Bejeweled Live: Xbox Windows Phone Review

Pop Cap Games Bejeweled is a classic puzzle game that's been around the smartphone industry for years.  It has developed a reputation for being an addictive, entertaining game and with Windows Phone 7, Bejeweled Live doesn't disappoint.

The game play itself hasn't changed much. You are presented with an 8x8 playing field of colored jewels. The goal is to line up at least three of a kind.  Your moves are limited to horizontal and vertical but you can only move jewels that will complete the string.  The longer the string, the more points you collect.   When you match them up, the jewels explode and the playing field is replenished from the top with more jewels.

You have three gaming modes, Classic, Race the Clock, and Endless Play, to keep things interesting. As you complete the various levels within each mode, it becomes harder to find moves and the overall pace increases. When you're stumped, there's always the hint button to offer a friendly suggestion.

The "Live" in Bejeweled Live comes into play with the integration with Xbox Live. Your scores and performance are recorded with your Xbox Live account and you can compare your performance up against other Bejeweled Live competitors.

Bejeweled Live is a stable app that is extremely addictive. The graphic quality is fantastic and the background music isn't bad either. You can find the gaming app over at the Marketplace for $4.99. A trial version is also available if you prefer to try before you buy.

If you like addictive, entertaining, puzzle games Bejeweled Live (Store link) should be on your Windows Phone.


Reader comments

Bejeweled Live: Xbox Windows Phone Review


I don't know whether this is just me, but on all the XBox Live games on WP7, I only ever see my scores; never anyone else.

I know on the XBox you can normally choose between seeing friends only or everyone, but I've not worked out how to see global scores on the phone (and none of my friends have a WP7).

Am I doing something daft?

WP7 games only support friends Leaderboards so far, except for the Game Room games, which also have global leaderboards.

They have three game modes, Classic, racing the clock, and play forever, to keep things interesting. By completing the different levels within each mode, it is difficult to find the movements and general rate increases. When you get stuck, there is always the suspicion button to make a friendly suggestion.