Our Windows Phone community has smashed 1 million posts!

1million Posts

Attention all Windows Phone fans! We've just passed the 1 million post marker on the Windows Phone Central community forum! The forum is the backend of the overall website experience, just like other Mobile Nations technology blogs. Not only do they provide a centralized location for folk with similar interests to band together and engage in conversations, but also receive support, share tips and more.

Awh Yeah Guy

From the newly announced Surface Pro 3 to the Nokia Lumia 1520, we've got categories and forums to cover products within the Microsoft ecosystem. We'd like to offer a massive thank you to each and every member of the community forum who have made the bulletin boards what they are today. One million posts is an incredible achievement and we're excited to see how quickly we can reach two million.

If you haven't already done so, we strongly urge you to head on over to our forums and join in the action. Forum member Indistinguishable managed to capture a screencap of the milestone being reached.

1Million Posts WPCentral

Check out the forum post below and share your thoughts:

Thanks, Indistinguishable, for the sreenshot and heads up!


Reader comments

Our Windows Phone community has smashed 1 million posts!


Woo! Tons of great content in the forums. Love going there to see fellow folks with good technology tastes ;)

Agree. This is my favorite site for Windows Phone & Windows information.  If I see the same subject at different tech sites, I usually come here first to read about it.  The guys here bring a lot of energy & enthusiasm to their articles, and make it fun to be a fanboy. :)

Yep. Anytime that I see a new headline about Windows, WP, or Xbox, I come to WPCentral and Winsupersite to get the real scoop.

I like it because all the other tech site boards have turned into steaming piles of fan boy bullshit and nazi moderators pushing narratives.

True, but we're all equally awesome. Without you, there'd be no us. Without us, there'd be no you... well... here anyway. Dammit. Sounded right in the mind!

Congratulations to the Wpcentral crew!! You've made such a great job with the increasing community and know that you'll be getting things better.

I was about to comment that half of the million were posts saying"seems faster", but... seems like you were faster than me...

Rich Edmunds❕❕❕❕❕❕
So, for perspective can you tell us approximately where the iDroid sites sit???? That one million number means nothing to me, and maybe others, if we don't have anything to compare it to..

We do not compare ourselves to others. There is no comparison though Phil Nickinson tries repeatedly to take down Dan Rubino in the Last Man Standing match each day. And for that i applaud you sir. *golf clap.

42, the answer is always 42. How many times do you have to fold a piece of paper to reach the moon? 42. It's not a coincidence.

We haven't compared communities, but I'd imagine we're at the top of the charts for fastest growing community. Especially since the forums only really took off a few years ago.

Great and congrats. Now can we start a petition to get Amazon to update the Kindle app for windows phone?

LOL, I care about my books more than the ones you said.  Plus, we already have so many messaging apps.  But let's hope all of them will be updated!  :D

Thanks to everyone who contributes and helps out in the forums. The moderators and ambassadors, and the managers, deserve great appreciation.

I also have to thank the guys in the post challenge, as we are the majority of those posts. :P

I was never been a blog reader bt after installing wpcentral app to my windows phone it has became an often use app for me most of the day i read blogs from wpcentral... Thx to the crew. And special thanks to @daniel @sam @edmonds great work guys and all rst of the team

Must have forum for wp users, bad you don't have an Spanish site, a lots of people who can't speak English and owns a WP

Congrats WPCentral crew! This is my favorite site for Windows Phone news. Keep the good work!

because we don't stop blabbering in the forums :P and special thanks to Sahib :P and sd card lately 

And people say windows phone isn't growing. Those in the know, they know. Windows phone for life brothers & sisters!!

Great news to hear! This is the only sure I come to for Windows phone news. I like this community as a whole.

This app should be installed by default on all windows phones with a nice large tile. It is tricky for the newcomers and the information here helps so much!!


I remember coming to this site and reading the forums just waiting for the day I purchased my own Windows Phone. then it happened and I've been happy ever since.

One thing I like about this and sister sites is the lack of rivalry and bitterness. My daily driver is Android and Chrome OS, so of course I'm all up in Android Central, but never have I read a bad word from either site, Thanks.

Thank you for your kind words. That's exactly how we're building the network! With the new Newsroom team (which yours truly is heavily involved in) with cross-platform coverage, it's awesome to be a part of the Mobile Nations community. :-)

Congrats to the Mobile Nations\WPcentral. It may go beyond 2 million very soon, because windows phone has lot of problems & bugs.....

Microsoft should sent all of us some goodies cause we are big fans of the ecosystem of windows and the big support for WP since the beginning