Nokia releases new beta of Ringtone Maker, supports more file formats

Ringtone Maker

Nokia has released a new beta version of its Ringtone Maker over on the Nokia Beta Labs. The app enables consumers to create ringtones from locally stored music files, removing the requirement to upload, edit and save files using various free web services. Numerous tools and controls are available to edit the chosen file.

Version introduces support for MWA, M4A, WMA and AAC formats alongside MP3. Minor optimisations and bug fixes have also been applied to improve stability. Be sure to head on over to Nokia Beta Labs and the Windows Phone Store to download the latest version of the Nokia Ringtone Maker beta (listed for Windows Phone 8 only).

Source: Nokia Beta Labs; thanks, OscarMaDi, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Nokia releases new beta of Ringtone Maker, supports more file formats


Numerous tools and controls to edit the chosen file?
All I can do is select the section of the song to clip. Am I missing something?

Nokia doing more for WP8 than Mocrosoft!
I always hear that Nokia is helping (for e.g. whatsapp team) to bring app to WP8.
Shame on you Microsoft.

Man. Nokia is off the hook. I have an 8x to just play with, and it is a great device. It pains me that sprint will not have a high end Nokia device.

Now only if Microsoft released its own ringtone maker, so non Nokia WP users dont have to get stuck with 3rd party apps.

Does anyone else not see their songs when they run the app?
I can see the album art, but the app tells me that "Cant open this type of file. Select another for your rintone and try again"
All my songs are mp3 format.