Official uTorrent Remote app lands for Windows Phone


The official uTorrent Remote app now available for Windows Phone

uTorrent (www.utorrent.com), now owned by BitTorrent proper is a free and now ad-supported torrent client that is used by many people out there today. And although there are plenty of third-party apps for the service out on Windows Phone, it’s still nice to see the platform getting officially recognized through a dedicated client.

The uTorrent Remote app allows you to connect to your PC or Mac remotely to manage your bit torrents from afar. No, it’s not a full torrent client to run on your phone—something for which we don’t see too much practicality for—but it is a powerful tool for those of you who rely on uTorrent’s automatic RSS import feature and more powerful options.

uTorrentThe Windows Phone client is of course free and it seems to have all the bases covered for features, although in this initial release it appears the Live Tile is not taken advantage of as a feature. From the app description:

“Torrent Remote Beta is part of the latest µTorrent for Windows and Mac. This Windows Phone app securely connects to your home computer from anywhere you have an internet connection. Use µTorrent Remote to add, remove, start, stop torrents and check download progress of all your torrents. Check your RSS feeds and start downloads on the go. Use your mobile browser to find torrents and they will automatically be added to your home µTorrent! Completed downloads can even be shifted directly back to your Windows device for local playback.”

If you use uTorrent, you can grab the Remote app here in the Windows Phone Store.  via: WindowsPhoneApps.es

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Official uTorrent Remote app lands for Windows Phone


I have windows 8 trm on my pc and saw the app. And not only one. There where 2 of them by two developer... One is the official. And it is in the store... So it must work, the would not come to the sotre if it dont work :)

HELLZ YEAH!!!!  I thought they would NEVER release an app for Windows Phone, as almost all of the devs are open source, and support Android.  I just may pay for the uTorrent Pro version!

You can subscribe to a torrent RSS and download directly from utorrent without having to visit the source website

That's great. utorrent is the best torrent client out there imo. I recently became aware of ORB and was fascinated by it's simplicity. Is orb available for WP? What does utorrent mean by shifting completed torrents to you Windows device? Does that mean i can play completed torrents on a WP phone? If not and utorrent will be available for Windows RT, why would there be a need to shift torrents to a Windows device when that device has a full version of utorrent anyway?