Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone stops by the FCC, Verizon next


Samsung has an upcoming Windows Phone handset. It’s the SM-W750V, but will most likely be known colloquially as the Huron. We first heard about the device last month and it’s now decided to stop by the FCC. Details below.

The Samsung Huron was expected to be a high-end Windows Phone with a 1080p display. Reports are conflicted at the moment on the size of the display. 5-inches is the most probable rumor at the moment, though some reports suggest 4.3-inches as the display size.

Samsung SM-W750V Huron

However, the FCC filings suggest the battery will be rated at 1,500 mAh, which is not very high-end when you consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 packs a 2,600 mAh battery. We are seeing the cell bands that suggest this device is indeed destined for Verizon. Edit: It's late at night, sorry guys. The wasn't the battery capacity listed. The 1,500 corresponds to the milliamps. 

We’ll keep poking around and see if we can learn more about this device. Let us know below in the comments if you notice anything interesting in the FCC filings.

Source: FCC, Via: Engadget

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Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone stops by the FCC, Verizon next


Hahaha all of it! Samsung isn't even trying with that bit. Guess for the foreseeable future it Lumia all day!

Hopefully not! I mean I love showing people what they will never have if they don't buy a NOKIA, and not just another Samsung or HTC

But  Samsung is better at marketing. Nokia may have good marketing, but it's arguable that Samsung can do better if they wanted to.

I dont like HTC. I had to go through many of those. Nokia by far has been the best for me..so unless this Samsung has something extraordinary different than Nokia..i am planning to stick with Nokia

Samsung does have something extraordinary different ( maybe not this one ) BATTERY LIFE!!!! My ATIV S last longer than my 900, 920, 925 combined. In fairness my HD7 had horrible too. My Samsung last a long, long time.

Many HTC devices, not a single problem with all of them. We all have different stories to back up our claims...

The apps are overrated and can be installed on any phone through a proxy. I have a 925 and I barely use any nokia apps anyway. The real plus is the camera. And, Samsung has been growing a pretty good list of their own "exclusives".

Oh, you can be sure of that! In fact I'm not as optimistic as you - I think it will just equal, or be even below, the S4.

This cheap plastic rehash phone likely won't be supported just like all the others. No thanks Samsung. Bring on the lumias please.

Sigh, all I want is the HTC Harmony, or a Samsung WP that they actually put effort into.

The standard ATIV S and not the Neo. I wanted to get the ATIV S on AT&T, but after learning about it not coming to AT&T, my choice was either Nokia or HTC. After seeing the aggressiveness in support from Nokia, storage space, and the possibilities of Pureview, my choice was clear.

I never knew about SIM unlocking at that time. Didn't learn about it until several days after I bought the Lumia 920. In hindsight, it's a good thing I didn't get the ATIV S as there aren't any heavy duty cases like the Defender for it. I bought the Defender for my L920. Hated the screen protector so I got the Armorsuit Military Shield SP and haven't looked back. Now I'm on the 1520 and while the screen touch mechanism still mistakes my holds and taps due to bugs, I don't regret getting the phone. I'm okay without the Qi charging, but I'm not happy with AT&T putting 16GB for the device, despite microSD expansion.

Ah, I see. I never buy my phones through a carrier now, I buy them SIM free from Expansys or Amazon because that gives me a greater choice of phones and networks. It costs more initially but you save a lot in the long term.

There are other benefits as well, updates start rolling out to SIM free devices first, you can upgrade whenever you want but you still have access to carrier apps and services.

Once you go SIM free you never go back

Same story again... Samsung tries to make a Windows Phone but they use lower hardware spec compared to their own android phones and Nokia phones then sales are bad and they will blame on WP...  

Who would even consider buying Huron when Lumia  929 is also about to launch with better camera, better battery, free Here drive, etc? How can they be that blind ?

No need to go overboard on battery, screen size or any part of this bad boy until we know more. I still believe Sammy could do a mean top end Hero device for WP. It is just a matter of if they want to. I hope they do. I love choices.

Has anyone had or has the duplication of songs problem...if u do did black update fix it.i got black update and a new sd ,my songs aren't getting duplicated now if i download using audiotica 4 .

I'm going to be fair here, the more smartphone companies that have WP, the better, even Samsung.

Will microsoft still have other companies manufacture WP..even after they buy nokia?? Like-htc,,samsung,,lg,,sony,,huawei..???

From My Lumia 929

Yes. Why wouldn't they. That's like saying they should drop Dell HP ect because they make surface & pro.

But in case of lumias...they are more and the other brands only have onne or two WPs...am sayin would they have onnne or two odd fones made by OEMs??

From My Lumia 929

Windows 8.2
Windows 8.2 Pro
Windows RT 8.2
Windows Phone 8.2

All get Internet Explorer 12 in the fall 2014

Next year 2015 brand new NT 7.0 build 10,000+ (Windows 9)

Will come with Internet Explorer 13

More companies producing Windows Phones is always a good thing. But, never let Samsung dominate Windows Phone market like they did to Android. Nokia is the exception when it's Windows Phone.

Yeah...Ur right...Samsung sucks and it will have WP's prestige spoiled..Cause Samsung phones can be hacked/jailbreaked like the Ativ..But nokia fones can not be..And also they have cheap plastic material..So just have nokia manufacture WP..

From My Lumia 929

No thanks, I want Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and whomever else to develop WP devices... Not just one OEM.

Its Verizon, so it'll be fun to watch them hold another WP device hostage for months and months while info leaks out practically everyday while they deny its existence.

They say there will no be capacitive buttons except Start/Home button. How multitasking will work if there is no capacitive back button? I mean, if i'm inside some app.

They have talked about on screen buttons to make up for that but I don't think the one button is will be on this guy. That's more WP8.1 or later

It's likely to have the same button layout as the ATIV S with a physical Start/Home button and capacitive Back/Multitasking and Search buttons.

The Nokia fanboyism is strong in these comments, one of the many reasons I'll stay away from Nokia.

Its annoying as fuck that's why. Nokiaism are no different than iPhoneism teapot calling the kettle black. As long as I have been on many mobile board, the Nokia fanboys on here in some of the worst annoying people I ever read. Pout like damn babies when other OEM sneeze at supporting WP and act like Nokia is absolutely flawless when in fact they have their own issues. Annoying as hell weeding through their bullshit.

aside from the 920 dust in FFC, random reboots on 1520, screen sensitivity issues, lack of accessories, bluetooth connectivity issues, 920s bricking from simple updates just to name a few, nah Nkia has no flaws.

So by pointing out the flaws in Nokia devices it's being negative but when it comes to other OEMs it's fine to do that, is it?

I was commenting and even agreeing to it..But he was gettin back at me when I blamed him for that..Am of an opinion that Nokia is better than Samsung in terms of hardware..Thats it..No lumia hipster..Nokia fanboy I am..

From My Lumia 929

What you fail to realise is that a Lumia Hipster and a Nokia fanboy are one and the same and are just as bad as iPhone Hipsters, I just choose to be less obvious.

I have had no replacements for my ATIV S and the repair that it's in for now is the first repair its had, how many replacements/repairs has your Lumia had?

Nov 2012 bought 510...has had its lcd chnngd cause it fell outta my pocket while ridin my bike and it is still beinng used my lil sis and works perfectly fine..820 is 10 months old and has no flaws till yet..And plannin to buy a 8.1 in april or may..

From My Lumia 929

You know what's worse than a Nokia fanboy? A NVIDIA fanboys blind loyalty.

i had a rew nokias years ago i last one had buggy as hell drivers/firmware which i lost most of my ringtones on the minute i plugged it in

Didn't know NVIDIA had fanboys.  But I guess I don't keep up with video cards and PC building like that.

Check any hardware forums video section, having said that there is equally some bad ATi/AMD ones too.

Samsung fanboys also don't trash talk Nokia on news articles. Lumia Hipsters do on Samsung news stories because they are as bad as iPhone Hipsters, they think it makes them look cool when all it does is make them look like idiots. The comments on this article are the perfect example!!

Agreed, this community was actually better before all this started. Why can't we all just enjoy the OS, no matter what device we choose? It happens on every HTC, or Samsung news piece...


This is the exact reason we're all on this website, we use the same OS no matter what manufacturer creates the device we use.

Why does the device someone has chosen even matter, choose the device you want from whatever manufacturer you want and enjoy using it instead of wasting time and effort in trash talking other devices and manufacturers!!

Exactly! These kind of attitude only stales the OS ecosystem.  Nokia Device will soon not even exist as far as the name itself that we know today that exists.  There's no guarantee that MS will make it successful or they strip it apart like Google did Motorola.  There's no guarantee that Nokia will even want to enter back into the Phone Mfr arena after MS lease is up.  WP needs more life, more options, and more OEM.  People need to get off the boo boo.

You know what's worse? Calling everyone fanboys because they have a different opinion. I cant stand Samsung; i think they make hardware that looks like vomit. Ugly PoS. But that's my opinion, and in no way makes me a fanboy :P

That's your opinion and you're entitled to it, the problem is that most of the other comments are stated as fact. The other problem is that the same things are stated on EVERY article about any OEM that's not Nokia and it then becomes fanboyism, plain and simple.

If you read from my comment on "Nokia fanboyism" you'll see that a lot of Nokia users agree that it's getting annoying, so it's not just me.

If u dont like nokia and WP..Then most probably u shoudnt be on this forum..Go to an android one..And whos sayin that nokia doesnt have any flaws?? We are just saying that its better than Samsung in terms of build and quality

From My Lumia 929

Typicalll f~~kdroid user..but is still on WPCentral forums..An by the way am not a fan boy..I use an lumia820 and a Desire Z 4.4.2..and based on that exp. I can say except notification centre and apps there is nothing much in droid...And oh did I forgot to mention a lot of viruses and buggy apps

From My Lumia 929

I'm gonna restrain short of calling you a dumbass while I type this on my Nokia 2520 and laugh at you on my 1520 while waiting on my Lenovo ThinkPad8 to be shipped.

Am not a nokia fanboy..I just like nokia..and my point was only that nokia has much better phone quality than samsung..I havent been disrespectin OEM except samsung cause I dont like it..U also know that it has cheap plastic used..

From My Lumia 929

Since when did he mention not liking WP? He stated that he doesn't like that Nokia fanboys bashing all the other OEMs without reason, and there's perfect proof in this thread...

How is Samsung not supporting their WP? I'll wait.


You're joking right? They barely support their windows phone and do anything to actually market their products and the Samsung fans happily eat up left overs from their galaxy line.


The Ativ S has all received GDR3 before alot of other Nokia phones. They constantly are updating the apps. So again, how are they not supporting their phones? They may not market their phones, but they do have another phone being released and still are supporting the software on the ATIV S as well as the Neo getting updates.  So please explain the "lack of support".


1-2 phones compared to 15-20 phones..an not every lumia is same like the ativ and neo..and are they still updating the 7.8s??

From My Lumia 929


What does 15-20 phones got to do with Samsung Supporting their phone?  15-20 phones and look at the problems they have updating them all to Black.

I have a 520,920 and 1020. No problems upgrading. I also have an Ativ S...its butt ugly and i haven't upgraded it cos its gross looking so i keep him locked away in a cage. :)

Maybe you need to have a look at the flaws Nokia devices have then come back and say that Nokia have better build quality than Samsung!!

I never said I don't like WP, I stay away from Nokia becase of Lumia Hipsters trash talking every other OEM!!!

If you'd been bothered to ask then you would know the only reason I'm using a Lagdroid at the moment is because my Windows Phone is in for repair!!!

LMAO Ya right that's a good one. I like my Nokia 928 but build quality not so good. I'm on my 5th 928 and only dropped one of them the others the screen starts lifting in the corner and then the touch stops working. Never had problems with any Sammy phones.

Anecdotal. Doesn't mean anything; it depends how it was dropped. You know that! Don't say silly things.

The one that was dropped is the one I have now and its working. I stated that so he would know it wasn't the use braking them.

Not every Nokia user is like that I'll admit. But it's the minority that make it bad for the rest and I don't want to buy into a company that has hipsters that are as bad as those of a certain other company!!

Who cares? That puts you in a category just as bad as hipsterism; elitism. Just buy the phone you like, who gives a damn who else does? Stop caring what other people think of you for gods sake. Its just a phone!

No, it doesn't. WPCentral puts an article on here that is related to Samsung or HTC and the Lumia Hipsters come out of the woodwork and start posting crap, just look at some of the other comments and most people agree that it's just getting stupid and that includes me. If you took the time to read the other comments then you would realise that. I gave up caring what people think of me a long time ago. I have the phone I want and enjoy using it, but, it's not just this article it's EVERY Samsung and HTC article that gets the same treatment from Lumia Hipsters!!

I was referring to when you said "i don't want to buy into a company that has hipsters that are as bad as those of a certain company"

That's still not being elitest, that's my opinion characterised by the "I" at the start of it!!!

You know what the name of that certain other company is?

So thats the reason that ur calling nokia and iphone#supporters hipsters..Cause u dont own any phone frm these companies..

From My Lumia 929

You need to read the comments again, where did I say that EVERY Nokia and iPhone supporter a hipster?

The Focus was the best Win phone there was. Until a Nokia has great specs, a swappable battery and a micro SD slot, all their options represent compromises. My 920 is dying out of warranty, and once again Android has the best hardware. Do I stick with Nokia's compromised design or find a phone with a chance of lasting more than a year?

There's no way that's a 5" screen with that battery. Too bad a s 5" would have been a good seller.

Or both announced at MWC.  This is good.  Verizon may be lacking in update their phones, but the fact they are starting to show a slight better interest in WP in only going to help WP image.  Hopefully to say the least.

ATIV S owner here. Samsung has most definitely supported this device. Before GDR3, I was getting regular firmware updates, they are regularly updating their apps, and they were the first to create a folder app. The battery is a beast, no random resets or freezing, and the amoled screen is a joy to use.

I'm leaning towards the iPhone come next upgrade because it's getting too hard to deal with the lack of apps (or apps that actually work. Looking at you, myfitnesspal), but if Samsung keeps releasing high end devices and I stay with WP, then I'd get another one. Easily.

Well said, Nokia's great and all, their devices are slick but I love my ATIV S. Not sure why the Nokia fanboys need to hate on Samsung all the time. Very likely they've never used the ativ s.

You're tripping.  Havne't you heard?  Samdung DOES NOT support their WP device. /sarcasm

well put, Samsung is more into Android but i've read that they do support the Ativ S line of smartphones, maybe they dont add so many features like Nokia does but the support is there nonetheless.  

Exactly, they do support the phones even if they aren't releasing loads of them. The phones they do have recieve updates and the apps in the Samsung Zone get updated regularly as well.

I admit, I used the preview for developers program on my 8X, but all my devices got their updates either before all others, or at same time before then. Not a single problem either. This whole Nokia is the only one supporting is wrong, there is differences in what some consider support... but the devices are supported with firmware, and OS updates by all.

Nokia makes us their fan with superb effort. What Samsung did? I am an early adopter of WP. I bought Omnia 7 but absolutely no support. Before that I had Omnia HD, absolutely no support. Omnia HD was a superb phone but with broken drivers and software. It had ability to record HD movies but Samsung just forget us. We were using patches and roms from other manufacturers' products but Samsung never tried to own the device.
We know there are problems with Nokia hardware as well but they are supporting. They always stepped and tried to help the owners of their products. For example Nokia released storage cleaner. All of us know its OS problem and should have come from MS but Nokia did a good job.
So yes we love Nokia and its products.

I love Nokia too.  I've always been a fan of their hardware and build.  I probably wouldn't use another WP outside of Nokia.  But there's a difference between loving a brand and being a dick to other brands.  WP as an ecosystem needs to build off of more than one company. Their YoY doens't mean squat if all it did was build up .1 .2 percent over that year.  WP needs the support of other OEM to survive.  If MS didn't have OEM for Windows, they would be the way of dinosaurs.  MS is a software company.  With OEM they don't exist.  To bash and hate and show digress for other OEM wanting to build for WP is completely ignorant. 

U luv nokia..then stop commentin harsh remarks on nokia..Cause many non-WP users are also on this forum..And with OEM support MS needs customers..Which u are makin hard for them to get..

From My Lumia 929

Ok. You are a complete dumbass. I no longer can be short of telling you that. Show me where I said anything harsh about Nokia. Are you really being this ignorant? How are you gonna talk to me about OEM support for WP and turn around and try to trash Samsung?

I wouldn't waste your time trying to talk to a Lumia Hipster, he/she is probably one of those hypocrites who trash talks Samsung yet uses the proxy hack to get access to the apps from the Samsung Zone!!

Ohk lets stop fighting and just count the pros of samsung and nokia..Samsung first(cause thats what ur defending)----Nic built as ur sayin,,and update their phones regularly,,and stylus,3gb ram and octacore which are not there in WP.....NOKIA now----best in build and make and good material used,,pureview carl zeiss lens..image stablizatn and low light photography,,HAAC microphones,,wireless charging,,useful apps like here drive,nokia music,etc.,,1080 screen..scratch resistant..etc......U can add more pros for both the manufactures of WP..AND AM NOT A NOKIA FANNBOY..I JUST DONT LIKE SAMSUNG..

From My Lumia 929

And samsung has better processors and a slightly better front camera-1.3 MP as to nokias 1.2MP....Add more pros if u can..

From My Lumia 929

The thing is all the those things aitt mentioned are actually true, just search for them on Microsoft Communities or even the WPCentral forums!!

There is also an article about a person asked to shut his mouth when his Samsung S4 burst while charging..And Nokia stepped in to help that person and promised him a lumia when samsung was only pleadin to brush the matter under the mat..

From My Lumia 929

Samsung were in the wrong, I never said they were perfect, but they aren't the only ones. Apple tried to do the same thing with an iPod touch user and I can guarantee that if the same thing happened with a Nokia Lumia, then Nokia would do exactly the same thing.

Aitt may be right..I was just proving him wrong that he said that he didnt comment anything negative about nokia..Not every nokia manufactured has flaws..

From My Lumia 929

No, not every Nokia has flaws but you can't deny that some do. How is that negative in any way, it's telling it like it is!!

Plz also agree that nokia has bettr materials used in makin than samsung..Ur an ativ user and agreeing that is tough..

From My Lumia 929

The first thing we have to agree on is that they both use plastic in their respective devices. No point having a phone made from aluminium.

The other thing we have to agree on is that Samsung put user replaceable batteries and a microSD Card slot in all their devices, this means that they have to have a removable backplate. Having the microSD Card under that backplate without any external access from the side or top and a user replaceable battery means the backplate gets removed a lot so it needs to be flexible.

I haven't used a Lumia long enough to make a decision so it would be better to ask me that when my mum has her Lumia 520 and I've set it up for her.

Ok..But samsung looks ugly just as their lagdroid fleet..And cheap plastic adds more fun to it....

From My Lumia 929

Look, you chose the Lumia and I chose the ATIV S and they both use Windows Phone which is the reason we are on this website. We aren't here to slate devices choices, we aren't here to slate manufacturers. We're here because we ALL love and use Windows Phone no matter what device we have, build quality shouldn't even come into it.

Every device has flaws and we picked our devices because they have the features we want so why bother arguing over it, just enjoy the device you have and don't waste time and effort slating devices and manufacturers for the sake of it. It's petty and makes people look like idiots, by all means have an opinion but don't keep posting it on every article about a rival manufacturer, they don't need defending and what do you think that says to potential users who are trying to make a decision without bias.

The problem is that it's easier to see the flaws in other devices rather than the potential benefits and that's exactly what we're doing, seeing the flaws in each others devices, wouldn't you agree?

+100...Sori bro..lets end this..ur right we are wasting time..And WP rocks..waiting for 8.1....

From My Lumia 929

Verizon likes to hit all price points with their devices so I wouldnt' be surprised if this was a low end device to partner with Nokia's high end device. Either that or they may just have two devices planned so that they can offer one for free on contract and the other for $199.99 on contract. And since this is Verizon, it will probably come out in July or August, well after its Android counterpart.

Really ? Not a big deal at this point, now that it hit the FCC, you have at least 8-12 months before you can buy it..


think ICON\929


Epic failure in my eyes because 8.1 is rumored to support apps from SD card...and if you like your apps, you need more space...32gb is not enough any more..

^This... I'm so sick of people bitching about Samsung's hardware quality. Being a Nokia 928 owner, I'll openly say that Nokia's hardware isn't all that. And as an engineer, hardware isn't everything! Function rules the industry, you think the iPhone made it simply because it looks pretty? Of course not! Replaceable batteries and expandable storage will ALWAYS trump hardware in my book. I'm looking forward to this phone, even if it does only have a 4.3" screen.

+1 I think Motorola proved their point using the S2 Snapdragon for the Moto X and is better than alot of the other android phones using quad core processors.  It's all about optimizing the hardware.  People don't know how to look past the hardware.

+1 for all the Nokia Fanboys on here, I agree. I have a 928 and it's had tons of bugs, I still have problems where the touch screen stops responding and I have to put in standby and back to getting it to work AND I still have CRAP behind my Windows button... Random reboots, WHEN I AM on calls....time to time. It is a VERY buggy phone....

Before this I had a HTC 8X, Never a signle issue besides lack of space (16gb), Nothing at all. If Samsung comes with a 4.5" or larger with MicroSD, I will say good buy to Nokia for good....

The Nokia phones look nice, no question but, qualty control on the 3 928s I have had is not there....and this is not the ONLY MODEL I have heard this about...

My ATIV S is in for repair at the moment and do you know how many replacements I've had? Zero, Zip, None and this is the first repair its had as well!!

Flies in the face of the Lumia Hipsters saying that Samsung build quality sucks, doesn't it?

You know, they had those issues before on their Symbian phones. I thought it was just their software, so when I heard about them coming to WP, I gave them another shot, and I got the "COGS OF DEATH." My experience with them has been subpar.

I'm hoping for more OEMS to support the platform. I'd like to get a bigger phone. Sammy would be my first pic, but if not them, I hope someone else...SONY(wishful thinking), HTC, or whomever. NOKIA will get its support from the many fans it has...as shown on the comments. But, I will do my part in supporting the other OEMS that come on over.

That's certainly the best attitude to have. I might be a Samsung user but that doesn't mean I shit on other OEMs, Nokia have brought a lot to the platform in the way of apps and games which I'm very grateful for, Samsung and HTC show their support, however little that may be to some people, by creating devices and their own apps.

I just don't get why others seem to have a problem with other OEMs creating WP devices by saying things like "Nokia should be the only OEM creating Windows Phones"!!

This is verizon we are talking about....Look at the ICON, you wont see this phone for 6-8 months at least....

Only reason I would get this is if it had the exact same body as the s4 so I can use a life proof case for it. I go a lot of places where my phone would be exposed to the elements so a case that protects it from dirt and water is inportant

Oooooh it looks so different to every other Sammy and with that battery it surely will be a hot seller

The only Samsung phone I owned was the i760 and honestly if it didn't brick itself I would still be rocking it today in all its WinMo glory. As far as Nokia I had two (minus the current 928,) but that was the 90's. While I did like and want the Nokia support I heard about in my Trophy days, I really would like a hi-res screen phone with SD card support that is a CDMA device. At this point I don't care who makes it, but it is what I need to make the least amount of compromise staying on big red and in the Microsoft realm.