Nokia X and its Windows Phone-esque theme shown again in photos

With only a few days before Mobile World Congress, some recent photos purporting to show Nokia’s X phone, aka ‘project Normandy’, have made their debut online. Nokia X is the supposed name for the low-cost, entry level device, which is similar to the Lumia 520.

Despite the Nokia X running a forked-version of Android, readers may have noticed that it looks awfully inspired by a certain Windows Phone OS. Indeed, you could even describe its ‘start’ screen as Tile-esque. Of course, this isn’t the first time we have seen what ‘X’ will look like, but it’s interesting to see just how inspired Nokia was from their own Lumia line.

Readers may be wondering, besides the UI similarities, what is the long term play for X? Why even make it look like Windows Phone? Or how will Nokia even describe it? It’s hard to know at this point, but it does raise interesting questions about Android, Microsoft, Windows Phone and whether if any of those will cross paths at some point in the future.

Stay tuned, as Monday morning (Barcelona time), Nokia will be sharing this with the world. We’ll be there to cover it live.

Source: CoolXap; via Android Central


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Nokia X and its Windows Phone-esque theme shown again in photos



Great. I think MS is already behind this project. Once the costumer buy this phone, and want to upgrade, nokia will offer the Lumias.

I totally disagree with you, you think that Nokia's Handset division made all these marvolous updates and features on WP8? Nokia has alot more to give to this world... ask anyone who works in an operator and they will tell you that half of the technology they impliment is provided by Nokia...


I think MS will kill what was nokia trying to achive unless they leave All the current employees untouched without firing and re-hiring people...


I admire finnish people, Ive been there they are hard workers and smart people!

Exactly! Nokia is rumored to buy Juniper Networks (Worthing something around 15bn$) to extend their network division.
I don't think it would be possible if the handset division was the most important division at Nokia.

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ABSOLUTELY... The Handset division did ALL the phone features.. You and the Nokia fanboys just gotta live with the fact Nokia is a Navigation / patent troll company now.

Yeah right, because if they were a part of MS, this phone would not be released. If Meego was so good, then why replace it in the low-end sector with a forked version of Android running Nokia services? This just proves Meego isn't as good as all the Euros were saying when we kept hearing, "Meego (asha)was on fire(selling) well before Elop chose WP". the fact is, even though Elop chose wp, they never stopped producing, marketing, or selling their low-end Meego(Asha) phones. So again if they were ?selling so well, why dump it in favor of Android? Why don't they use jolla, sailfin since their so great?? Nokia, is just a flip flopper who never stays the course.....Thank GOD Microsoft is purchasing the Devices business, now the may get some consistency. Guys, I own 1 L900, 2 L920, 2 L928, & 1 L822, so I'm not anti-Nokia, I just notice that they can't make up their minds and are all over the place and have been since before Elop joined Nokia; He simply made the decision Nokia can't seem too and it's showing its ugly face again now that he's gone. Asha, maemo, meego, jolla, sailfin, now forked Android.....how can you make a profit by splitting r&d funds between all those OSes (they don't have the money Microsoft,Google, and Apple has)

WTF -- OMG55 -- are you talking about? "Euros" is currency...... That's like calling American people Dollars..... Ha ha ha ha

I've heard the term "Euros" used to describe Europeans as far back as the 1960s. Like "Yanks", "Brits", or "Canucks", it's pretty common.

As for Meego, it suffered from the same problems as OS/2, or Blackberry 10: it may have been technically better, but the company selling it kept changing their minds about what to do with it, and the market responded to the confusing marketing message by largely avoiding it.

Just to clarify American people' is people from the whole continent, people from the us are north Americans or us citizens I will never agree with people making them proud to call themselves 'america' that's just part of their name. And I love Nokia, by the way ;)

I always say the same! People from US should call themselves US citizens and nothing more. I am from the US and that's what I do. I avoid refering myself as American because America goes from the last piece of land in Chile all the way up to Canada. Many US people think America is jut this country neglecting the whole land mass the continent is LOL

i used a meego phone in a shop. it was slow and unexciting. good riddance too much money to spend on a new platform. windows phone just works. very happy customer. i think nokia will get some customers at the very low end but android is not very efficient so not sure how it will work with low hardware. hopefully wont give a bad name to lumias.

What are you talking about? Nokia a flip-flopper? WTF? Nokia stayed for years using Symbian; an OS that many people like me still respect and like better than WP. By the time Elop took charge, Nokia was selling more than twice what their competitors were selling --all of them-- TOGETHER. And that is something rarer than a shooting star in bussiness. But then Elop decided to send a memo to scare everyone and say they were on a burning platform (yeah, selling that much and going even higher each quarter? Right -.-), then they moved to Meego on the N9 which was awarded for having the best design and Meego was highly praised almost by everyone, but then again, Elop decided not to develop more Meego devices and not to sell the N9 on many European countries. Then Elop decided to move to WP and eventually sell the devices division to his former enterprise, Microsoft.

I don't know where you get your "facts" from, but the only flip-flopper here is Elop due to his bad decisions. I still believe he is a mole sent from Microsoft. And no, Nokia's devices division being bought by Microsoft is not good for a company that has lead us through so many years and that fell down just because Elop is an asshole. Consistency... haha... It is Microsoft that has to learn from Nokia, not the other way around, and they know it.

@Switch3 Everyone at Nokia (except the former big bosses) knew that Symbian had to go. Nokia themselves said that developing a new phone on the Symbian platform took at least 18 months, and before it could hit the market it would be already old and out of style. Just take a look at BB and what happened when you're a year late to deliver...

Same UI, same services. Free apps will be their choice considering the target for Nokia X is developing market. And yes, android cant buy apps through operator billing

UI is not the same, perhaps the free apps/services will be close enough but if this is for developing market who are seeking budget phones, why are they going to upgrade? The Lumia 520/525 is a great budget phone which would be the same if they did upgrade later to a mid Lumia.

You dont know android well :-) .apk can be installed everywhere. Freedom... And PlayStore will be replaced by Nokia Store which already has 100 top apps and games.
But, i really like how WP handle installment app&game through SDcard.

"freedom isn't always good"

Sadly enough, that's only in theorie. Google is ruining Android, Android is more closed source than open source right now. More and more APIs are moved from Android itselfs to the Google Play Service, making it impossible for a lot of apps to run on a smartphone that doesn't has the Google Services installed, since Google Play Services are part of that package. This phone won't be able to run the usual Android apps.

Your are correct! Does anyone see how they refused MS access to the API, honestly just to show disdain for them, not so much about allowing ads. If WP was as insignificant as they say, why are they monitoring the situation and are doing everything they can to hold developer back from developing for WP going as far as paying them???

MS sued every Android phone maker to collect a fee on every android phone because MS holds the patent on the RIL (radio interface layer) which is 100% required in every cell phone or the OS cannot make phone calls. Google was getting even refusing MS access to their API's for their services, which is not the same as blocking access to android OS which is completely open source with GPL.

Hmm google play os the only thing which is the only stupid thing used by ppl.Thats the main reason they buy android

most of the apps that people use are free and available cross platform, even more will be by the time people intend to switch.

Except that the store which as we know is very, very critical so nothing moves forward to the new phone. I simply don't see any good coming from this phone except for more segmentation. It causes confusion with customers. MS and Nokia needs to focus on the core platform even if that means making a more slimmed version of the OS which I know was being worked internally at some point.

Microsoft can't tell Nokia what to do until the sell is final....this is why you see Nokia adopting its stupid habit of developing a phone for many OSes and spreading any potential gains thin therefore effectively killing itself.....thank goodness Microsoft is buying the devices division to end this foolishness.

Microsoft is behind this project.

The point is, that Nokia has develloped it way before the deal with MS was complete. So if they wouldn't publish it now, they would put all the cost for research, devellopment to the garbish can. On the other hand, if they finish the product, show it the public and sell it in stores, they can get some money back. That's the only reason, my guess.

True. I mean, everybody hopes MS to kill Nokia X before being announced. The fact is, MS uses this X for extending WP market itself;))

By the way isn't the whole Android vs. WP debate centered around apps? So if the Nokia X isn't going to have Google play, etc then what's the point? Android users still want their 17 trillion apps to choose from! I'm just confused I guess...

Well, the Nokia X looks like it was a skunksworks project at Nokia. The corporate decision was to go with Windows Phone, but other departments were still messing around with Symbian, and other OSes, this came out of that.

If this phone turns out to be a major seller, then it's a profitable alternative to the S40/Asha line that's being phased out, and Nokia wins.

If it turns out to be a dud, then it's validation that Nokia made the right decision in not going with Android two years ago, and Nokia doesn't lose much.

As for apps, one of the comments that Elop made in 2011 was the Google "wanted too much" for Android. Critics have been lambasting that, saying that Google only charges for access to the Google apps, and that Android itself could carry a line of phones. This will test that idea.

25% of the world cell phone market runs on fork Android phones. They are very inexpensive and popular in countries like China and India. The forked Android phone market share grew a lot in 2013 so it makes sense for Nokia to have a phone in that market to be competitive. The rest of the world wants a Android phone, so I don't believe we will see this phone outside of India, China, Kenya, and other emerging markets. Having a WPish interface will allow MS to introduce the WP philosophy at the same time.

Not really as the UI doesn't seem to have any live elements to it, just a tile back drop with icons grouped and resting on them. So to me, it doesn't have any of the features the make WP unique.

I don't think build is the announcement of new devices, but rather the software that runs on them.

Yes it is for both software and surfaces and Lumia devices too. Its better they dont leak that as MS plans big everytime at build. So we have to keep paitence.

"This" is an Asha successor designed for developing markets where Windows Phone handsets, and even more, Asha handsets, may not fare well due to lack of specific apps or being a few dollars too high for the average consumer in said market.

Is this phone that much cheaper than the Lumia 520? If not, what's the point? Why not just promote that one more? If so, why not an alternative like making a super cheap Windows 7 phone instead? WP7's hardware requirements are old enough that that hardware should be cheap to make.

My comment was in hopes that it would renew interest in WP7. I sympathize with those still stuck on WP7 who are getting screwed over right now, and I thought this could be a semi-solution to that problem while simultaneously allowing Microsoft and Nokia to pursue the very low-end smartphone market with a better solution than using Android.If Microsoft can update these Android apps, why wouldn't they update the WP7 apps?

WP7 is dead. No OS support. No app support, Android App updates would be as simple as getting a copy of the apk and pushing it via their custom store. WP7 would require developers outside Microsoft control to put effort into a making apps for a dead OS with no support. Part of the reason WP8 & Asha isn't fairing well within these markets is lack of key apps within certain regions and unavailability of key apps within other. It'd be a pointless sidestep.

It looks like this thing will only run a handful of Microsoft apps, in which case, it should be just as easy for them to update the WP7 apps as it would to update the Android apps. Considering more than 20% of all WP users are on WP7, it would make more sense to show them support than to update Android apps instead.

Wha? This will run Nokia services, not Microsoft. And Microsoft apps are likely low on the list of desired apps in developing markets. You seem to be forgetting this replaces Asha (also without Microsoft services). Furthermore, Microsoft already has their hands ful with WP8, and WP7.x lacks a number of key [third-party] apps in these markets, including some available on WP8. WP7, even if Microsoft would put support into it, would lack the key apps it needs, which is the whole reason Nokia is making this in the first place.

This newly proposed phone will not have google play store, so what's the point if it won't have the benefit of apps???? Makes no since at all

It will have the benefit of Apps. Android apps don't require the play store to run. Nokia will just get a copy of the APK's for the apps they need and put them in their store.

It's all a rather confusing mish mash of styles, OS's and business strategies. Can't really see what Nokia are doing here besides hedging their bets.

I don't truly understand the purpose of going to android with a forked version... Can't Nokia make the same budget-style (which seems to be cheaper than the 520) in a WP model? Having a forked version means that Nokia would have to make its OWN app store, an app store that would be with even less apps than WP store has. Nokia would have to get more energy into making apps for its own forked version, and considering how they've tried to get many apps into WP, it will take a long time. They should just make the same spec version in WP if it is possible, but then again it may not be...

doesnt mean they have to... they can ask russian Yandex app store like Jolla did with their Sailfish OS

And sailfin is selling like hotcakes right now and eating into Android, Apple, Blackberry, and WP's market share......really : |

Asha much? It's much easier (and cheaper) to use one of the many Chinese ARM clones that already run Android to put the base OS on and run a custom UI on top of that than to keep maintaining a full custom OS on updated version of outdated processors. I believe that will mark the beginning of the end to the S40 devices...

No, they don't have too. Google services are not available in China, yet hundreds of millions of smartphone in China run on Android, or rather, customized android with OEM's own app stores or other sorts of third party stores. They are never short of apps and actually they are full of cracked apps too, though malware and viruses may be present as well. But android phones don't need google play to survive, that is the fact

Daniel, do you think they'll actually sell this phone or just pull a 920 and announce it, but no word on carrier support? I'd image they don't actually want to sell this phone that much since they're being bought.

This phone isn't aimed for the USA. I know Americans have a hard time believing this but not only there's World outside the States, that World doesn't need "carrier support" ;)

Nokia will sell this phone in emerging markets and possibly Europe the same way they sell every single other phone they produce: in a store, pay as you go, without contracts, without carriers.

Come on DJCBS, cut the crap with the whole "world outside the US". You completely missed the point. Obviously they COULD sell the phone, that's not what I'm asking. So far, MS and Nokia have had to keep out of each other's business as much as possible except for obvious things since they naturally work together, but Nokia under Elop probably wasn't that keen on going forked Android and Microsoft definitely isn't fond of it, so before people make announcements of dates and (worldwide) carrier support, I'm hoping that they'll announce the phone, then before it is released to the carriers, Microsoft will kill this project the second the acquisition is done.

Also, unless Nokia for some weird reason decides to sell this phone exclusively in their stores, you definitely need carrier support. You can't just show up on China Mobile one day unless they say so.

But that's the thing: they don't have to announce carrier support. Because outside the US, that is not necessary as people buy phones in stores on a PAYG basis. Since this phone isn't aimed at the American market, that's a non-issue. ;)

As for the entire "Nokia under Eflop". Well, he didn't want Nokia with Android. Shareholders and other members of the board of directors had a different opinion. Also, don't forget that Nokia keeps revenue of Nokia phones. Which means they'll be the ones getting the money for this phone, not Microsoft. So it's in Nokia's best interests that this phone sells well in the markets it is supposed to sell well.

And also, Nokia had absolutely no obligation to fork Android in the first place. They could simply go for full Google-Android. The fact that they went the extra mile to build this on AOSP and place Microsoft products on top of that should give you more than indication that Microsoft herself isn't concerned at all with it. Remember: Microsoft makes more money out of Android than they actually do on Windows Phone. So if they can get an Android device to generate them profits and at the same time create a user base that may end up upgrading to a Lumia later, I see little reason why Microsoft should be against this ;)


MS makes money off of Android by striking patent deals with the various OEMs. I doubt that being the case here with Nokia.

Where does Nokia expect to find the resources to build this phone? Once Microsoft acquires the D&S division, they won't have any factories -_-

Well, first the phone is already being manufactured. Second Nokia doesn't own any factories and neither will Microsoft. The factories where phones are made are contracted to do so so what will pass from Nokia to Microsoft are the contracts with those factories. And third, the deal hasn't completed yet so until then, business as usual.

You do not need carrier support, started with 5110 "Nokia connecting people", no carrier sh!t on startup. Now l625 missing the 'Connecting people ' no carrier branding. Lumia 520 was bastardised due to carriers, instead of having all frequencies on phone they have 2, hence its not easy to change carriers.

WP does not dual sim which goes to the carrier coverage and allocated frequencies. Its a Nokia.

You got it right bro, EXAMPLE: here in Algeria carriers are struggling to compete with the unlocked phones (open) market.. people here just hate being tied to a contract and all the carrier and shit that comes with it lol ;)


Android /= Google.

Nokia already sells the Asha line; think of this as the next generation Asha (which, by the way, resembles Windows Phone more closely than ever).

Agree with that. Still, the app store problem, while they should focus on bringing more apps to the WP Store. They will be involved in a new fight on a completely new front!! Lot of time, resources and energy. And let's just admit the fact, the Asha line was a total failure!

Trojan horse: get a forked Android, kick Google play and services, boost it with MSFT and Nokia services = profit. And a huge bridge for new lumia users.

I guess people don't realize that this device runs android apps. It may have a vaguely similar look to WP but that's just a skin and underneath everything else is android so buyers won't make any connection to Microsoft and WP. Its fantasy to think this will in some way get people to move to WP because the Microsoft services are so good in it, when they're experienced from an android users perspective. Reality is Nokia has already failed and had to be bought out, whatever this is won't save them.

The same way other do kindle,nook,Polaroid tablets all of them don't use Google services or stores

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Only it won't be able to run most Android apps that are in the Play Store. Google is closing Android more and more, more and more APIs become closed source and are removed from Android and replaced with Google Play Services, making it impossible for forked versions of Android to actualy run most of the Android apps.

Most user wont care if it is an Android app or WP app as long as they are 'official' and provide similar experience, the clever few will go for 3rd party one with better features.

The Microsoft services will bind the people into the ecosystem as much as possible. Buying an app in a forked android store does not mean you can get it free again in Google Play store, this essential put Google Play Store and Windows Marketplace in the same level position with Microsoft services playing major influence in the decision time for next upgrade.

This also can buy Microsoft enough time to beef up the Marketplace and leverage the playing field, instead of losing the feature phone upgraders now to cheap Google store devices and bound to their ecosystem, with all the overly used excuses 'No Apps'.

What do you think Amazon does? (With tablets of course, but not sure how that is much different)

Further twist: Nokia buys out google and Microsoft to create windows phone Droid. At least mine is reasonable!

If it's mainly aimed at emerging markets it doesn't need to be razor-thin; it needs to be a tank, with great speakers and a good battery life. Dual-sim support would help, too.

hahahahahaha....what are they thinking ?

Hey Nokia...if you want to drop some Android phones do it RIGHT!

Where are those Lumias with Android?

Nobody will buy this thing. Everyone will keep buying those Samsung Cockie, Core and other budget Samsung devices with Android.


Bring a FLAGSHIP ANDROID. Samsung will release their GALAXY S5 in MWC and you will come with this budget thing. ONE LONE BUDGET ANDROID PHONE AGAINST THE SAMSUNG ARMY.

yeah...ALL CAPS...who cares!??!?!??

@Ricardo Samsung doesn't do budget Android phones, actually. That's Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, etc.

Also, forked-Android devices have increased from 30.0 million units shipped in Q4 2012 to 71.1 million in Q4 2013, also known as 137% year-over-year growth.

Do your research next time.

'.apk'. Download (preferably from a safe source), install, and enjoy. You don't need Google Play Store for that, even though Google is trying to kill this and for GPS for apps.
BlackBerry users have access to Android apps. You can try to ask one of them how many apps they can access.

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Ha ha ha..... Mr. Rubino that is pure class mate. Shoot him down with pure facts -- some people can't see the big picture ;)........... Microsoft/Nokia are looking to pull off some serious POWer moves!

@Ricardo Samsung doesn't do budget Android phones, actually. That's Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, etc.

Yes, they do. They're called "Galaxy Ace". How about you do your research?

Samsung does actually have a nice little line of budget Android phones. Many of their older Galaxy models are being sold for the cheap as budget phones, and they keep releasing pretty terribly spec'd "slightly better than feature but barely smart" phones that bear the Galaxy moniker, such as the Galaxy Ace I believe in the UK. I also recall seeing a cheap Galaxy budget phone brand new in the PAYG phone vending machine at my local mall. They also push all Galaxy phones HARD at my local T-Mobile, even the terrible ones that are so underpowered that they can scarcely do anything but make calls and text.

Quit calling HTC, Samsung and other Android devices as forked OS's. People are using fork as the wrong definition. It's very irritating and wrong by definition.

Chill man chill. That's not the problem, Nokia can still sell huge amount of phones, Android or Windows Phone. It's just the way Nokia does marketing. Samsung knows how to do it, Nokia doesn't, that's one of the key to make it a huge succes.

Ignoring all the hate. . . I kinda like the way it looks. It looks like like Android trying to be a cross between WP and iOS. If they incorporated Meego type gestures I might even be tempted to get it. How much would a device like that even cost?

This is clear and obvious business move. Now its Asha>this>WP. In the future dropping whole Asha as they are not "smart", then its this>WP and eventually only WP.

So, Daniel, who will end up covering these devices in the long term, Android Central or WP Central?  Rochambeau?

I'd guess Android Central will write the big article and WPCentral will write a blurb about Nokia and link to the Android Central article. I think I've seen a few collaborative articles like that with WPCentral and smartwatchfans with that style. Mobile Nations is happy to collaborate together on these kinds of things, I imagine.

While the phone looks amazing the fact android is on Nokia is annoying to me lol. I was excited for new Nokia devices but alas have to wait to build.

The UI is horrible. Period.

But still, it will certainly serve its purposes. I'm more interested in the non-official possibilities that this phone will bring (say, flashing a nince Google-KitKat ROM on it to see how it behaves =P)

Because a 2010(2011?)model behaves like a 2014 model. Even the cheapest phones now have reasonably good dual core processors.

Google claimed that Kitkat is supposed to be optimized for low-end phone, so it might interested to test that out on this phone (or any of the low end phones from HTC/Samsung/LG/Huawei/Sony/etc...)

No way I'm getting that phone. And I feel it isn't going to make alot of sells. Nokia need to change that skin and the model of the phone. Sorry but I'll stick with Samsung.

This. I don't get the drama.

Besides, I bet they won't even say the word "android" when introducing the phone at MWC.

Let me explain Nokia's rational for this phone.


•Nokia sells lots of cheap phones (the specs of this and below), these phones need an operating system.

•Windows phone won't run on these phones (sure Microsoft could make it run, but that would lead to a poor experience and fragmentation).

•One of the main selling points are the apps a phone has.

•It would be hard to get all the top apps onto a proprietary Nokia operating system.

•If a forked version of Android is used then it is easy for developers to make their apps available in the Nokia app store.

That’s the whole point, they don't have to make an app for the Nokia store. They may have to change a line or two of code because of the lack of Google services, but apart from that the app will be the same as their regular android app.

•Windows phone won't run on these phones (sure Microsoft could make it run, but that would lead to a poor experience and fragmentation).

lol, lagdroid is far more resource whoring than WP8, WP8 would easily run smoother on that low end software, FFS thats essentially the lumia 52x specs (slightly lower)

I think they have sorted out the lag in the latest update and Nokia by creating a forked version should also be able to decrease the lag issues. Also I don't think the target market this is aimed at will care about a little lag, as long as it's no worse than the competition.

Yes sure Windows Phone could run on this, similar to the 520, but Nokia will undoubtedly have other devices planned for this operating system (that will have lower specs, think 800 MHz single core and 256 ram). Windows Phone minimum requirements will probably move up soon (WP9?).

Remember these are budget phones ($100 and less unsubsidized) for the developing world. Windows Phone doesn’t need to cater to these devices, it will drag the experience down for higher end phones.

I think that this project is financed by MS as well. And the way people paying attention to it proves the fact. Microsoft want people not to forget the product that they are about to acquire. It's a good ad though.

It's certainly an interesting concept. If it's a replacement for the asha series I think it's a step in the right direction. I don't understand why people are getting upset about it being android. It's a forked version with no google services so in the end it's Nokias take on Linux on phones post maemo if the past. It's likely to be released in key markets only and not impact windows phone sales or the Lumia 520.

Am I missing something here? Once MS acquires the D&S division, doesn't Nokia lose all their factories? Wouldn't that hinder their ability to manufacture a phone?

Here's my take...

This is a Win-Win for Microsoft. If it works then great, they are selling phones with their new division and they just say that they have to support their customers that they aquired in the takeover. This gets android users to buy into their services. If it fails then they blame Nokia and kill it.

I suspect that MS will allow android apps (that conform to the WP walled garden) on WP at some point. When that happens you might find if you have one of these android (lowercase because it's not the Google version) phones it will get an OS update to WP9 and all your android apps still work.

Dunno...just a thought

This phone looks super budget. I think it will need to come in at around half the price of the 520 to be even worth putting on shelves, especially considering the 520 will have 8.1 soon.

Who exactly is making this phone? Is it the part of Nokia that MSFT is buying or is it the part that remains as "Nokia" after the deal (I thought they were only maps, software, and patents)?

Ms has been talking about making dual boot phones just saying

I use a 925,xperia z1 s
I have one drive,bing,outlook,Xbox music,smart glass,one note,office 365 on my android phone so I have the best of both worlds I have Sony hardware ms apps and the play store sorry but it doesn't really get any better than that.

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Why people think Microsoft hates Android? It's making a lot of money of it and it does not need to do anything.

Most of the companies that assembly Android devices are paying a lot of money to Microsoft for each device made.

Didnt the press invitation said : meets us understand the tree? Dont you think that there will be presented 3 new models?
And what about some news from the WP market from Portugal? The number of WP users are incresing. I would love to see some news here related to Portugal.

It is clear that a cheap android based phone from Nokia is simply a stepping stone to Windows Phone. It's running Here and MS services, not Google services... Yup, it's a transition device priced as a throwaway so it becomes easy to upgrade users to a future WinPhone. Love it... Will never own one.

what android is ms sueing?? MS licence there patents to who chooses to use android, that is completly different.