T-Mobile doubles tablet data plan, expands family plan

If you add a tablet to your T-Mobile Simple Choice plan, starting September 3rd T-Mobile will charge you $10-a-month for the privilege and will double your data allotment in the process. The plan creates a duplicate bucket of data reserved for that tablet, up to 5 GB per month.

This is in stark contrast to other carriers, where adding a new device, tablet or otherwise, draws from your preexisting bucket of data. It's worth noting that this is a segregated bucket for the tablet — you've got one bucket for your phone (say, a 3 GB T-Mobile plan) and a separate 3 GB for the tablet.

In addition to the new tablet plans, T-Mobile's also expanding their family plans. Previously limited to five lines on a plan, the Simple Choice family plans now can support a full ten lines. T-Mobile still offers each line with a separated allotment of data, unlike the shared data buckets that its competitors offer.

Just yesterday we saw T-Mobile offer a 2 GB second-tier plan for just $5 over the $40 base plan. They've been on something of a roll since the collapse of the proposed merger with Sprint, though they are facing aggressive pricing competition from the desperate and reinvigorated carrier.

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T-Mobile doubles tablet data plan, expands family plan


They don't charge for tethering. Its included in the plan. If you pay for the 3gb plan on your phone ($10), that means you have 3 gigs at the fastest speed your phone supports to use either on the phone or as hotspot. Even the 1gb plan works this way.

When I originally signed up they said if you wanted to use tethering you had to pay a fee, but looking at my bill "Smartphone mobile hotspot service" is included with my data.  I find this interesting as just this morning I was trying to tether my Surface Pro and it kept telling me that I would need to "add this service" to my plan.  After a reboot or 2 it worked and before I added tethering(about 2 yrs ago?) if I browsed the web on my other devices using tethering with the default useragent (for desktop IE, etc) it wouldn't let me connect to anything.

You must be content to stay put because it looks like a road trip to anywhere from there would get you out of any decent coverage pretty quickly.

Exactly. I'd be thrilled to convert, but their network coverage sucks. Aside from the bill, I'm happy with AT&T, so I'm content staying until T-Mobile actually offers coverage good enough for me to switch.

Then the prices will go up. You'll likely get one or the other. Phone service is good in most places where other carriers work. Data can be non-existant in many areas, even in areas their map says they have coverage.

Go TMobile! At least you are forcing the big two to rethink their obnoxious rates. Without TMobile they would go berserk

Yep, Yep I laugh every time I see that att commercial. 4 lines with 10GB for $160 and they think it's a deal.LOL
Same thing is $100 at T-Mobile except you don't have to worry about 1 person using all the data.

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Is it just me...or Tmob...is going nuts...!...the good kind of nuts...heck I want such plans and tariffs here in India...feeling jelly.

I know what you mean in Canada we only have one carrier that offers great plans unlike the big players but doesn't have the coverage to compete

If they had better coverage and a decent windows phone(one I want) I would switch and they would be in the market for my business. :-)

Careful with that... Depends on the phone... Depends on the area and whether T-MoUS has "refarmed" or not... And to what extent...

Nothing sucks worse than switching and being stuck on EDGE most of your day.

That's for sure, T-Mobile had nothing but 2g service where I lived when I joined them it was very slow but they have upgraded my area very fast. I had to deal with slower speeds for about two months. Now T-Mobile is 4g here!

you *could* buy any att windows phone, except att gimps the OS and hardware, then sells it for more. example: you could buy a 1520(with 16gb and without qi) outright from att for 585, or you could get the 1520.3(same LTE bands, with Qi, and 32 gb) from bhphoto for 490. or from Newegg.

That is true but like the reply mentioned before you, if you're in a refarmed area then you can get LTE speeds. Also I prefer buying refurbished phones as they are almost as good as new especially when you can get an att 1520 for less than $275. As for QI, yes I miss it but hey I only ever used it as the night stand clock for the 920

Have they extorted concessions from any other music providers?  I haven't heard much on that net neutrality violation recently.

Mango.lover.....YES. I was just told of this deal yesterday when I called customer service. I'm hoping that the 3rd since this is when it goes active that they will finally drop more tablets and if the Lumia tablet goes from business to consumers I will be buying one. I was also told there having a 0$ deposit for mostly all the tablets starting now. 5 phone family plans are eligible for 5 tablets also

Are we about to enter a carrier plan revolution, where prices are about to seriously drop across all carriers fueled by extreme competition?....
It happened back in the 80's, and 90's with land line services..

I hope so, in France they pay the equivalent of $25/mo for unlimited talk and text and 25 GB LTE data I hear. I want that here!

No.. I know it's been competitive the past few years, but I'm talking bout some serious value for consumers.. Serious price drops, or much more for what we already pay....
IOW, we'd be seeing AT&T, and Verizon, being super competitive, not just T-Mobile.
And, no.. I'm dummer than a sack of rocks... Lol❗

How does this effect the customers that are getting FREE LTE for the rest of the year. I added my L2520 and had a conversation saying i wouldnt get charged $10 for Free LTE until Jan of 2015. Is this still in effect or am i going to have to fight with them to get me Free 1GB back?

I've been with T-mobile for almost 10 years now and I never had to fight with them for anything.... You should keep your free data until the day you were promised... I still have my unlimited data plan from before the me plans came to be ( I pay less than what it is now).... Love T-mobile s customer services

Zizi, I hit the 5Gig wall and was throttled last month. I have a very old Total Internet Plan, which plan do you have and have you ever hit the throttled 5Gig?

I noticed that as well. I assumed the 3+3 was used as an example to note the segregation of individual device data.

You are correct 2 years ago, since all the new plans started rolling out, tethering have been free for lots of plans.