Relive some Zune HD nostalgia with Lucky Lanes Bowling for Windows 8

Lucky Lanes Bowling for Windows 8

Quick, head to your desk drawer. You might have a Zune HD in there that hasn’t had electricity flowing through it for quite some time. Charge it up. Do you see Lucky Lanes Bowling on there? It was one of those free games for the Zune HD that quite a number of us enjoyed. While you won’t be playing it on your Windows Phone device, you can fire up your Windows 8 machine and enjoy it!

Lucky Lanes Bowling is out now for Windows 8. It’s fun and addictive. Most bowling games are, but this one also looks good while doing it. You get some sweet features, like:

  • Play against up to five of your friends in a cinematic Western environment
  • Realistic physics keep the action authentic
  • Enjoy stunning graphics and a blazing soundtrack
  • Intuitive controls keep you focused on the game
  • Stay tuned for more lanes and characters!

Lucky Lanes Bowling for Windows 8 Screenshot

The game is made by Babaroga, a studio that isn’t new to Windows Phone or Windows 8. They’ve made dozens of games for Windows Phone (Shuffle Party and Zombies!!! to name a few) and a number of others for Windows 8. Check out our interview with them! It's safe to say you should check out Lucky Lanes Bowling for some Zune HD nostalgia. 

We could only get the game to run on our Windows 8 machines, the game was wonky in the preview of Windows 8.1. Don’t blame the game, blame the beta.

Lucky Lanes Bowling has a free trial and will cost $1.49 if you decide you like it. Head to the Windows Store to grab it for your machines!

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Reader comments

Relive some Zune HD nostalgia with Lucky Lanes Bowling for Windows 8


I still use my 8GB Zune daily...the back button stopped working a couple monthes ago, but its still usable. I dread the day that I have to replace it, I have not seen another one that is as good, with physical buttons (any suggestions?!).

You won't find anything better. Zune HD was the best.  Now you'll just find cheap low-end MP3 players or typical ipods.

Sweet, just bought the Asus 400me. I love it. Couldn't be happier. Now we need to fill up the app store a little more. I'm keeping my nexus 7 just because there will be games that Windows aren't going to get. Can't wait for the day when I can just toss that piece of technological disaster of a pile of junk in the trash. Na, its ok.

Is there any word on any other Zune HD games being ported to Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8? BBQ Battle (I believe was the name, the picnic tower defense game) was one of my favorite mobile games of all time and I would love to see it get some more love and ported to the later devices in the Windows ecosystem. (Or any other Zune HD titles for that matter)

Still rocking my 16gb HD. To be fair its starting to feel a little dated. However as a straight up music player I couldn't be happier.