Spice up your networking with some Metro business cards

Metro Business Cards

Ever fancied spicing up your networking when handing out personal information? You can now enjoy that Windows Phone look with some business premade cards. These beauties, compiled by 1800PocketPC, are particularly useful should you not be incredible at graphic design. What's more is that you'll be promoting Microsoft's new design language.

Be sure to head on over to check out the full compilation with download links and more.

Source: 1800PocketPC


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Spice up your networking with some Metro business cards


This would be cool if I wouldn't feel like an employee for Microsoft. I'm all about clean modern style for my site and business cards, but this is a little overboard on the Metro fanboy side.

I second that, a traditional business card is certainly cleaner and more modern than this so-called Metro card. A lot of people seem to think that colourful tiles will automagically make everything Metro.

Edit: Actually I just looked at the other designs over at 1800PocketPC and many of them are indeed nice. The single photo featured here at WPCentral doesn't do justice to all the different designs featured in the original article.

A traditional business card has your info, the company logo and that's about it. This metro card at least catches your eye, even though it should be more subtle

A traditional business card is certainly not more modern, it's more... traditional. I mean, there's nothing wrong in being traditional, but one can't play in both fields, it's like saying a suit is more modern than skinny jeans, it's not, but can be more or less appropriate to one's style or event, just like this cards.

It's hard for some to break from tradition, like celebrating Christmas. People feel they have to/want to do what everyone else is doing even if it's unnecessary, questionable, stupid, or wrong.

I don't like Christmas. The only good thing is all the great food, but then again you have to visit hordes of relatives to get it so it's not worth it :P

Saw these earlier today. First thing I thought was "I want to touch it". Vaguely was reminded of Microsoft's productivity vision where you had the interactive cards and tickets.

I visited the link which has alot more designs to choose from, and I must say that those are pretty nice designs...great job!

You could make one using e-ink/e-paper displays... But they'd be so expensive you'd never want to hand them out :P

I like these, but I'm in creative pursuits and the people I'd hand them to would really like the use of color and space.  If I practiced law or accounting or medicine, I'd probably admire these cards from afar. :)