O2 Germany supports billing Windows Phone Store purchases to wireless account

O2 billing options

Windows Phone customers on O2 Germany have had the option to pay for Windows Phone Store purchases with a credit card or through their PayPal account. But direct billing to their wireless account wasn't possible.

Until now.

O2 will now let customers bill their app and game purchases from the Windows Phone Store to their O2 wireless account. When purchasing an item from the Windows Phone Store, just choose the "Add or switch payment methods" option before confirming the purchase and you should see the option to bill your O2 account.

Source: wparea; Thanks, Olaf and WPfreak8, for the tip!


Reader comments

O2 Germany supports billing Windows Phone Store purchases to wireless account


I hope this kind of agreements will grow to all other markets too.
As a developer, I see LOTS of "1 star" ratings due to the impossibility by the user to buy an App using his own phone credit. It is incredible on 2013, but here in Italy lot of people does not feel confortable to insert their credit card data on a phone, not to  mention that many credit card are forbitten to <18 years old, and others are not accepted by the Store.
This will greatly benefit App sellings, I suppose X2 or X3 actual volumes.

I hope so too, those 1 star ratings are dumb, that is not the apps fault, more of a carrier issue, 2-3x app purchases is a large increase, I think competition will force carriers to add the feature

This is Nice. Luckily for me the market place also uses paypal in wp8 because i don't own a credit card and in The Netherlands it is not usual to have one (and forbidden boefore your 18th).

This doesn't work for me, though owning a lumia 820 on an O2 contract in Germany. No option to bill my O2 account.

India needs this badly. Most of windows phone owners don't have credit cards, we use debit cards mostly and payment through debit card doesn't work for Microsoft account. So it would be a welcome addition. ITunes and Play store support this feature here.

Carrier billing is also available here in Indonesia, but only if I used XL Axiata as my provider. It is (still) not available for my currently-in-use Telkomsel card. It forces me to swap to XL SIM each time I want to make a purchases.
3 comments from me regarding this issue:
1. It's great to see that there is carrier billing
2. MS need to push more carrier to enable carrier billing with their system (Telkomsel please, as the largest wireless carrier in Indonesia)
3. MS with the help of the developers need to expand the apps selection, made it available to other country :D