Super Calendar now available for Windows Phone 8, full of features and flexibility

Super Calendar

If you feel that the native calendar app for your Windows Phone is somewhat lacking, take a look at the new Windows Phone 8 app Super Calendar.

Super Calendar has multiple views, taps into your Windows Phone calendar automatically, is easy to navigate around and has live tile support. First impressions are nice and Super Calendar is well worth a try.

The layout makes it easy to switch from day, week, month and yearly views. You can either swipe to either side to change views or tap the page headers. Month and week views have a couple of styles to choose from and you can add a custom background image to make the calendar view a little more pleasing.

Super Calendar

There is a keyword search field available on the yearly view. Navigation buttons sit at the bottom of the pages to move between months, go to today's date, refresh the screen and add an appointment. Access to Super Calendar's settings sits at the top of the screen next to the page headers.

Along with the different page styles and adding a background image, Super Calendar's settings will let you color code the various calendar accounts you may have on your Windows Phone.

Live tile support will display your daily appointments and individual appointments can be pinned to your Start Screen as well.

Super Calendar

Oh... another neat feature on Super Calendar is that on the individual appointment screens there is an audio button that will announce the details of that appointment. Pin the appointment to your Start Screen for easy access and tap the audio button while on the go to hear your appointment details when it's not safe to read.

Again, Super Calendar makes a nice first impression. The user interface is fluid and easy to use, there's enough customization available to help Super Calendar fit your needs, and the audio feature is a rather nifty touch.

There is a trial version available for Super Calendar with the full version running $1.99. You can find Super Calendar here in the Windows Phone Store. We also have a discussion going on here in the Windows Phone Central Forums on Super Calendar. The developer visits the forums and this is a good opportunity to provide feedback or just chat about Super Calendar.

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Reader comments

Super Calendar now available for Windows Phone 8, full of features and flexibility


The search function in the year view is great. Design seems like it may take some time to get used to, but I like that there are options. With some optimizations, this could be the best calendar option on WP

Ok, but miss more options like not show birthdays... And i Wonder why i have alot og empty appoinments

Thanks for the nice write up and details, however a screenshot of the main live tile would have been useful for me? Plus how functional is the options for the main live tile? Anybody have an idea how it compares to the Chronos or Simple Calendar Apps main live tiles and their functionality? I do like both of those apps and how they cover the weaknesses of the WP Calendar with Chronos being my fav.

Can you edit entries or is it write once, read many? Can it display more than just the Microsoft acct calendar? You're reviews are usually better than this.

+2 the clutered design of these third party apps scares me away. I really do want a better calendar app. The standard one leaves a lot to be desired (it's in fact my biggest complaint about WP). I am willing to pay for it. But metro please, the Metro design language drew me to Windows Phone in the first place...

Anything metro, simple and fast. That's the Windows Phone concept and that's what we're expecting about the apps.

have you looked at my Week Calendar? I designed it to be a companion app, not a replacer, spending most of the effort to resemble the native Calendar app style.


I'm getting old, I guess, as the font on this app seems even tinier than the tiny fonts we used to deal with on WinMob back in the small screen days.

So, it doesn't conform to Metro standards and it doesn't maximize potential of the Live Tile. That, to me, is what WinPho is all about!

I use simple calendar and while that apps initial view is still the cleanest, I like super calendar's ability to add a background image to the live tile, which helps to break-up the monochromatic look of the start screen.

I also like all of the choices to view the year, month, week, day, though in reality, only like one or two views actually work for me.

In the month view, I'd love to see only today's appointments being listed at the bottom instead of them from the beginning of the month.

Still, there's a lot to like here so I'm going to give it a whirl for a bit.

Pretty neat. Trying it out in place of Chronos right now. I like the tile design. What's the limitation for the trial version? So far everything seems to work fine with trial

Not bad... love the main app interface, but there seems to be some problems with the LiveTile handling multiple calendars...
a) Settings icon/button is way too small (maybe I have pudgy fingers, but generally my hands are pretty normal for males)
b) Is there a way to configure which calendar (I have 3) is used by the LiveTile?  Theoretically, it should use ALL of them, but it seems to be taking only the 'first' one in the list (Hotmail, Outlook, Corporate), and the list is not using the names I have for the accounts.
c) Birthdays seem to be showing up just fine for me (even the ones from LinkedIn)
d) Rather than pre-selected 'themes' I'd like to be able to set a colour for each of the calendar entries of my choosing.
I've left these comments in the 'Ratings' as well.

For a) tapping the title will open the settings as well.
These are excellent suggestions! I will add them to my to-do list.
Thanks drtolson!

Can you view files that are saved to appointments, this is a key feature that's missing in all the current calendar apps.

I love this app. It has officially replaced Chronos Calendar for me. I use the developer's other app, Super Contacts as well. If you have questions, you should send him an email. He is really good about contacting his users.

Maybe it's me but how can I add the tiles? When I try to add an appointment it says "oops something went wrong" and when I add the app to my home screen from the applist it won't show the wide tile and the medium tile doesn't update

exactly the same here.
Tile pined from applist show standard icon : logo & title, no appointment, no background, ... and doesn't update.
And try to pin appointment result in "something went wrong"
About classic tiles/agents issues : 
 - I've not too many background tasks running
 - all my others tiles/agents from others apps work fine.
Thank you for your support

I submitted version 1.1 update just now and should fix this issue along with 24h format. I might have missed a few spots when it comes to formatting for 24h, so please let me know if you find one once you get the update.

Lovely job, beautiful and clean!
For Live Tile, would like the option to "not flip" ... just show the next 3 appointments please.
Also please consider having the date "square" take up somewhat less of the tile thus showing the appointments in slightly larger font???
Great first version, liking it alot!!!

So I liked this enough to purchase it.... and then I realized that the live tile is only showing appointments from my Hotmail calendar, and not my Outlook Calendar.  When I turn off the Hotmail account, the live tile shows the outlook appointments.  That's kind of irritating as I use and need both calendars. 
I concur with bikedogrun's suggestions, by the way.  And I would add that on the live tile the appointment being in white letters and the date being in black makes it hard to have a background that allows both to be read.

I agree with the font color as light or dark backgrounds cancel one or the other and its hard to find a compromise so both are legible.

After checking it out I have to say that it is very well done and wins over SimpleCalendar (for me) plus gives Chronos a run for its money. While I like the Chronos live tile setup and look a bit more, Super's elegant UI is much nicer although it is a bit harder to use for my fat fingers. Gonna keep checking it out to see if it wins me over.

Love this app. Just one thing that needs addressing for me. I have a Hotmail calendar which contains the Arsenal fixtures and my work calendar from Exchange. The live tile only seems to show the Arsenal calendar from Hotmail but I'd prefer to see the appointments from Exchange. I assume this is purely because the Hotmail calendar appears first in the list of accounts.

Great app btw, love it!  Only thing is that the calendar shows a No name entry as 12:00A every day.  This is from my 'outlook' calendar however when I check my outlook calendar there is no such entry.  Other calendar apps (including the MS one) do not show this entry. 
Any ideas?


It looks nice. I will certainly check it out. I am always looking for good calender alternatives, because the stock calender isn't somewhat lacking. It's just lacking.
What is most improtant to me is that i can set default appointment reminder and duration. Right now i use Chornos because it's the only calender for WP i know of which let's you do those things.
It wouldn't even be that bad if the WP appointment creator weren't "hiding" the reminder duration in under "more". Why is there even a button for that? Don't i have a smartphone that can just scroll through stuff like "more"? Just get rid of the button! Oh, i could rant about the stock calender for a while.

Had the same problem with Simple calendar as well. Turning off private appointments solved the problem there. I have no idea though how should I do that with this app

How did you 'turn off' private appointments in Simple Calendar? Did you just make your calendars public, or is there something else that can be done?

While the built-in calendar is too limited to my taste, I've never managed to bring myself to use a third-party app. I'm always afraid that something would go wrong, that I wouldn't be notified of an appointement. It's something way too important in my daily life to take this kind of risk :/

Maybe the best of its kind for WP. It's missing a regional time support, or at least 12/24H choosing option

You can't seem to read the whole note when written on event, it only shoes part of the note ! Also you can't edit ! Its a bit hard to read too - a good calendar but missing a few key features that Chronos still holds.

Hey, check the storage! Super calendar ate 800mb at my device. It's easy to check in Nokia. Settings -> Storage Check -> Details -> Apps -> Details.


Please add functionality to edit appointments once added. Also, need to be able set an end date for recurring appointments on the phone. This is really basic stuff that means there's no point me switching from my paper diary until these are available. 

Also, despite updating the calendar through outlook online and hitting refresh on my laptop and phone several times, my phone is still showing the repeating appointment I was testing - though it's gone on my laptop. My wifi connection is solid and reliable so not sure what's going on there. Potential to be great, currently poor.