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The Windows Phone app SnowGlobe3D is an interactive holiday snow globe for your Windows Phone. The scene has a rustic home with Christmas Tree out front that is just begging for a little snow fall.

When you launch SnowGlobe3D you will be walked through a tutorial on how to go about using the app. The hologram is best viewed from overhead in dim light. You shake the Windows Phone to make it snow, swipe left or right to add a little wind into the mix and tap the screen to turn on the tree lights.

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Windows Phone Game Review: HoloPhone 3D

Here's a neat app for your Windows Phone. HoloPhone 3D combines games and interactive displays to bring a decent 3D experience to the Windows Phone.

Key features include:

  • 24 interactive hologram experiences
  • Stunning 3D graphics rendered in silky smooth 30 fps
  • Amazing physics environments with full multi-touch support
  • 10 marble maze mini-game levels with scores and ratings
  • New 'Asteroid Attack' mini-game - imagine "Fruit Ninja meets Asteroids in 3D"

A recent update to HoloPhone 3D also adds an interactive winter snow globe into the mix just in time for the Holidays.

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