Toshiba TG01 Tsunagi with Windows Phone 7 in the house

We'll just leave this here for now. Don't worry, we'll post more this weekend after we had some time to play, then we're sure we'll have a few conversations with some folks at XDA. Lets just say there are some interesting apps on here and our geek cred is intact.

For those of you wondering what the hub-bub is all about, here's some past coverage.


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Toshiba TG01 Tsunagi with Windows Phone 7 in the house


Amazing.Nah, seriously it kind of sucks, lol. The RAM part I don't notice so much, resistive though...yeah, there's a reason why it's dying.

Why do people care about a random, underpowered test phone that will never (thankfully) be released? I truly don't understand the fascination this site seems to have with this phone and wish to be enlightened.

It's geek stuff man. I feel no need to have to justify personal opinion of why something may or may not be interesting.In case you can't figure it out, if the ROM and bootloader can be extracted it could tell hackers how to get WP onto other hardware and further ROM development. Once again, you could probably care less about that--that cool, just ignore the post and move on.I personally don't understand why people feel compelled to comment on things they *don't* find interesting.

"I personally don't understand why people feel compelled to comment on things they *don't* find interesting."AMEN!!!

From the overwhelmingly negative response I take it that my question came across as rude or sarcastic, which was not intended. If that is the case, sorry it came across that way. I honestly had an interest in why this phone was so interesting to people. For example, I didn't know that this phone had the potential to get WP7 onto other phones. I do find that interesting. I am somewhat of a geek, just newish to the geek side of WP7. When I was on Android I was rooted both my phones and my Nook Color and flashed ROM's quite often and have taught myself some rudimentary command line interface skills. I'm a novice at best, but it is stuff I like to tinker with. I just haven't gotten into it on WP7 because I didn't feel my phone needed me to tinker with it. You are wrong, I don't want to ignore this post and move on. I saw that you, the author, had been responding to comments so I felt I had a good chance of actually getting an answer. I said thankfully about its non-release due to the low specs and resistive screen (which you specifically said you didn't like). And I don't comment on articles I don't find interesting. The amount of interest in this phone had me interested and I figured I was missing something. So again, sorry if my lack of knowledge came across rudely, but I really was interested, not trying to be an a$$. I even read the other articles posted about this phone before commenting and saw there was an interest, but couldn't discern why.

@jdevenberg It's cool. In short, it's nearly a one-of-a-kind, kind of a souvenir for Windows Phone fans. Imagine having a prototype iPhone--it's the same kind of thing. Plus, as I'll reveal later, there are some interesting diagnostic apps on here never seen before. Regular folks won't be interested in those, but devs will be--this device can give those with knowledge a sneak peek into how MS develops this stuff.