Poll - How do you rate the HTC Windows Phone event?

HTC announced a number of handsets at its Windows Phone event today, but how did it leave you? Were you impressed by the new hardware the manufacturer had to show off, or where you expecting more? It's easy to write off Windows Phone OEMs when Nokia plays such an important role in marketing and development of the platform.

The Lumia 820 and 920 set the bar fairly high and HTC had a lot to do to at least reach the heights Nokia is currently sat at in terms of quality. This is noticable in HTC's new approach to design with multiple colours available for both the 8X and 8S


The HTC 8S with a touch of lime

So how did the event leave you? Are you excited by the new Apollo hardware from HTC? Be sure to sound off in the comments and vote away.

Voting closes in 3-days and you can vote on your phone by going to m.wpcentral.com.


Reader comments

Poll - How do you rate the HTC Windows Phone event?


In my opinion it was better than Nokia's. HTC's was short and sweet with expeceted release date and carrier availability, Nokia just likes to tease us.

It's not just that, but because it is Windows Phone 8, which is a product of Microsoft, they aren't eligible to give a release date, only Microsoft is. As for carries, I'm not sure how that's set up, but I hope T-Mobile gets the 920, but the handset that HTC released isn't a bad runner up.

Microsoft is not allowing release dates to be stated.
As far as carriers, I believe Nokia is still negotiating with them.  It would be wise of them to wait till they had a complete list of carriers, instead of stating they have ATT and causing people to go out and buy other devices do to that statement, then, to come out later with a dozen more carriers...

I wish the HTC 8X came with more storage. If you aren't going to give me a microSD card slot, at least give me the option of a 32GB version.

This.  Exactly this.  16GB of non-expandable storage is completely unacceptable in a flagship device.  I was excited for the 8X.  Now I'm just disappointed.  You wound me, HTC. 8(

We'll need to see if Microsoft offers online music lockers. For me, that would negate the need for more on-board storage since I could just stream it. But then again in lucky to have WiFi at work and home.

For me that wouldn't do. I need my music ON my device independent of online connectivity. For example while travelling (train, plain,...) I often have no reception - exactly when I like to listen to music.
If the 8X would come with 32GB (or better 8/16GB expandable by SD card) it would have been my choice. But now I'd probably go with the Lumia 920 although it is to bulky for my needs or maybe the Lumia 820 (because of its size) although I'd really like to have gorilla glass again.

No they dont, i think the 920 will be release on October( as rumors are saying) htc phones is for November they don't even talk alot about spec....for me the nokia event was much better...the design of these htc phones are good but not what im looking for...no 4.7 screen no microsd, and just 16gb of memery....

@Guakala and EBradley: The problem with Nokia's press conference is that they just held it too early in the WP8 game.

I guess. But they could at least do a follow up and ofically announce some dates, prices, and carrier availability. 

I'm more impressed than I expected, but still most likely getting the Lumia 920.  I like the size of the 8X much better, but prefer the 32GB, camera tech, wireless charging, and most importantly the screen aspect ratio of the 920.

Well, I'm torn about how I feel.  I am very impressed with the offerings, way more than I expected to be.  The downside is there is nothing for me, I want a 4.5-4.8" screen and there was nothing.  As a current Titan II owner I cannot believe there is not a demand as there are a lot of Titan I and II users out there I know. 
920 it is then.  Love the size and other design aspects of the HTC phones though!

+1. HTC's reduction in screen size is one of two major things that will take me from the Titan I to the Lumia 920. The other is 16gb non-expandable storage... I've always had 16gb phones, but I play a lot of games and listen to a ton of music (streaming is no good, I fly a lot). I have to constantly monitor storage and delete things I'd rather not. I've been waiting for a 32gb phone or SD expansion from HTC since WP7 launch... Coupled with other disappointments, I'll be leaving for the Lumia 920.

I really wish HTC announced a recycled phone. I know it sounds weird, but I love HTC's classy design, not such a big fan of the 8X/S design...:(

Lol I disagree. I love the way the Lumia embodies the squared.shape of WP better than every other phone released, and this goes for the 8X line too.. I like their subtle use of the curved screen on the front in additio to the curved polycarbonate on the back. I would seriously consider trading in my One X for one of these.