Poll - Which Lumia 920 colour will you likely look to purchase?

The Lumia 920 is Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, and is the most advanced smartphone running Microsoft's mobile operating system to-date. Sporting PureView technology, a 4.5" display with PureMotion+ HD goodness, dual-core chip, and wireless charging, it's a powerful device.

Not only that, the Lumia 920 comes in a variety of colours (depending on availability in markets). But which colour would you choose?

Lumia 920 Colours

Nokia has been the OEM who has offered Windows Phone consumers the choice of colour, but now HTC will also be launching more appealing hardware. Should you be accustomed to the Lumia white, or a fan of the corporate grey, which one will you be picking?

We've also added in cyan, which is reported to be made exclusive to AT&T at launch. Be sure to vote in the above poll and sound off your thoughts in the comments.


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Poll - Which Lumia 920 colour will you likely look to purchase?


I seen one on another site but you have to write it down on a paper and mail it in , the results will be ready in about 6 months, dont remember the link.

Look at the polls about which phone people want...the viewers have spoken, the 920 is the more popular model.  WPCentral are just giving the people what they want!

I voted cyan, but it would be a close race between that and grey. I probably wouldn't truly know until I was walking out of the store with it...in some ways, I almost wish they went with a dark blue, but oh well.

I voted red, but my race will be between red, yellow, and cyan. It also depends on if it comes to Telus, and if not, where I can buy it unlocked (and what colours are available).

Telus and Bell have already announced they won't be carrying the 920. Just like with the 900 I'm pretty sure it'll be a Rogers exclusive. Just one more reason to be thankful I'm on Rogers and not Telus.

I think the poll shoud be what color "IF" your willing to switch to AT&T as the 920 will be an AT&T exclusive.

This is it. I would have gone with cyan or white but Nokia apparently is not fond of having their best device on any network other than att. Any further news on the ativ?

Only if you consider USA to be the center of the world.

Voted red, but recently been finding myself considering white as well

after Romney kicks Chavez Jr. out of the oval office, we will once again be the center of the world, yes. Good times a comin.

I'm curious to know if you even know who Chavez Jr is or if you're just parroting some random Republican moron who seems smart yo you...

me to, i voted red but as a fashion statement i dont have anything red, and i imagine my self walking around with red headphone on all the time, and getting the red boom box to match, the white would probally match my personality better, my current lumia is cyan, but i was gonna get the white but my store didnt have it so cyan it was. So now im leaning towards the white. But by the time im ready to purchase i probally will have switched again.

T-mobile uses the same 3g/4g frequency as at&t now so you may not be able to get it subsidized at tmobile but it will work.

Why do so many Americans think that everything is only available to them.
@dakken, there are countries outside of America, this phone will be available there, and the poll is open to everyone.
On topic, I voted yellow, but would accept black, white or grey.

On one of the articles, when stating the colors that AT&T will sport, gray was not one of those colors. I'm confused on this. Any definite announcements on color yet?

Probably grey. I wish there was a darker blue like bjax said. I'm surprised yellow is doing as well as it is.

You think red would still be as professional as gray? Or is gray and black the only colors that seem logical in a work environment?

I know this might be considered blasphemy when discussing the Lumia's but you can get a slim case for work if you feel insecure about red. Personally I don't care and I'm a HR manager.

It really depends on where you work, but gray, black, white... and maybe even the cyan (since it's matte) would be acceptable in most places.  Red and yellow stand out quite a bit.

Thinking the same thing.  Who cares what colour of phone you're using at work.  No more black or grey for me, bored with my Titan's look.

Not a rule I'm sure but really...a bright red or yellow phone?? How professional is that? IF you work in an office, and I don't mean as a worker bee but manager status and above red or yellow would probabaly not be the best choice professionally. It just screams "I'm a hipster don't take me seriously" Now if you work at Starbucks or Barnes &  Noble or you're in your early 20s then it doesn't matter. Or if you're a  chick.
But grown men that are professional woul dbe better served with a more "mature" color like black or grey. Even the dark blue like the HTC 8X would be ok

Yellow matte or cyan matte would be awesome. If there are only glossy versions I'd probbaly stick to black, but I'd rather get a colour :)

I want grey :'( I would also like to know why it seems as though that color is not going to be available!!! And I also would love a dark blue color! And my second choice by the way would be red or white, I've never owned a white phone...always black ones...so definitely not getting black. Yellow and cyan are nice too just not my top choices.

Although I would love a yellow, red, blue, or grey 920, I'll have to distance myself from the Lumia because I am not willing to go to At&t.

Right now Yellow.
But I thought I would get cyan 900 until I saw it in person and it looked cheap to me.

If the renders prove "accurate" the Cyan looks like it will be matte instead of gloss like the other colors. If you compare the "sheen" in the upper right corner of all the rendered images they released for the announcement this morning, you'll notice Black and Cyan have an identical "washed out" sheen on the corner, while the known glossy corners have a much more pronounced sheen as you would expect.
So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my observations of (admittedly quite possibly innaccurate) the rendered images are correct and that Cyan is indeed matte.

I wish it came on black anodized aluminum so it could scratch, dent, and "develop character" like the lucky iPhone 5 guys. They get all the luck...

It'd be cool to see a transparent or Halo 4 limited versions come out. I personally would not get either one, but good luck keeping kids away if available.

Same here. I still have hope for a 922 on Verizon. Please? I love that camera for a phone. Bit if I had to since I watch a lot of movies on my phone the Samsung one. I think that has the biggest screen.

I want grey because it's different but still neutral (won't clash with my constant changing of theme color. But looks like AT&T isnt going to carry it, so ill probably go with white. But I'm confused since AT&T is the only carrier to have the 920.

He stated that ATT is the only carrier to have the 920. He didn't specify only carrier IN THE US, so to help clarify his confusion as to why the poll offers a grey choice but ATT isn't offering the grey, I explained that the 920 will be available in grey elsewhere.

Was going to get grey, but only if it is a brushed aluminum look. A polycarbonite grey phone doesn't do anything for me...probably going with another white or black phone. Although, I'm not ruling out cyan, depends on the mood I'm in when i upgrade

Would love a Yellow or Cyan if they came in matte finish. But as it's looking like right now, probably black or possible grey.

Voted gray
Might get red after hands on
Really wanted a deep purple color (like the 820 purple cover, or the purple/blue HTC X8)

I am on the fence between red, cyan and yellow. However, I am probably going with yellow, simply because I already have cyan 900 and I want some change. Red is great, but maybe a bit too toned down for me. Yellow however just screams. But I need to see them side by side for final decision.

I would choose gray, but since AT&T isn't offering it my only choices are black and cyan for the matte finish. I will probably end up going Cyan.

Grey, White or Cyan not sure yet. 1 thing I am sure of is im leaving tmo for att that's how much I want this phone

Well I have the cyan l900 it doesn't make sense getting the cyan 920... I will say it again give the maker team the yellow lumia 920 then red for the clippers... Ryt??..

I pretended that the question was, "If the Lumia 920 had a keyboard which color would you get?" and chose Cyan.

Can't you get an unlocked phone from overseas, or an AT&T version, and use it on T-Mo? It won't be subsidized, but then you'd at least get to use it.

I voted Yellow. I don't know what it is about the yellow one, but it's drawing me in. The more I see it, the more I want it.

Grey,black, or yellow. I'm afraid that yellow will cause to much of a noticeable barrier between the screen and the shell. Like when watching movies. Black just blends in better

Att not getting grey screws my plans lol I have a black 900 don't want to get the same color blue isn't the most masculine color and the red is too obnoxious I think. Maybe I'll go white though.

Seriously! approximately 300 comments from devoted American windows phone followers regarding the 920 ATT exclusivity. Many are choosing not to switch carriers for the 920 and you put up this silly poll. Post up the real question "which phone will You choose now" and lets compare the numbers

Even though I want the yellow, there should have been a grey model. But you know, it still has more colors then the iPhone. So people should stop complaining.

Was I right or was I right! I said there will be a cyan 920 but it will be exclusive to AT&T! Having said that, and being not with AT&T, I'm getting the grey unlocked from overseas if need be!

Poor excuse just because Apple gives you no choice doesn't make it ok. Fact is they announced the color and then pulled it from a country.

I voted for Gray because i think it's the great looking, but i still don't really know if it's the best buy. 
What is the matt finish is becomming less matt on places you touch with your fingers, that can be a great disappointment so i still cannot really choose

I'm getting black.  Classic =)
and matte like the LG Quantum dinosaur I'm upgrading from.  CAN'T WAIT

I really like the gloss over the matte, black is sweet, love...love...love the idea of having a phone dubbed "storm trooper", yellow, cyan and red are all pulling at me too!!!! Great to have these choices.

For all those crying over Verizon here is the truth stop blaming Nokia. AT&T has been supporting WP since day 1. Verizon? Nope.... AT&T deserves to have the best of the best since they supported WP far better than any other carrier. Proud AT&T user waiting for Cyan 920.

Cyan or yellow u want my 920 to get the attention of people so then I can show them how great windows phone is.

theres no option for "none". ? The other folks that are on big red wont get any 920 love according to the news today.

If there is another cyan model coming that's my pic....don't really like any of the other colors, and I was even leaning to HTC because of it...

I like that Cyan is matte but I prefer Grey (if it's coming to AT&T).  Wondering why grey is an option in the poll if a carrier hasn't actually announced it's availability.  I just don't know how I feel about the way a colored device might clash with the bright colored tiles.  I'd like to have to option to choose any accent color and not worry about it not looking nice with the color of the hardware.

Can't decide. Have Cyan now and love it but am I up for a change? Red sure looks good, loving the yellow too, loving Cyan though....Ahhh Great problem to have

This is just corporate bullshit why should any network have rights to a colour or model they should all stock all models as the customer is the keeping them in business they need to start thinking who pays there wages! Vodafone in Australia is only getting the 820 & I have 10 handsets with them & we want 920! Not good enough!

If I could, I would get red. I love me some red. I'm glad they went with red instead of magenta this go round, so much better looking. That said, I don't know that it'll ever be an option on Verizon & the HTC red is even better.

Rich I hate to be the one to tell you, but your poll is broken.(!)

That is to say, I've now voted 4 times. 2 for cyan, 2 for white.


Well sinc eit will only be available at AT&T most of us won't be getting one. and I'm betting that although the 920 is a super phone it won't do well. AT&T has a boatlaod of new phones coming out, all super phones for the most part. And they still have that other phone...the iphone 5. Considering windows phone has about 4% market share and now limiting the, arguably, best windows phone to one carrier, is a recipe for disaster.
And even if the exclusive deal is only for a limited time, by the time the 920 is available to  other carriers most people will already be locked into the typical 2yr contract anyway.
Very bad move by Nokia. DUMB!