Taptitude developer talks about success and the Windows Phone platform


Taptitude is a game of games, if you will. The title sports numerous mini-games that each offer hours of entertainment. We've covered the popular Windows Phone game in the past, including the report of the two developers (who are brothers) making $1,000 a month from advertisement revenue. Now the team has published a rather in-depth report that details the last two years of supporting Windows Phone and where there are still areas of improvement.

The team has ported Taptitude to Windows 8, Android and iOS, but the entire article focuses solely on Windows Phone, since the other titles have not been available long enough to collect meaningful data. We'll not repost everything the team has published, but we'll lightly delve into some of the highlights and points listed.

Here are three observations the studio has made while developing for Windows Phone:

  1. The platform continues to be a great market for indie developers
  2. The mini-game collection model continues to resonate with users
  3. There is significant headroom for future growth

Taptitude Daily Downloads

It was recently announced that Taptitude broke the 1 million download mark on Windows Phone. The team notes that downloads increased as Nokia began releasing Windows Phone hardware as well as Taptitude climbing in the charts. The spike represents over 200,000 downloads accumulated over a two month period. Not bad at all.

Looking at their data, the studio can see how the platform is growing and the 4.7 average rating helps the game be featured in the store for new consumers to see what's available. But this is just a taste of what's been covered in the report. As noted above, this isn't everything so be sure to head on over to FourBros Studio for the full read. We'd strongly recommend it if you're a Windows Phone developer or are considering it. Some other topics included in the report:

  • Crashes
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertising

Source: Taptitude


Reader comments

Taptitude developer talks about success and the Windows Phone platform


I'm so pissed the reason I bought a windows phone and ditched my iPhone was for Xbox games. Every week a disappointment. They just dribble out I love my Lumia but Xbox on windows rt and windows phone 8 is a big joke. These games are junk give us good Xbox games Microsoft. Its like being in a desert and someone giving u a drop of water.

If your purpose in this life is to play games on a 4" screen, something is wrong..

There are a lot of great games out there. But if you really want to play (for real) I suggest you get a console or a good computer. THAT'S gaming. Games for phones are made to keep you happy when you take a dump..

Lmao.. Rightly said mate :D
Plus, there's Halo coming soon. So that means, more fun while.... Ermm... Whatever you might be doing. Lol

How about you don't tell people how, where and when they should play their games?
The point is - gaming on WP sucks. Period. No need to make excuses for it.

No it doesn't. Here is a list of good games I occasionally play (when taking a dump): Jetpack Joyride, Rayman Jungle Run, Monster Burner, Plants vs Zombies, Angry Bird Star Wars,...

A few (of dozens) I play: cut the rope, feed me oil, gravity guy, istunt, little acorns, evac, radiant, pirates!, tentacles, droidodian, sketch taxi, square off...

Give it time mate, some good Xbox games have come across recently, Microsoft bring Halo soon and the new Xbox uses the same core architecture as windows and windows phone so in theory we should see some more high quality games come to the platform in the future.

I'm not quite sure what games you were expecting to be released for a phone or for RT/Windows 8. Due to the processing power of these devices, they will always pale in comparison to real XBox games.

I seriously love Taptitude. The feature I really wish they would implement is picking up your game on another device. I used to play on my Quantum but when I moved to my Titan II I had to start over completely. But man, these games are god damn addictive. Some of them like coin miner can suck up hours of my productivity.

Actually if you look at the report they're pulling in $15,000 / month... Which is close to $500 / day. Still much more than the $1,000 / month stated in the article!

Right now I am concentrating on my 3DS. Playing all these mobile (phone) games... they're usually poorly done, with the exception of some Live-connected games. Quality, not price: rather spend $34.99 on Animal Crossing...

Taptitude is my absolute favorite non-Xbox game out there. Quick simple fun, lots of variety! No need for a bunch of other games taking up space on my phone...