia 925 sub-forum to get your discussion on. If you're already not a member of the largest Windows Phone site in the world, well, today's your chance!

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Nokia Lumia 925 Forums are now open!


Heh, I'm famous! doesn't look like a bad little phone, if I didn't already have a 920, I'd go for this!

I disagree that its butt ugly, but I loathe the bump on the back for the lense.  That alone would keep me from buying it.  I really like that they're getting the phone thinner and lighter though.  Overall, I'd say its a very good iteration on the 920.

Not even in the neighborhood of ugly. Its on T-Mo but why not have a flagship WP there too?  Especially in the 900 + class of Nokia phones.

Seriously tired of the complaining, in general. This and the 928 are flagships on two of the three US carriers. This should be viewed as positive.

The 925 comes with either 16 or 32GB of storage.  T-Mobile opted for only the 16GB model to carry.  - Memory: 1GB RAM, 16 GB user memory (32GB on Vodafone).

Its nice, I should've know it wasn't something for at&t. I guess I have to think about getting the red 920 again..

I like the way it looks in the back. Since its on T-mo without contracts, I am inclined to pick this puppy up.  It looks really nice.

The only touch it's missing is the oval-like shape of the Carl Zeiss logo on the back. This is a clear distinction for Nokia amongst smartphones.

I'll wait for the 920 upgrade.  I do like this though.  I just would rather have wireless charging built in.