Nokia teams up with Wortmann AG in Germany to boost its share of the B2B market

Lumia 920

Nokia and Wortmann AG today announced a new partnership for Nokia smartphones in the B2B market. Wortmann AG is a Microsoft distributor in Germany and is expected to utilise its previous experience to work wonders with Nokia hardware for businesses. The Nokia Lumia 1520 will join the Lumia 1020 and other Windows Phones to expand on Wortmann's IT solutions. 

The tenth Wortmann AG road show will commence on February 5th, which will feature numerous products including notebooks, servers and cloud services, and now the Lumia family of Windows Phones. The road show will hit Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and other German towns and cities.

We've previously covered Nokia kicking off a new programme in the UK to further increase its share of the B2B market. This is yet another channel the Finnish company is heading through to drum up more custom.

Source: Nokia, via: WMPU


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Nokia teams up with Wortmann AG in Germany to boost its share of the B2B market


enterprise adoption helped blackberry in their glory days. Nokia would do well to adopt this as they are doing currently. Plus, staying relevant with the common man's expectations and evolving to stay up to date with technology; These are the things Nokia has got right, just has to continue. I hope microsoft lets the Nokia spirit stay and doesn't throw it's own BS into the mix. Of course, unless, they throw in some good ideas.
Here's hoping Mr. Nadella bring back the the MSFT shine.

Since Microsoft will own this part of Nokia I wonder if the sales teams will be merged, there is a lot Nokia can teach their counterparts.

Looks like even after Nokia sales it's device division they will still be heavily involved in supporting WP..
Something tells me that even if Nokia goes back into the device market, in the future, they will continue to make WP devices.. I don't see them really ever making Android devices, but if they do then they will have a line of Android, and WP devices to offer.. It just makes sense because Nokia should know by now that they can Excel in both markets..
Everyone wins with this theory❕

Wahrscheinlich, weil sie B2B sind.
Probably because they are B2B and we as mostly normal consumers don't hear anything about them.