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Microsoft's strategy for launching Mango in various regions is a bit up in the air--in a lot of places it's up to the OEMs/carriers to roll out the update or release new devices.

If you go to this page: You'll notice the big ol' "Coming soon on 9/9" which last we checked is today (in HK, tomorrow for us). The fan site We Love Windows Phone HK notes that marketing in Hong Kong and by assumption Taiwan, don't speak of dates or promotions unless that product has been launched already. Translation: this date could be the very same date that Microsoft begins to push out Mango--either by promotion or perhaps carriers.

On the other hand, this could be an older page, dates could have changed, etc. We do know that Mango is close for a lot of folks and this is clearly one more indication.

update: And like all things too good to be true, this looks to be a misunderstanding. Evidently there were two promotional events for Mango launched by MSTW and neither is the actual launch.

via: We Love Windows Phone HK

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Mango Jump Start series [Developers]

Microsoft MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley have kicked off a Mango developer focused course that features some handy and helpful pointers for those who are starting out on the platform. The above video is the introduction to the course and first topic. 

Find a list of the topics covered (each with a dedicated video, links can be found via the source link) below:

  • Building Windows Phone Apps with Visual Studio 2010
  • Silverlight on Windows Phone—Introduction
  • Silverlight on Windows Phone—Advanced
  • Using Expression to Build Windows Phone Interfaces
  • Windows Phone Fast Application Switching
  • Windows Phone Multi-tasking & Background Tasks
  • Using Windows Phone Resources (Bing Maps, Camera, etc.)
  • Application Data Storage on Windows Phone
  • Using Networks with Windows Phone
  • Tiles & Notifications on Windows Phone
  • XNA for Windows Phone
  • Selling a Windows Phone Application

Source: Channel9

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The gentlemen over at WMPU have published this pretty neat video of the Acer W4 at IFA 2011. Bare with us when watching the footage and try to refrain from shouting at your screen, especially when the two demo devices are thrown about at the start of the video, ouch.

Although the Acer W4 only comes in 8GB flavouring, there is an LED notification light that a large majority of users desire. Also, much like the HTC Radar, it features DLNA and is going to be available in two colours - black and white. Lastly, the Acer W4 is to sport Acer FastCharge, which will enable the device to charge at a faster rate when connected to a Acer desktop or laptop.

Reminder of the specification sheet we posted:

  • 3.6-inch WVGA Capacitive screen,
  • Screen Resolution: 480×800
  • 5mp Camera with auto-focus.
  • HSPA 850/1900 or 900/2100 /GSM quad band 850/900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz Support.
  • Qualcomm MSM 8255 running at 1GHz (same processor as in the Xperia Play)
  • Wifi, Bluetooth 2.1
  • DLNA Support
  • Windows Phone Mango
  • 8GB Storage

While in previous photos we've all been slightly cautious about the Acer handset it does look much smarter in a real life video and is worth of running Mango. What do you make of it now we've seen more angles?

Source: WMPU

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HTC DLNA app in Mango

Another much requested feature is media streaming to other media platforms (via UPnP protocols) in the house. At the HTC event in London yesterday we managed to get a walkthrough by a HTC representative of the HTC Titan, showing the HTC DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) app.

Check out the video of the demonstration below, you can see the DLNA app at about 2:10 in. We must say that the rep did a good job at showing the top features in the short amount of time (the night was hectic) and both Windows Phone Mango and the HTC Titan looked incredible.

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One interesting observation from the new HTC Radar and Titan is that HTC have been able to move their add-on "apps" such as Sound Enhancer, custom camera options and Attentive Phone to Settings--that is these will no longer be apps to download but instead will be baked in the OS directly.

That's a good move for HTC as it seemed kind of silly to have separate apps for those--who wouldn't want those options? It also signals that HTC is able to inch a little closer in modifying the OS. It will certainly be interesting to see what other OEMs do with this ability.

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Notice the "loudly" replacement of "quietly" in the title? The London HTC event was sure enough a night club with some phones displayed. Three hours later and my ears are still ringing the bells louder than ever, but was it a well worth visit? Absolutely. I was joined by Jay Bennett (our app developer) along with two strays we found on the street, Alex Dobie and Richard Devine from Android Central.

While merely being about two upcoming Windows Phone Mango devices, the HTC Titan and Radar, the event was full of enthusiasm, music, free drink and a cracking presentation. Overall it was a superb evening where we conversed with Microsoft and HTC employees, experienced the new handsets for ourselves and began to get drunk in the process for free. Head on past the break for the round-up.

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We knew that Internet Sharing was a possibility with the Mango update. At the HTC public unveil of the HTC Titan and Radar, Jay and Rich were able to confirm things when they spent some hands on time with the two new Windows Phones.

While Internet Sharing will be a Windows Phone feature with the Mango update., Jay reports that an HTC Representative at the event stated tethering would not be possible in the U.K.  He was also able to get a snapshot of the settings screen on the Titan (flash reflection and all).

This U.K. prohibition is likely due to carrier restrictions and even though U.S. customers are hopeful to have tethering capabilities, we too may face carrier restrictions. Bad carriers, bad.

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As if there was any doubt, HTC has "officially" announced the new Windows Phones the Titan and Radar. We just got the press release a few minutes ago.

Jay and Rich are still enjoying the Public Event over in London and we'll have a re-cap once the dust settles. While we wait, here's what HTC includes in their press release on these two new Windows Phones. Quoting from the release,

"The new HTC TITAN and HTC Radar smartphones raise the bar with new advanced photography, multimedia and social capabilities that enable you to take full advantage of the latest Windows Phone innovations."

Both the Titan and Radar will include a camera with a fast, f2.2 aperture and wider 28mm lens. The sensor will be back-illuminated to provide better low-light performance. Each will have a panoramic feature to let you stitch photos together to create dynamic pictures of landscapes and skylines. Both cameras will have HD video capture capabilities.  Maybe, just maybe, we will see an improved camera from HTC.

The Titan will sport a 4.7" Super LCD screen, 8 megapixal rear camera, and a 1.3 megapixel front camera. The body will be constructed of brushed aluminum and only measure .38" thick.

The Radar will sport a 3.8" LCD screen and will have an aluminum unibody. While the press release doesn't mention cameras, it does state that the Radar will be capable of speaking "face to face" with the new video calling. We've gotta believe that it will also have the 8 megapixel rear and 1.3 megapixel front cameras.

The HTC Titan and Radar will be broadly available from October 2011 globally, beginning in Europe and Asia. There is not telling how this translates to the U.S. Market.  December maybe?

You can catch the full press release from HTC after the break.

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Nope, No Mango tonight

September 1st is quickly losing daylight and Joe Belfiore has just tweeted what many have suspected. There will be no Mango tonight. Earlier rumors called for a September 1st release of the Windows Phone update but unless Joe's pulling our legs, it looks like we'll have to wait for another day.

We keep seeing indicators that September 15th might be that day and we'll know if our crystal ball was in focus soon enough. In the meantime, sit back, relax, hit the break and enjoy the tunes Joe linked us to in his tweet. It has to be the most unique cover version of a Black Eyed Peas song I've ever seen.

source: Twitter Thanks goes out to Enver for tipping us on this!

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Hands on with the HTC Omega

The HTC London event is moments from starting where we expect to be introduced to the HTC Omega and Eternity. We are now seeing hands on videos surface of the HTC Omega and it looks nice. Still not sure about the white/silver color pattern or the chin, but it does catch your attention.

One thing we can put to rest is the lack of a bottom keyboard. That is unless the demonstrator was told not to reveal it. We've got Jay Bennett, our app developer, and Rich Edmonds, our foreign correspondent, on site at the London event and will have more to share on these two new Windows Phones shortly.

source: techblog

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Well this is interesting and we can't verify 100% at the moment, but we're told this is from the official HTC developer site for Russia (official HTC site is this: and they're clearly showing off a Mozart for sale. No biggy there, but the fact that is says in red "UNIT HAS RUSSIAN LOCALIZATION" is of interest since as of now, Windows Phone doesn't have Russian. Heck, even the 7720 build of Mango doesn't have Russian on it, which means if this is legit it's certainly an HTC-OEM thing. You can evidently order it for 19,990 Russian rubles or about $690.

So does this actually have Russian language support? Does it run Mango? Maybe and it must.  Someone should pony up and we can all find out. Hey, if Japan can get the IS12T now, why not Russia? And perhaps, just perhaps that HTC announcement later today will shed some light on this sudden change. Stay tuned...

Source: HTC Developer Russia; Thanks, cehseven, for the heads up using our app!

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With all the new features headed to the Windows Phone by way of the Mango update, the camera will be getting its fair share of attention. More and more are using their Windows Phone camera, in lieu of a stand alone camera, to document and share life. The Mango updates that focus on the camera will make capturing and sharing photos a little better.

The list is healthy so snap past the break to see the full list of the new features (that we know about) heading to your Windows Phone camera.

source: windowsteamblog

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gReadie goes Mango

gReadie is a Google Reader client for your Windows Phone.  It's been recently updated and takes advantage of all the goodness Mango brings to the table.

For those not familiar with gReadie (pronounced greedy) the apps key features include:

  • Full sync with your Google Reader account
  • Full offline support to both read posts and perform actions on them (mark read, star, save
  • Live Tile with unread count and latest post title
  • Pin any feed or folder to your home screen, with it's own Live Tile
  • Download posts in the background when the phone is charging and on wifi to save your mobile bandwidth
  • Save posts to Read It Later, Instapaper or Pinboard with a single tap
  • Share posts with your linked social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Windows Live) as well as via Email or SMS with shortening
  • Grey on black "Low Contrast" mode and adjustable font size for easy reading
  • Full SSL encryption and oAuth login, supporting two-stop authentication without providing us your email address or password
  • Manage your subscriptions and folders from within gReadie, even when offline.

For those already running gReadie on a Nodo device, you're gonna have to wait (hopefully not for too long) because you'll need Mango to run the updated version.  For those already running Mango, gReadie does have a trial version and the full version runs $1.49. You can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

source: quidsmobile  Thanks Chris!

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Wonder Reader gets a Mango Update

The popular Windows Phone RSS reader, Wonder Reader, has been updated to version 2.0. The update makes the Windows Phone app compatible with Mango and includes these new features (for Mango devices):

Live Tile support: The tile will display an unread count up to 1,000 plus the latest headline and image on the back of the tile. The Wonder Reader tile is set to update every thirty minutes.

Pin feeds and categories for additional live tiles: Additional Live Tiles can be added to your Start Screen for your more frequently viewed feeds or categories. This feature is only available on the paid version.

Social Network Sharing: You can now share articles on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and LinkedIn.

The Wonder Reader update also supports Mango's fast app switching for instant resume. There is a fully functional trial version available for Wonder Reader (won't support the additional Live Tiles) and the paid version runs $1.99. You can find both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

source: Wonder Reader thanks goes out to Anthony for the tip!

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For those of you still running an HTC HD2 aka the device the runs everything, you'll be pleased to know you can now load Windows Phone Mango 7720 onto that bad boy, making it a true, honest to Ballmer Windows Phone (it makes your SD card act as a single partition).

We're not gonna lie, the number of steps, folder moves, flashing and technique here is no small feat. You'll want to take your time, print out those directions and cross your fingers you don't miss anything. The features of this ROM are...

  • Ability to Install Mango 7720 Build.
  • Ability to Install Developers Update Cab.
  • Updatable via zune (for build after 7720 wait confirmation before apply)
  • Root, chevron and unlock features already in and reaplied after an update

The ROM was finished by XDA members xboxmod and YukiXDA, so it should be a pretty solid release. Still wanna try it? Head right here to XDA and give it a go! Thanks, JonnieLasVegas & Wideawake, for the tip!

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No LED API available for Developers

Hussein over at got in touch with Brandon Watson via Twitter with regards to LED (flashlight) API support in Mango for developers to use. While fairly obvious, it seems as though developers will not be able to manipulate the LED due to no API being available.

Then again, do we need the API? Microsoft could release a free torch app that would use the LED backlight in favor of "white screen" apps currently available. 


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In the above video you can see a demo at TechED 2011 in New Zealand for Microsoft's Lync, which is the inter-office communication and VoIP system. The app is slated for a Q4 release and will also be coming to iOS, Android and Symbian with Windows Phone said to receive the first and best. Other platforms will receive a fully featured app with integration, not just a mere port.

A question from the audience was greeted by a fairly exciting response with the final goal in WP7 being to integrate Lync into hubs in favour of a stand-alone application. Communication will be handled by the messaging hub and anything from the cloud will be handled in the Office hub. Voice and video will be dependant on the handset and OS.

You may also have noticed in the video we hear some talk surrounding front-facing cameras on Windows Phone handsets, which further confirms our recent article covering Skype and the secondary camera support. Are you excited for FF cameras, or wont you use them?

Source: GoWindowsGo, video: alanburchill; Thanks, Sam S., for the Twitter tip!

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Just one day after spotting an Asus WP7 phone with what looked like a front-facing camera, Windows Phone NZ is now reporting that Microsoft has confirmed at Tech Ed New Zealand that Mango phones will indeed come equipped with them.  Furthermore, it was also said that Skype integration will be coming soon and that it will make use of them. 

Front-facing cameras have been one of the features that users have requested the most and we've seen hints in the developer tools before.  Now that it has become a reality, will we see them on all, most or some of the new Mango handsets?  With Microsoft's semi-standardization of hardware across manufacturers, we are willing to bet that most of them will.  It will be an integral part of WP7 competing with the allure of Apple's Facetime application. 

Source: WindowsPhoneNZ; Via: Windows Phone Network; Thanks, Smith, for the tip!

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MS confirms details about Tango

Today in Hong Kong Microsoft held a MSDN seminar called "The Next Generation of Development," during which they revealed some details about the WP7 update called Tango.  It turns out that Tango will not be a major update, but rather a minor update to Mango focused on developing countries like China and India.  It will bring improved Bing services to countries previously neglected, and as previously speculated, will serve as the OS version for lower price point devices made by Nokia, ZTE and others.

Though Tango turns out not to be exactly the next evolution of Windows Phone that we thought it would be, it was confirmed that Apollo will in fact be the next major update to the OS, which will be WP8.  If Tango is only a minor update, then what is build 8200 with its new "content search" feature?  If it is Tango, will we see it outside of emerging markets, like North America and Europe?

Source: We Love Windows Phone .HK (Thanks for the tip!)

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